I Stayed In The World’s Most Expensive Hotel

hey guys welcome to Silicon Valley Girl welcome to Dubai and welcome to the most expensive hotel in the world it costs $7,000 to stay here for two nights and in the end of this video I'm going to tell you whether it's worth it all right guys we're in Dubai the flight was great what's funny no jet lag uh my tip for anyone who experiences jet lag you fly with small kids they don't sleep on the plan you arrive you fall asleep because you're exhausted you wake up no [Music] jetl all right guys it's time for the room tour get ready to be amazed I've never lived like this in my whole life it's really amazing and Out of This World experience this the schedule they pred for us look at everything we're going to experience in the next couple days isn't that amazing and a postcard flowers I'm going to show you things that surprise me the most so we're in the most one of the most expensive hotels in the world some rankings will rank it top 10 some will rank it number one the thing is they spend I think around $1.5 billion building it and the ameni are just the next level let me show you something I think you can only see here I don't know if you remember this but when they opened this hotel they had Beyonce perform here and that was her first time performing uh her Renaissance tour so that blew away everyone on social media and something you've seen on social media maybe I don't know golden toothbrushes that are provided for the guests here body lotion shower gel everything by graph and they have their Boutique here this is how they arranged my makeup oh my goodness like everything so clean and nice This Is How They arranged my jewelry this is the bathtub that we have here I think we can take it I'm taking this cuz I think yeah I think it's complimentary hopefully this is the Wardrobe I like that we have a separate area I think we're supposed to stay in a different room but they upgraded us which is so nice and honestly my husband and I just realized this is probably the best room we've ever stayed in it's just mind-blowing look at this this is your pillow menu there's another hotel T chain that has um pillow menus but I've never seen them actually providing these mini versions of pillows for you to choose from they even have a pillow for pregnant women which is kind of cool and you have this remote control and you can control your Shades we're going to see stop we're going to see drape open and voila it opens the drapes yes we've got the best view we've got this area where we can work I'm going to go live from here they gave us some fruit they gave us some sweets and the staff is the most amazing so we got this very special treatment we have a butler and I can text them on WhatsApp with whatever I need please take my luggage please make a reservation for me please call a cab like whatever and this is super convenient so you don't have to worry about things that people just help you with everything do you see this on our key that means that we have access to the special Lounge where they have special breakfast and this is what it looks like this is the breakfast menu you can choose from a menu like all of the drinks here oh my God just blows my mind cocktails and everything and uh you can also choose um the [Music] buffet sh Sugar by [Music] let you know what's a super exciting is that a lot of Hotel staffs approached me and told me that they learned English uh watching my linga Marina channel so cool after breakfast we're headed to the pool the most exciting thing is that I'm here as a Creator which means that you know they organize the whole program for us so I could film everything for you guys it's just amazing this is the best job in the world right yeah that's [Music] awesome so they served us some sunscreen look at this this view is just amazing this all reminds me a lot of the US it feels like we're in Las Vegas but it's brand new well it stated the win in Las Vegas but this feels like there's more luxury hopefully um we're going to have something similar but for now I would say this is a very unique experience The Fountains are singing songs with fire as well the restaurant The View everything is just perfect here you go now you're having wonderful Noble signature let yellow this as up with jalapeno and coriander that's my favorite yes and with Citrus saces the best ever out of this world I don't know if you guys ever experienced this but I experienced it first in San FRC Frisco a couple years ago we came to a restaurant with one of the entrepreneurs and instead of ordering by the menu he asked the chef for St Chef's selection and that was the first time I realized you could do that so they basically started serving you the best selection and because again here everything is brought To Us by PR they want us to experience every restaurant so we're at Noble right now and they're doing Chef's selection and it's just the best I'm going to try it with a jalapeno a little bit spicy M it just smells it's amazing yeah then the best part is how crazy is that that you pursue your journey your passion and now like 10 years later 8 years later right nine it's so great I'm so proud of you because YouTube unlocked you like such a great experiences as a kid you're dreaming like you'll be invited to crazy parties like crazy events and now that most expensive hotel in the world want you to come they will show you like the best of the best experiences they have how influential you be became it's incred incredible right from nowhere almost right thank and like the best part of all of this thing is understanding like to to see you climbing the mountain it's incredible I'm really proud of you thank you Mr Beast just cried somewhere after watch I mean I think you have a great balance he has like the top result but he sacrific a lot of part of life yeah and you like you still get the best of the best experiences and you're still on the top but you also like the wife the mom the entrepreneur the YouTuber so and overall it's a big question who's happier you know we're going to celebrate 10 years doing YouTube in 2024 cuz I started in December 2014 this is incredible to realize this the next one this is a Wy be short tap tacos St with a marina tomato sauce and coriander you can squeeze them lime to enhance more flavor thank you and most incredible is that this girl who's helping us here she learned English watching our videos I think it's like 50% of Hotel staff told me this and in Maldives the same when we were there so Dubai MDES this is startlet with a creamy cheese green beans and black Cav Chef recommend to take it in one bite to fill all the flavors together thank you [Music] [Music] yeah we hope you have a great time thank you for your attention thank you all in all I would rate my experience five out of five I was honored to stay here as a Creator so I didn't have to pay 7 $1,000 for two nights but this is the listing price of this hotel and I feel like if you have that kind of money to t

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