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alright so in today's video we're going to be doing something a little different for the first time ever I'm going to take you guys behind the scenes and show you step by step my exact affiliate marketing method that's generating me over 800 per day what's special about this method is that it's 100 free and anyone can do this yes that's right even if you're completely new to this and I know a lot of people on the internet throw around the word free a lot but I promise you there's no hidden costs to set this up there's no hidden fees and this can be done worldwide also for any reason you don't have a computer or a laptop don't worry I got you because today I'm going to show you how you can make money with this using either just a mobile phone or a tablet so if you're ready for this all I ask is that you just hit that like button down below and let's go ahead and get started so as I said in the intro I'm going to show you how I make over eight hundred dollars per day on just one affiliate program and this is just with a simple but effective four-step process trust me when I say any beginner at home can literally follow step by step what I'm about to show you in today's video now the affiliate Network that I'm actually using in this particular method is called impact that many of you guys may have heard about this program before it's very similar to like ClickBank digistore and Warrior plus whereas it's just an affiliate Network where you can go and partner with a various amount of different companies and make commissions through promoting their product as you can see on my screen right now in the last 30 days on the impact Network I've managed to generate over 24 000 and this is equivalent to around eight hundred dollars every single day that I'm getting from Simply promoting products online and the only reason I'm showing you guys this is just for pure transparency I'm not trying to flex on anyone right now I just want to show you guys that this actually works and I'm making money from this and there's a possibility that you can do the same as long as you follow me through this tutorial cool so now that you know exactly how much I earn let's go ahead and talk about more importantly how I do it and how you can implement this to make money for yourself now as you know the business model that we're referring to right here is called affiliate marketing which has been around since the early 1900s and simply put it's just promoting other people's products for a profit and the way how I do it is by simply creating video tutorials of different apps website and showcasing different tips and tricks that I know that people online would find helpful for example right if we take a look at my YouTube channel that you're watching right now I made a video about a secret side hustle that generates over two thousand dollars per month and this video was created last year around the same time which is April and this has over 12 000 views and in the description you'll be able to see that there's a discount code to the product that I'm promoting which is bookboat in this case and the people that are watching this video that get value out of it that want to make money online they would just simply sign up to bookboat through my affiliate link and then I'll get paid of the percentage of the sale that is made so anyone that clicks on this link makes a purchase I make money and so does the company and if we take a look at the affiliate program which is where I get paid out my commissions you can see I've made over 475 dollars of this one affiliate program and I have 114 dollars coming up that I need to cash out directly into my PayPal so you can see for yourself this is pretty much passive I created the video last year and I'm still making money money to this very day of what that putting in the past I don't know what some of you guys are thinking like Dre that's only 400 or 500 in one year but this is the beauty of affiliate marketing you don't just have to promote one program of course to get to this 800 per day that you've seen early on impact I'm not just promoting one program but I'm promoting an arsenal of different programs and combining they're bringing me in that much income every single month and something that I think that deserves being mentioned right here is that you should only promote programs that you would use yourself right for me for example there's not one program on my Channel or that I saw my YouTube my Instagram or Tick Tock that I don't believe in and I haven't tried myself so when you're promoting affiliate programs just be mindful of that because if you promote something that you know is scammy and people don't like and they're potentially losing money then you're gonna lose all of your credibility so please guys when you are doing affiliate marketing make sure that you're being fully transparent with your audience and you're being very ethical with your marketing and with that being said this is a true form of of passive income because you created a video once and people continue to watch over their weeks the months and the years and when they're clicking on your affiliate links you're generating these affiliate commissions without doing any extra work and if you have a YouTube like myself you're still going to be getting paid through YouTube ad revenue and this can also be done on Tick Tock as well and don't worry you don't have to show your face online later on in this tutorial I'm going to show you many different techniques I've learned over the years that you can use to generate money online without ever showing your face using this exact method so there you go I've revealed my method that is generating me over 800 per day now I think it's time to go ahead and show you guys how you can literally copy this whole system for 100 free step number one of this method the first thing you need to do right here is to pick a profitable Niche and the reason why we pick a niche at the very outset is because we want a very targeted group of people we want a group of people that are only interested in one category right we don't want to have you know someone one interested in cats over here someone interested in dogs someone interested in finance we want to Target specific group of people that we know that is interested in one category of product as this is going to make it 10 times easier for us to make money and Target this audience when it comes to choosing a video Niche there's a lot of different categories to choose from so don't feel like just because you're watching a finance channel that you need to stick within the finance Niche just look around on YouTube there's channels that talk about food there's channels that talk about animals Sports you know video games music social media marketing Etc there's just a handful to choose from you just have to find one of these niches that you're most attached to that you actually enjoy promoting and this leads me into one of the

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