EARN $200 PER HOUR With Google News For FREE! (Make Money Online 2024)

discover the untapped potential waiting at your fingertips by harnessing the power of Google and a revolutionary AI tool you could pocket over $100 in just half an hour uncover the secrets to Swift financial gain with this dynamic duo let's embark on this exciting Journey step by step towards unlocking your potential for financial gain step one initiates with a simple action navigate to Google and delve into the realm of Google News by visiting news.google.com step two unfolds as you find yourself at the doorstep of Google News here your task is to seek out the pulse of the nation by clicking on the day's most trending news now on to step three where you'll Venture into the realm of SEO writing AI don't fret creating an account is a breeze simply click to get started and voil it's free and seamless just input your name email address and password or Breeze through with the ease of a Google signin and finally step four beckons you towards chat GPT the ingenious AI companion poised to assist you imagine selecting one of these intriguing ideas then return to SEO writing Ai and with a mere click navigate to the oneclick blog post feature here you'll seamlessly insert your chosen keyword and watch as the AI Springs to action Conjuring up a plethora of captivating title options this AI Marvel isn't just limited to one realm it's a versatile tool capable of crafting articles on diverse topics with a single keyword it weaves together a comprehensive article that holds the potential to soar to the top rank of Google searches whether or not you have a website of your own this tool remains a beacon of opportunity if you want to enrich your content further customize the tone language and size of the article to suit your preferences and don't forget the visuals a selection of images and even a YouTube video can be seamlessly integrated to enhance the reader's experience once you've fine-tuned your Masterpiece the options unfold before you publish directly to your WordPress website with a click or simply hit run and watch as your article material izes before your eyes and here's the kicker even without a website you can harness the power of Google to monetize your content in just a moment I'll unveil the precise steps to Kickstart your journey towards earning your first $100 head over to the search engine Giant and enter your chosen event into the search bar here you'll unearth a wealth of information including some intriguing visuals you have two main options for sourcing images you can either scour Wikipedia for some truly bizarre visuals or you can Venture into the realm of Google Images where a plethora of options awaits for Maximum Impact consider opting for black and white images known for their Eerie appeal to many once you found the perfect image simply save it to your computer for later use returning to SEO writing AI you'll find that the AI has been hard at work crafting your article clocking in at a substantial 4,000 words it's a masterpiece brimming with carefully curated keywords compelling imagery and insightful quotes this isn't just any run-of-the Mill Art article it's a meticulously crafted piece designed to Captivate and inform now with the article at your fingertips the possibilities are endless simply click the copy button and explore the Myriad ways to monetize your creation whether through affiliate marketing sponsored content or other avenues the path to profitability is yours to chart let's explore the very first Avenue to monetize your article enter list verse a platform teaming with captivating Tales grounded in real events here individ ual share their most bizarre and intriguing stories offering a unique opportunity for budding writers like yourself navigate to the more section and click on write and get paid Behold a tantalizing offer awaits $100 for every accepted article provided it meets the platform's quality standards with a simple click you can submit your Masterpiece for review upon submission you'll be prompted to provide some details about yourself and your article simply paste the title and introduction crafted with care using SEO writing and proed to share the full article once everything is in place it's just a matter of agreeing to the terms and conditions before hitting submit with list verse the path to earning from your writing is clear and straightforward embrace the opportunity to share your unique perspective and potentially earn a handsome reward in process now let's delve into the next step of our strategy once again we return to the mighty realm of Google this time to search for either the title of your article or the specific event it covers your aim locate an existing article that delves into the same bizarre event from the past for instance you might stumble upon a comprehensive piece from a reputable Source like history.com providing a detailed account of the event in question with the article at hand your next move is to copy its link then Venture into the world of shrink me. a website that offers compensation for each click on your shortened links as you browse through the platform you'll notice users from around the globe earning varying amounts from 5 to $60 $3 when their links are clicked registering an account is your first step but remember the earnings aren't per click but rather per set number of clicks typically 500 or 1,000 once logged in it's time to create your shortened link simply paste the copied article link into the designated area and click shorten voil you now possess a condensed version of the article ready to be shared and monetized when it comes time to cash out your earnings navigate to the withdraw section of the platform but before you do Ensure your payment details are accurately entered in the profile settings step 10 takes us to the renowned platform medium.com where you can wield the power to publish articles that wield significant influence even without a personal website simply navigate to the right section and effortlessly transfer your meticulously crafted article from SEO writing copy and paste the title then proceed to paste the entire article into the designated space however note that images won't be automatically copied so you'll need to download them manually save each image by right-clicking and selecting save as if an image is saved as a web page simply convert it to jpeg format or take a screenshot upload these images manually into your medium article ensuring visual continuity however the crucial element lies in embedding a link to the full article source this not only adds credibility but also provides readers with the option to explore further utilize your shortened link from shrink me strategically placing it within the text for maximum visibility highlight this call to action by pasting it between paragraphs enticing readers to click and granting you compensation for each click before hitting publish fine-tune your article by adding relevant topics to optimize for searchability then

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