I Started an Automated Dropshipping Side Hustle with $100 (New Easy Way)

a while back I asked you guys what kind of online business should I test next and many of you actually said dropshipping so today I'm going to start a dropshipping business but I want to do it realistically I'm not going to stand here and show you how I start a dropshipping business where I'm ready to invest $10,000 or $20,000 because I know that that is not the case for many people around the globe so today we are going to attempt seemingly The Impossible and we are going to start a dropshipping business but only with $100 can we do it I have no idea but let's try at least let's dive in so while I was brainstorming to prepare for this video one of the questions that came up again and again was how am I going to split my budget because I cannot go in with $100 and spend it on the first thing that I might need and then realize that I can't do anything else because I have no money so because there are a lot of steps that we need to follow in order to get everything ready I've started thinking where do I want to best spend the money and I've decided that probably majority of this budget needs to go into the sourcing and shipping of the product that's probably going to be our biggest expense so I'm going to keep everything else as low cost as possible ideally for free so first things first we need to do our market research but because we have such a limited budget we won't be able to have access to any of the premium databases or any of the paid analytics tools so we're going to have to keep at old school and try and find a way to test the demand for what we want to sell for free ideally and I think this means that we're going to need to go old school and use a tool that I've mentioned before that I often times use but I usually use it together with something else together with a paid solution this time we don't have that luxury so we're going to need to use this tool exclusively good thing it is for free so we're going to head over to my computer I'm going to share my screen and we're going to test the product category that I have in mind and we're going to see what kind of variations are people actually searching for and in case you're wondering what do I want to sell through Drop Shipping what do I want to source and sell in my online shop well what I have in mind is something related to kids toys something related to wooden toys and something that has to do with montauri and that's because in the circle that I'm in obviously my son doesn't play with those anymore he's old enough but in our Circle many of the parents that we know tend to gravitate towards wooden to boys and I know that they tend to be on the pricier side so that means there is room for good margin as well as for good quality products so let's head over to Google Trends and let's see what can we find in terms of demand so here on trends. goole.com I have come to explore and I'm going to search for um let's say montor games okay okay this one's better let's see much better okay so with this in mind I think we have a good Niche we are going to go for educational games and educational toys and we will look for something that's ideally made out of wood so we can cater towards the better quality more montauri approach type of education which I know will allow us for better margins now that we have a good idea about the direction that we're going down I am going to go and validate it through social media so I'm going to go read on rdit and see if people are talking about this kind of games and educational toys I'm going to go on Instagram and see if I can find any hashtags as well as on Facebook and see if I can find any group conversations where people are talking about this kind of games so now we've reached the point where we will probably be spending the most time as well as the most money and this is sourcing because here not only are we looking for a trustworthy supplier but also we want to find the type of products that are going to sell without us having to invest a lot upfront because we don't have a lot of budget so we're going to need to find options that will allow us to start sourcing products for as little as possible so I'm going to go obviously like you would think to Alibaba I want to see what's available there and can I start sourcing something on alibaba.com so here on Alibaba we are going to search for wooden educational games or toys for kids let's see what they have available okay so let's see what options do we have we have something with the alphabet that costs about 3.92 but the minimum order is 10 sets so that's already 40 minimum just to Source the product this could be something we could consider we have two sets minimum order but I'm not really sure we can sell this at a good margin because it looks too simple this one has minimum order of 48 pieces at $2.2 per piece so we won't be able to fit the budget okay we're going into really dangerous territory here because we have Min minimum orders of 200 sets for a product that's $3 we have 1,000 minimum order for a product that's $15 900 units okay so the big problem here is that we only have $100 so if we're going to spend more more than $50 sourcing products we are not going to be able to start the shop with our $100 budget so we have to find a solution that allows us to ideally order very small quantities or be able to pay after the sale now this is really tricky because ordering small quantities is going to lead to very high transport fees because we're going to be shipping in very small quantities so I don't think that's going to be an alternative for us either so we need to find a solution where ideally we would be able to pay for the product after we make the sale or in very very small increments without increasing the transport fee so the solution that I was able to find is autod DS and autods is going to help us automate our Drop Shipping business basically what autod DS do is they help you from end to end so we are going to use autods not only to find products that we want to Source but also use their services to source and ship the products so all we have to do is then drive traffic to the shop that we will be starting and leave everything else to autod DS and what I really like about this service other than the fact that they give you some really great and highly in demand product suggestions I like the fact that we won't need to have a high budget to begin with because we won't need to pay for a minimum quantity that we would order every single time of 50 100 a th000 products that's not the case we will be paying after somebody purchases on our website and that sourcing Journey is triggered into autods so all we need to do is top up our balance on autods with the amount that we need in order for them to be able to source and ship only the products that we've sold so far so if you think about this we will be able to then use any Revenue we make on the first sales to top up our balance and be able to fulfill more sales and s

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