how to learn anything FAST and outsmart the competition

imagine being able to dive into any subject quickly grasp it and master it like a pro this kind of ultra efficient learning might sound like a superpower but there are people out there who seem to have cracked the code on how to absorb new information just like a sponge absorbs water to be honest I haven't been always one of them in the past I've tried to learn new skills or knowledge only to find myself overwhelmed and struggling to retain what I've consumed it felt like no matter how much effort I put into learning I struggled to retain the information so I finally decided to dig deeper and understand how the sharpest mind out there learned and hoped to borrow some of their tactics for myself a proportion of this video is sponsored by Loop earplugs I will talk more about them later on now think about the last time you tried to learn something new maybe you picked up the book attended a workshop or binge watched an online course you were motivated excited and ready to conquer the topic but fast forward a few days or even days and how much of that knowledge stuck were you ever able to confidently explain the concept to a friend or apply it effectively in real life as a full-time YouTuber and part-time med student my days are packed time once a luxury in high school is now my most scarce resource back then I could get away with inefficient learning by studying all night luxury cramming but that doesn't work anymore as I stepped into adulthood I found myself javeling a ton of responsibilities that I never thought I have to deal with it's not about acing exams anymore I also have to take care of my health manage my business maintain relationships and pursue many interests I have if I won't excel in my career maintaining isn't enough you know we're required to constantly try to learn new things but with the limited time that I have it it seemed impossible to me and it's a frustration many of us share we live an age of information abundance yet it feels like we're in a constant battle against forgetting the challenge isn't just about acquiring knowledge but making it I've started to look into ways to solve this problem and I stumbled upon a game-changing book also learning by Scott young you might be thinking also learning oh that's a genetic thing like some people have the talent for it and I don't have it I'm not the lucky one etc etc trust me I've been there I thought the same thing the author of the book Ultra learning Scott young is a Living testament to the power of Speed Learning he basically became internet Famous by mastering the entire MIT undergraduate computer science curriculum passing all of the final tests in less than one year and that's four years of worth of classes under 12 months and the best part of it is that according to squat this isn't just some superhuman feed or anything that is special it's a process that anyone can Embrace but the problem is most of us never even try simply because they don't know how well until this video okay so principle number one meta learning we often start learning something without proper preparation this might work for some but for those who want to ensure their success and also learning project always starts with meta learning this might sound complex but it just means learning about learning it's the Art and Science of understanding the best approach to grasp a new subject or skill before you dive deep into it imagine going on a trip without a map you might wander around without the purpose these important landmarks or even get completely lost similarly starting a learning project without knowing the basics of the subject can lead to unnecessary setbacks annoyance and also wasted time this is basically where the metal learning comes in the first step is to create a meta learning map we're going to break our topic down into three categories Concepts facts and procedures let's say I want to become a YouTuber right concepts are anything that needs to be understood facts are anything that needs to be memorized and procedures are anything that needs to be practiced next use this map to identify which aspects of learning might prove challenging and then brainstorm techniques for overcoming them so step one on our map under the procedures category you find editing videos it's a necessary skill for a YouTuber but maybe your complete beginner step two identify this now as a potential Challenge and every YouTuber has a unique editing style right like with countless software options and techniques out there where do you start step 3 is going to be time to brainstorm Solutions so instead of getting bogged down with professional software immediately consider starting with beginner friendly editing apps that have built-in templates so that will make things easier for you open a beginner editing app quickly piece together a short video apply a template and Export you can now do a simple edit in few minutes according to the Scott young time invested in metal learning sets your project up for success as a general rule allocate 10 of your total time you expect to spend on your project to metal learning from constant email notifications on your phone to the temptation to binge watch latest Netflix series Modern Life is full of distractions you know we've all been there you're all set to start and suddenly your phone pings with a new email or maybe you tell yourself I'll just watch one episode and it's done and before you know it hours passed why does it happen at its core procrastination is about desires maybe there's a new message you can't versus checking or perhaps the tasks that at hand just feels daunting the challenge most times you don't even recognize you're in the thick of procrastination it feels like you're taking a break so it's time to turn the spotlight on and ask yourself are you truly taking a break or running away from a task is checking that notification worth siling your long-term goals that awareness that moment of reflection is crucial once you start seeing your procrastination for what it is jot down the patterns like what triggers it when does it strike for me for example I an email alert is a slippery slope from checking one email to binge watching random Youtube videos that I don't even care so here's a personal hack during my Prime Focus hours my phone is on do not disturb mode and emails I just get them two designed to check in slots in my day no more no less I just checked my emails twice a day overcoming instant gratification isn't an overnight task it's a blend of self-awareness and also self-discipline but remember every single of us procrastinates like I procrastinate you procrastinate somewhere you admire procrastinates too but since the Achievers apart is their consistency in patience and taming that urge then you feel like procrastinating be aware of it have a plan and be motivated to overcome it so another problem is getting distracted even when we overcome the urge to procrastinate another problem a

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