I Gave ChatGpt $1,000 To Invest In Domains…

here is one that we paid sixty dollars for it later sold for forty one hundred and fifty dollars for a net profit of four thousand ninety dollars and the AI still has nine hundred and forty dollars left [Music] ladies and gentlemen welcome back I'm Marcus and today I am going to give AI one thousand dollars to see how much money it can make me yep we're actually gonna do this live and in real time and I gotta tell you I've been doing this business for over 23 years in that time I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars on the public market and millions of dollars in the private market so what you're about to see absolutely works and I have solid proof now the criteria is simple I'm going to give chat GPT and Bard one thousand dollars to play with and to make this super interesting I'm gonna ask that it's been no more than sixty dollars each unit calm down this is prop money we're gonna get to the real money in just a minute and I want you to make sure that you watch this entire video at least one time all the way through preferably two or three times because this is something that anyone can do literally all I'm doing is training this AI Based on data that's available publicly for free giving it some money and putting the profit in my pocket this is actually a very simple process I've taught many of my students to do this and they've actually used it to make money for themselves and now with AI things have gotten a whole lot easier so let's dive in spend some money and I'm gonna show you exactly how much we make first what we need to realize here is the size of this Market we can see here that just a couple days ago the domain Market just on auctions sold almost a quarter of a million dollars worth of domains in just one day and we could see this is pretty much happening everywhere we could see there's like 2.5 billion in domain sales the daily sales of 226 and on and on we go now we could see that some of these are pretty strange domains like mangareader.net sold for over 4 700 but the question is why so what I've been doing today is feeding Bard and chat GPT all the data about recent domain sales and even some of the top selling domain names of all time we can see here Steve's Bar and Grill sold for 133 dollars color process 133 dollars and then of course we have some that sold for even more like wfma Adverse Events premiumauctions.com for 601 and the top selling one from a couple days ago was eighty one hundred dollars for 6v.net which is actually pretty interesting and we can see there's some number ones as well so what I've been doing is feeding chat GPT and Bard all this data to kind of teach it what domains sell and why and you can see I've sold tons of domains as well so what we're going to do now is go over to GoDaddy auctions and other places you can buy domains at and ask chat GPT and Bard what they learned and how much they think these domains are worth so quite simply I'm going to take a little snippet of some of these domains that are available at auction right like this and I'm going to say based on what you just learned which of these domains is worth the most and then I can go through and I want to make sure that I take out any of the amounts here right like this so we want to just feed it raw domain data so it says that the number one domain in this list is www.ashleyfurniture.com okay so first of all I see an issue here number one it has the W's in front of it it's not actually www dot whatever it's www.ww whatever so that already shows that it's not that good and then it also says it's worth a lot because of Ashley Furniture which is a trademark which means I probably can't even sell this one so let's go ahead and take that one out of the list and we'll say how about from these all right so we'll take that one right out here and see which one chat GPT thinks is worth the most money so it's saying we have maverickfarms.com and Vapor puff and Baytown Bulldogs now in this one it's actually giving us some reasons it says this domain has brandable descriptive name so that's looking pretty good and we could see here Maverick Farms is one of the ones that is going for the most money currently at auction so that that's kind of interesting however that 356 is a little bit out of our reach for the sixty dollar limit that I put on this test so we're going to have to keep looking and one of the places I like to look is by using the program spamzilla spamzilla is a program that we can go through and find domains that are available for like nine dollars on regular registrars or we can find some that are at auctions or we can even go through and find some that are at closeout and we can see here that some of these closeout ones are meeting our criteria of being less than sixty dollars so let's go through and feed it a snippet of some of these domains so here we see capsium kitchens okay that's interesting I think capsium is like a paper it's like some kind of pepper it says Health I.T Asheville concrete shop Emma two dream catcher that's decent stance shoes and on and on we go so out of this little list here stamp shoes.com looks pretty good and two groups and this dream catcher one looks pretty good too but will this actually sell for more than the 62 dollars I have to pay to get it well we could see that there are some kitchen domains that sold however I don't know if this is going to be the best use of our money and of course we can always use the main filter which is going to show us domains that are available right now for like nine dollars and using what chat GPT taught us about the highest selling domains they gave us a little bit of criteria that we can actually use in our searches so it says short numericdomains.com brand ability something really good like marketing for you or energy pumps or something like that and we can see exactly what's going on so what we'll do is we'll just go to our spamzilla and we can set a filter saying hey we want short domains so we're going to do domain length Maybe 15 letters or less and then we could say hey look we only want.com domains since those are selling for a lot and then we can go through and hit apply filter this is going to weed out just the ones that are shorter just the ones that are.com and now we're looking pretty good and we can even go through and say what are some common words included in high price selling domain names then we could get this list of words right like this so we got online digital Tech Media news Health Market Finance shop so there's quite a few different things that are showing up in a lot of these domains so I can actually go through and say well maybe we want something like digital and now using my filter we're going to type in the word digital we could see AC digital Studio digital and there's literally like 6 000 domains using the word digital now at this point I started to get a little stumped I mean am I actually going to have to have chat GPT go through 6 000 different domain nam

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