Make Your First $1,000 With Affiliate Marketing FAST (No Audience Required)

there's a lot of methods out there for making money with affiliate marketing but i've only seen one where someone can go from zero to making tens of thousands of dollars in 30 days starting with nothing nada no audience no website no budget for ads no experience whatsoever and still able to grow and scale to five figures in 30 days how in fact i literally just had a member of my team use this exact method to scale from zero to seventy five thousand dollars in just two weeks all right so now we've got everyone dying to hear how this method works let's dive in so before we start training on this method you need to know this only works with high ticket products okay so this isn't going to work with like the amazon affiliate program or really any physical product affiliate programs it only works with high ticket which means probably a thousand dollars or more in cost which will yield hopefully at least five hundred dollars to you the affiliate in commissions now if you don't have a high ticket affiliate product that you promote there is a link down below to a list of literally hundreds of them that you can promote that i have experience with all i'll say about the subject is you need to choose a good affiliate program that's wrapped around a subject that you are passionate about and can talk about for months and months and months if not you will burn out with this method very very quickly the second thing is this method works so much better if you get results with it beforehand and you have used it and seen success with it you will sell 10 times as many and make 10 times as many commissions using this method if you have experience with the product and have success with the product absolutely all right so let's dive in we'll start talking here the cool thing about this method is all you need for it to work is a facebook profile now facebook is so good for this method because of the way facebook works right facebook is all about building friendships okay one-on-one relationships with people it's all about friends friends friends if you look at a lot of the other platforms out there like instagram tick tock all those places they're not really built around that they're much more built around one to many getting a bunch of followers right and facebook's about one-to-one building relationships with people so we're gonna use that to our advantage and we're gonna use facebook's algorithm to build up a following or friendship following of thousands of people very very quickly so let's do this in steps step one is we've got to pick the product right high ticket product step two is we actually need to go out and find these people online that would be the ones to purchase this product so to do that we're gonna go to our facebook page and if you go on the top right here there's actually a search bar and we're gonna start looking for groups where people reside on facebook that are interested in our product so for example if we were selling a product on keto we would join a bunch of keto groups okay we'd hop in here we'd type in keto then we'd go down here and we'd type in groups and it would pull up all of these different groups for keto you can see 411 000 44 000 62 000 members there are dozens of keto groups with people that are interested in keto so our first step is to join a large number of these groups but we need to join some big and some small so these groups of 400 000 people they're really hard to build relationships in there's a lot of people it's like sitting at a football game trying to make a bunch of friends so you're going to join five smaller groups and five bigger groups then all you've got to do at this point is spam those groups 500 times a day no that's not what we're going to do so glad so we're going to hop in and we'll be looking for affiliate marketing groups here you can see there's plenty of different sizes so we're going to hop in this one right here called affiliate marketing for beginners i'm going to start looking at these posts and all we're going to be doing at this point is literally having conversations okay we're going to be replying to people's posts and we're going to be replying to people's comments within those posts so look here we've got the first thread here we've got someone named rich two hours ago they posted what is a good process for deciding on what the affiliate opportunity is best for me i want to promote something i believe in okay so we're going to click in here and look we've got all these different comments okay and it looks like there's only there's a total of about 10 people that have hopped in and commented so about half of those are probably spam so we're going to hop in and we're going to leave a comment that's as insightful and very helpful to this person as we possibly can right so in this case i would say something like two or three paragraphs about hey what you know how do you choose a niche what are your passions here are some programs and then we can even say something like hey let me know if you've got you know if you're looking for other programs or anything like that i'd be happy to help talk you through it that's all we're doing we're making friends then after we've commented on rich's post right here we're going to click on rich's name and we're going to add him as a friend that's all we've done we've made a little friend and we've added him as a friend next we're going to go through the comments and do the same thing we're going to go through here we're not going to comment on the spam people but we're going to comment on all the people that seem real wow this group's full spam it's hard to fight spam in these groups but it's hard to do blah blah yeah that's a good point right we could reply to nella say hey that's a great point uh what do you do something like that we're not trying to sell them anything we're just trying to make a contact and an associate but if you're really feeling spammy and desperate you could always do the tiger's door strategy and throw in a few links just kidding don't do that so before we get to step three i want to give you a very important detail about affiliate marketing and that is that affiliate marketing is about two things it's about relationships and access okay relationships access and if you have both of those you can easily make money and what i mean by that is you need access to a large number of people that are interested in your product you need a way to get your message out to them okay a platform and then you need a relationship with them so they trust you and they're willing to buy something that you recommend if you have both those you will make money so all we've done is we've had conversations 50 60 70 conversations every day inside of these groups and then we've added people as friends we haven't done any spamming or anything we've just built relationships simple as that all right so let's move on to step three and that is we need to create authority and we need to get

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