50 Pins In 5 Minutes With AI – Make $2,250+ Per Week With Pinterest

all right ladies and gentlemen today I'm going to show you a simple crack hidden inside the Microsoft co-pilot Pro AI program that is going to help you make tons of money online using Pinterest that's right I'm sure you've read all the reports and seen all the videos of people making money online in a super simple way using Pinterest here's someone who got 4 million monthly views in just four months $900 in a weekend almost a million dollar starting from nothing to $113,000 in 3 months how Pinterest became my full-time job and on and on we go in fact this is something I'm using right now we can see here a Pinterest account I set up and had fully managed by someone other than myself yep this was outsourced and after over 6 months of not posting anything we're still getting almost 10,000 monthly views and since this is in the Drop Shipping Market this is driving people and sales to me almost every day I even taught this strategy to a student of mine he's in the tiny house Niche and he's getting almost a million monthly views but the problem is up until now you had to go out there and create tons of pins and tons of images just to get a couple visitors to your website or to the things that make you money and creating the pins took time which is why I outsourced it I didn't want to have to create these myself and sit down and make the images and save them and upload them yeah it gets kind of overwhelming but what if I could use AI to make this process a lot quicker this little crack hidden inside Microsoft co-pilot is going to help you not only make pins but actually save them create content around them and even make videos to get more traffic Yep this co-pilot pro magic Pinterest tool is something no one's talking about but it's going to make your job of making making money online a whole lot easier starting right now but first let's figure out what's going on on Pinterest if we were to take Pinterest and put it into one of our keyword tools like AHF semrush or even a free keyword tool we can see that they rank for over 87 million different keywords which generates almost 600 million visitors a month just from Google alone and you could see even after all the Google Shenanigans their traffic actually grew yep almost 200 million more visitors a month for a traffic value of almost a half a billion dollars a year so yeah there's lots of money at stake here but what kind of keywords does Pinterest rank for anyway well let's take a look Pinterest YouTube Home Depot hanva McDonald's L lemon Sephora wait a minute they rank for pretty much anything but what if we isolate ated this and just said something like guitar this will show us all the keywords related to guitar that Pinterest ranks for Taylor guitars guitar chord chart guitar tattoo note chart chord charts all right this is getting kind of interesting what about something like toys '90s toys 2000s toys Tinker Toys forgotten toys there's quite a bit of traffic around different toys but what about something like workouts hit workout trainings butt workouts ab workouts wall workouts we could see here leg workouts is ranking on Google and it gets like 60,000 searches a month let's see what happens if we search leg workouts on Pinterest we could see all different kinds of things including charts different workouts okay this is pretty interesting here's one that has a workout routine they literally just have a picture of a routine with their link on the bottom and we could see here they're getting 2 million monthly views in the workout Niche and these pins are actually pretty easy to make well if we use Ai and that's where we're going to use the magic co-pilot tool we're going to use co-pilot along with Microsoft PowerPoint we're going to go over to mic Microsoft PowerPoint and make sure that we have the co-pilot button here and the co-pilot browser over here by clicking this button we're going to go file new blank presentation then we just choose the market that we want to create our pins for maybe we're going to do something like the stock market like this we can see lots and lots of different pins about the stock market including some simple ones like this here that's getting t tons and tons of views or something like this one here getting over 50,000 monthly views in the personal finance Niche all right this is going to be pretty easy I simply create the new presentation click on co-pilot and say please create 25 slides with financial tips for investors and co-pilot is going to go to work and make a slideshow and you might be saying butk what does a slideshow have to do with Pinterest and how are we going to make money with this anyway well the first thing we need to realize is that if you have Financial traffic you can make money you can make money with the Pinterest Creator program you can make money by sending them to different affiliate offers related to finance or if you really want to make money you can create a website or a Blog in the finance Niche and drive people from your PIN to your blog and make money from ads affiliate offers build a mailing list and basically create an entire business from these little pins that you make using Microsoft co-pilot and we could see here it has a little presentation with a video Financial tips for investors start early diversify your portfolio invest in index funds and it actually has images as well pay off high interest debt avoid Market timing and it went through and created 25 different slides that will help people with financial stuff and to create a pin out of these is actually very simple all we're going to do is use a program like snagg it and rearrange the image within the tool but first we need a template we're going to go through put a block up here put a block down here very simple then I'm going to say Financial tips right like this size it up make it pretty there we go then down here we're going to say for a full report Port size it up and then down here we would put our website download my notes.com right like this very simple very easy make sure that everything is on one line so it's easy to see you can also mess with the colors to make things stand out like this it's actually super simple then what we're going to do is we're going to take snapshots of the things that it made using the PowerPoint Point presentation so we just take a Snipping Tool like snagg it or the Snipping tool that comes with uh windows or the one that whatever comes with a Mac we're going to go ahead and zoom in on this image we're going to capture the parts we want to keep so we take our little clock copy put it on our image here then we're going to take the text if you want to copy the text you could do it like this or you could simply take a screenshot of it very simple so if we wanted a screenshot again I just take the Snipping Tool and go right like this then I arrange this on my Pinterest pen always focusing on things that are going to help the market we don't want to just give junk info

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