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now with the recent launch of the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro a hot item with over 7 million people Googling it I'm here to share a fantastic opportunity today I'll guide you through an effortless and free method to create and sell iPhone 15 cases with most of the heavy lifting done by Ai and guess what we're taking it a step further automation will make it even more hassle-free for you this is a golden opportunity you won't want to miss stay tuned for the details before we jump into selling let's check out a few designs that are really hitting the mark some of the top selling phone cases right now are the floral ones one particular design rakes in around $5,000 monthly and it's made a total of about $139,000 that's all from just one product there's another pattern doing great making around $4,000 monthly with a total earnings of 4 grand I'm showing you these to highlight how hot phone cases are in the market now here's a Nifty trick to find the bestselling phone cases using chat GPT you can set up a free account and ask for the top 10 iPhone case design ideas here's the list it pretty much backs up what we've been seeing remember how I mentioned those flowery designs they've got actual pressed flowers on them another big hit I didn't mention earlier is the Retro style along with minimalistic designs speaking of designs let's gear up to work on our phone cases we're going to team up with a print on demand company like printify they offer blank phone cases and other items that you can personalize from t-shirts and socks to bags and various Electronics they've got it covered so here's the deal once you've created your designs and customers buy your products print ify steps in they print the item and handle the shipping directly to the customer that's a huge plus because you won't need to worry about stocking up on inventory or dealing with shipping labels later I'll share more places where you should link up your store and sell your products connecting with these platforms will get you in front of more people and as you know more eyes mean more cash in your pocket to kick off the design part we'll start by setting up a free account on printify once that's done I'll dive into their catalog and look for phone cases there you can choose whichever style suits you best for now I'll op for the one that's selling the most once we're in the print platform you'll find all the tools you need right there now the exciting part creating the designs for our phone cases we'll do it using printify AI image generator all you need to do is tell it what kind of design you want for instance I'm going to ask to make something that's Earth Tone watercolor and minimalistic after a little pondering the AI will come up with a design I'm liking this one here it seems perfect for a phone case now all I need to do is pick it and adjust it to fit the whole phone that's pretty much your first design sorted remember I promised it' be easy after that hit the preview button to see it from different angles make sure it looks just how you want it but here's a tip to boost your earnings create this design for various iPhone models that way you can increase the amount of money you're making now let's head back to the editing section choose the phone models you want you'll see a bunch of options specifically for iPhone 15 14 and 13 I recommend doing all of them because that'll get you more sales when you pick these models check that the picture fits the whole screen remember different phones have different sizes and Designs so you want it looking good on all of them it's important to adjust and fit all the designs properly and hey if you want more than just iPhone variation head over to the product variation section there you'll find other options to explore once you've done that save it with a name and move on to the next product I'd suggest creating several designs let me quickly show you how easy it is let's create another one back to the AI image generator I'll type in elegant dried press flowers remember pressed flowers worked well on a black background check out how beautiful this one looks I might even order this design myself when you're using different colors you can change the phone's background ground here also to maintain the picture quality it's a good idea to duplicate rather than stretch the image and that's pretty much all there is to it now when it comes to the design process everyone always says creating the design for the phones is the easy part but selling them is where people often face challenges no worries though I've got you covered with the top platforms where I recommend you kick off selling these phone cases it's wise to consider multiple platforms for more exposure especially if you're just starting out I highly recommend using a platform that already has a built-in customer base now let's talk about Etsy this platforms been a frequent topic here it's got a whopping customer base of 462 million monthly Shoppers to ensure they find your product nailing the right keywords is crucial that's where chat GPT can lend a hand you can ask it to generate the perfect product title that grabs attention and uses the right keywords plus it can help craft a top-notch product description filled with those keywords making sure Etsy directs your products to the Right audience let's dive into a platform we haven't explored yet for selling your products and this one's a game changer especially for small businesses and newcomers I'm talking about the Tik Tok shop now despite the name Tik Tok it's not just for dance videos and Trends people are raking in thousands of dollars monthly by selling on this platform the beauty of Tik Tok is its Global reach ensuring your products get exposure to a massive audience take for instance the hashtag # Tik Tok made me buy it boasting over 47 billion views the algorithm is certainly working in favor of sellers making it a significant opportunity all right here's a fantastic piece of news Tik Tok shop is rolling out tons of new videos and welcoming a bunch of new creators and let me tell you this is gold for anyone looking to sell their products what's even more incredible about Tik Tok shop is that you can jump right in and start selling through shopable videos or live sessions even if you're brand new to Tik Tok gone are the days when you needed a, followers to unlock these features they've scrapped that requirement so you can create a Tik Tok account today and Kickstart your selling Journey I'm bringing this up because many folks often ask for alternative platforms to Etsy and Tik Tok shop is a gem the application process is super straightforward you'll need to create a Tik Tok seller account then head back to printify and connect the two the magic happens when you showcase your products in Tik Tok videos or live streams you can drop the link to your product in these videos and when viewers click it takes them straight to the item they're eying the best part once they m

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