ChatGpt: Zero To $1,000,000 – Making Money With AI – Full Tutorial!

all right guys it is Marcus here and welcome to the show today what we're going to do is talk about AI some of the companies investing in Ai and how you can use it to make a million dollars online yes ladies and gentlemen we are going to cover it all today this is probably one of the live streams we have done most of the research ever on any live stream before so get ready you're going to want to watch this entire video smash the like button because we are going to go through everything we're going to talk to you about all kinds of different things from what to do with AI how AI is going to work what it's going to look like in the future and what search is going to look like with AI so not only are we going to show you how to go from zero to one million dollars with AI and what my plans are with AI but we're also going to show you what Microsoft and open AI are up to and the 10 billion dollar invest investment they are making into AI yes that is 10 billion with a B that's a lot of money and we're going to talk about why they're doing that and how that has to do with you so very very important we're also going to talk to you about job loss A lot of people are freaking out right now we were looking at the news reports and they're saying hey you know what ladies and gentlemen there is a job loss coming these companies are going to take away our jobs like crazy and what we're going to do is we're going to talk about some of the myths and some of the things people are getting wrong when it comes to job loss and what to do about it so very very important we're also going to talk to you about the one skill yes ladies and gentlemen one skill that you have that AI does not have and probably will never have this will send you to the bank if you harness it correctly so smash that like button we're gonna dive in we got a lot to go through we're going to talk about the ethics the biases and all the crazy stuff that comes along with AI so let's go ahead and Dive Right In and get right to it now first of all we got some numbers on the screen here and I want you to take a look at these numbers because these are important numbers these are numbers that you want to pay attention to what are these numbers well we see Microsoft 10 000 Google 12 000 Facebook meta 11 000 Salesforce 8 000 Amazon eighteen thousand Twitter thirty seven hundred and stripe 1200. what what are these numbers well ladies and gentlemen these are the numbers over the last month or two that these companies have laid off these are people who went to work and then you know 10 000 people came into Microsoft one day and they were like hey you know what we got 10 billion to invest in AI but sorry buddy you ain't got a job anymore well is that because of AI well we're going to talk about that in a minute so we see job Lofts as these layoffs happening in droves now last year I did a video you could see here on the channel about Facebook meta because people were saying meta is going to change the way that the internet works it's got a fundamental change everything investment and money was being poured into meta and we found out that all it really did was tank their stock prices and lead to layoffs now is this saying that one day we won't all be like in The Matrix plugged into computers well I don't know yet but it does tell me that the world's not really ready for Mark Zuckerberg's Vision but but there's some other stuff we want to look at now another thing that we looked at here is Microsoft is to invest 10 billion dollars in AI chat gbt now a month ago I did a video about chat gbt and it took off like crazy because the internet is obsessed with chat GPT they think that like Terminator and chat GPT are somehow going to take over the world and like one guy is going to make money and and if you could be that one guy you're gonna be rich and that's that's kind of what Microsoft thinks okay if we can be on The Cutting Edge of AI maybe we could take over Google with search and we're going to talk about the implications of this because ladies and gentlemen if you smash the like button if you pay attention you're going to learn some things here that not a lot of other people talk about we're going to talk about how search marketing works this is very important because when it comes to search marketing right we go to Google we look things up it looks normal it looks fun looks regular but that might change and we're going to talk about how that might change what searches are going to look like in the future and how you can make money with this trend now this is going to be a longer than usual live training and I want you to buckle up because some of the things you're going to learn if you skip around skip ahead the one million dollar plan isn't going to make sense to you but if you stick through the whole thing take some notes pay close attention and maybe watch it two or three times this is going to be game changing information about chat GPT and how this works so let's get to it now I was watching a video yesterday from the CEO of Microsoft and he said in fact today we just made the Azure open AI service available and he was talking about how every product in the Microsoft Arsenal is eventually going to have ai and I'm thinking okay that'd be kind of cool like if there's an AI sitting there on my Excel spreadsheet tool and it was like hey buddy can you make this calculator for me because I don't know how to do it yeah that would be a worthwhile tool that'd be pretty cool and you start to think about how this works and you're like wait a minute so if all the Microsoft tools had chat GPT in them I'm using word I'm using Excel I'm using PowerPoint and this tool would make us literally Unstoppable like I would be able to do pretty much whatever I wanted because I would have the aid of an AI that could help me do this stuff and I think this is very important and I want you to understand and smash that like button if you're starting to get it where you understand that this is how it works right very very important now we also see that Google is freaking out about chat GPT or so other people said right I heard a report that they called in the big dogs Sergey Brin and Larry Page to come in and talk about this AI stuff because whether we like it or not this is going to change some of very very important right let's highlight that point some of the way we search online and the way we get information online now there are some flaws we're going to talk about in a minute actually went through ask AI this stuff and there there's flaws so we're going to look at that and understand what's going on now Google is coming out with their own AI that they've had for a while called Lambda which is language model for dialogue applications now we did a test all right and I got a question for you all right here here's my question Can You Feel the Love Tonight what does that have to do with AI well let's talk about that one of the searches that gets a lot o

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