How to make money with ChatGPT

hey guys welcome to Silicon Valley girl today we're going to talk about probably the most discussed company these days chat GPT it is a product by a company called open AI started by Sam Altman I think he was also in one of the first batches of Y combinator Chad GPT is changing the world it passes tests it graduates from Business Schools it writes essays some people are scared because Chad GPT definitely has an opportunity to replace some of us and there is a chance that in five years there will be a technology that will be able to replace creators because you know you'll be able to generate a video image of a person and feed that person with a text to say but I'm creating this video in order to make you inspired by this new technology and I want to give you some ideas on how you can use Chad jpt to generate money to start a business to do something that you were doing before but at a scale or to start something new and of course I'm going to tell you how my teams and I started using chat GPT first of all I am super excited like the first thing that I did when I encountered Chad GPT I asked the technology to generate a script for my video and I asked it for top 25 American idioms and in a few seconds it generated a script for an evergreen video and because I run a language learning Channel and idioms tend to do really well this is super helpful and when my YouTube manager saw this she was like oh my God everything is going to be so much easier for us the next step that we did we asked Chad GPT to write a meditation for my channel I create those meditations for language Learners because I believe mindset plays a huge role in our learning process and that we can get really discouraged by our own mistakes by not achieving whatever we wanted to achieve so we asked Chad GDP to create a meditation and this is what it came up with yes it is not perfect yes it still it kind of sounds like a machine or an individual that doesn't have any feelings but it is such a powerful tool especially for international people and if you are in marketing if you're running a business if you're a Creator oh my god there are so many things that you can do with this let's talk about email marketing I just asked Chad gbt to create an email about the importance of posting short videos on YouTube because I am working with a marketing manager on creating a sequence a funnel for my course and there we go the power of short video The Power of short videos on YouTube this is a subject I would change it honestly I would do something like why you have to start creating short videos right now or how I got 3 30 million views by creating this short video anyways I hope this email finds you well this is something I would change again this is not 100 great but what I'll really like here is the outline some of the benefits of short videos on YouTube include improved visibility increased engagement boosted SEO increased trust and credibility the whole structure is amazing and it's a short email I love it so if you are in marketing if you're in email marketing use this as a template there is another website called copy AI which will create more compelling sales texts but chat GPT is also an option copii has a limit on how many words you can generate for free chat GPT doesn't have this limit now the next thing newsletters one thing to remember here is that chat GPT has access to information before 2021 it still has access to newer information but it might not be accurate so it wouldn't rely on creating newsletters on like the latest trends on YouTube or something like that but if you're doing like an evergreen funnel or an evergreen educational newsletter like if I'm running a language learning company you know let's just look at it if I'm running a language learning company top five tips to learn English right that's you know basic nice email and just practice speaking listening daily see it just generates right away of read English materials watch English content study grammar immerse yourself in English that's it your first email is ready and this can be turned into a blog post you know what I'm thinking right now 11 years ago when we started our first business I wrote all the texts for the website myself in Russian and in English if I only had this I wonder Kaplan loss Los Angeles why is capital Los Angeles a great school this is one of our partner schools do you just come in yeah it's a little bit generic but this is what I needed for our website oh my God it is just writing this amazing text about Capital Los Angeles the school offers anime curriculum supportive learning environment of course this is a little bit generic right exciting cultural and social activities I would say like oh we're going to take you to Hollywood we're gonna um oh still experience American culture very International like oh my God you don't need a copywriter for your website anymore unless you want to create something really Dynamic and full of emotions what I noticed when when I was asking questions like is this a nice thing is that a bad thing it tries to say very neutral like some people like it and some people don't right if you're a Creator people come for your opinion but sometimes you do need that generic information sometimes you do need those top 25 American idioms so yes it doesn't have your personality yet I say yet because I am pretty sure that in five years we would be able to feed the AI all of my videos and ask it to create something in my style with my accent with my jokes with my personality and I don't know if I'm scared or excited at this stage blog headlines or titles okay let's ask it for a catchy title for top 10 business ideas videos foreign business ideas to boost your entrepreneurial spirit I like the 10 game changing business ideas I don't like to boost your entrepreneurial spirit because you don't want to or maybe some people do want to boost it like it depends on your approach to creating headlines but again this is what it's doing and I'm not saying here that it's going to replace humans what I'm saying is that if you're a Creator or if you're an email marketer who produces a certain amount of content per day this can 10x your output so we cover it a lot in terms of text but text is not the only thing that Chad GPD can help you with it can actually suggest different things related to design for example a color scheme for your website best color scheme for an English language course website the best color scheme depends on target audience okay here are some popular color schemes that are often use for language learning websites blue and yellow blue symbolizes stress and relevant a lingua trip competitors oh by the way I'm using my phone right now because it says that um Chad GPT is not available on desktop because there are too many people trying it but it still works on my phone so maybe Pro tip language services to see lingual trip competitors Education First Kaplan international language course abroad

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