Make $5,000 with these 5 Profitable Writing Side Hustles (For Beginners)

hey welcome back I decided based on all of your guys's requests to do a series of high paying side hustles that you can do using chat GPT because open ai's chat GPT has definitely changed the world in the shortest amount of time that any technology has been adopted before which is totally mind-blowing and I decided to show you guys some really really interesting high paying opportunities that you can do as a side hustle as an online job as a work from home job and you can get paid pretty good money for and today we're going to focus on writing related high paying side hustles or jobs that you can do because this has been the most requested so let's dive in number one is writing newsletters for businesses look nowadays audience is more important than anything for a business not having that audience means that they always have to pay to get in new clients so building a community and doing that via a newsletter is definitely something that seems to be coming back in a way now the way that newsletters work nowadays is much different than they used to newsletters are not being sent just to keep your audience up to date with any news or any changes or anything different that you're doing newsletters are a way to build that Community are a way to share with them more value than you do on the other social media platforms that a business is using so if you want to make money with chat GPT one thing that you can do is offer newsletter writing retainers for small businesses and what that means is that ideally you would pick a niche one that you know about one that you're passionate about I don't know that could be weight loss Fitness it could be nutrition it could be spirituality it could be yoga it could be anything related to any topic that you're interested in look for small businesses in your area but not necessarily Google Maps is a good way to look for small businesses by the way go and look for businesses that operate in that space that you're interested in and that you're passionate about and show them your portfolio show them the impact that having a newsletter that adds value to their Community could bring to their business and how it can strengthen the connection with their audience and maybe offer them to write one or two for free because what you're gonna do is train chat GPT on that audience specifically and on that business specifically and guide it through your prompts to write that newsletter and it might not be able to write the full newsletter all at once because it has a limitation in terms of the number of words I can provide but you can have the sections written individually am I saying chat GPT is going to do all all the work and you're going to be doing nothing no because you will definitely first of all need to get really good at prompting chat GPT and secondly you're gonna need to review everything that it writes for you and improve it am I saying that you're gonna make nice money and spend a tenth of the time that you would if you were to fully write it for sure and what I've seen is that with newsletters you can have a retainer where you send a Weekly Newsletter and the company can pay you even somewhere up to two three even five hundred dollars a month or you can get paid per newsletter depending on how frequently the company chooses to send those out and not only that but once you pick your Niche the industry and the specialty that you want to have then you can work with a portfolio of small businesses ideally not competitors so they they wouldn't be physically next to each other or targeting the same Geographic audience but you would be able to sell them more or less similar Concepts so it doesn't have to be identical newsletters because obviously each business will have its own unique angles and unique specialty or new messages that they would like to send to Their audience but you definitely can use a lot of what you develop almost as a franchise to sell to a number of businesses that operate in the same industry I think that's pretty cool number two is sales copywriting again chat GPT does a pretty decent job in terms of writing sales copy is it perfect no but it definitely helps you get a lot done in a much shorter amount of time so if you have an act for writing and if you've been in sales before then this will save you 80 of the time so what do I mean by using chat GPT to do sales copywriting look any business big or small needs to sell online right I think everybody agrees with that now the way you do that is through a series of interactions with your clients or prospects and that is usually called a funnel typically what needs to happen is that a customer a prospect needs to be taken through a series of steps where they read a landing page where they receive a series of emails which is called an email sequence where they go and check out the webinar and so on and so forth and what you can do is prepare either specialized support so you only do landing page copywriting or you can do the end-to-end funnel copy so landing page email sequence webinar if you want to get super complex now chat GPT as I said does a pretty decent job in terms of supporting you and the output depends entirely if you ask me on the the quality of your prompts so you definitely want to get really really good at prompting it in a way that it gives you really high quality outputs what you then need to do is create your portfolio so create a set of samples that you will then be able to show prospects in terms of what you can do to help them the easy way is to go and create a profile on Fiverr and offer this to anybody who is looking to hire a sales copywriter and obviously because chat GPT is going to do 80 of your work then you can charge a bit less and over deliver alternatively you can get your own clients and the way you do that is through direct Outreach so what you're gonna need to do is go and knock on the doors of some of the smaller businesses in your neighborhood in your city in your town in your area and show them what you can do for them and then you can charge again a retainer or you can charge them by project this again because it is directly related to getting the prospect to either sign up for something a webinar an event or to actually buy a product or a service tends to be a very lucrative opportunity so you might be able to get paid serious money I'm talking hundreds or maybe even thousands per each funnel that you create sales copy for particularly if you're that good that your copy will actually be leading to high conversions because once you're able to show high conversions anyone will want to buy your copy another extremely lucrative opportunity for you if you're into chat GPT already or you're getting started and learning how to use it and improving your prompts and if you're into writing is Grand writing so what grant writing is essentially is supporting non-profit organizations apply for funding or grants to get financed and obviously this depend

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