They invested $10M in people, including me – Liberman brothers

it is so much easier to work hard in a really really really nice apartment on really really nice office than in a sh hole and when you drop out from Stanford and then create uh Snapchat you could have afford your yourself that's dropping out people can actually afford it because you're like I have a $200,000 loan on my shoulders if I drop out like what the hell am I going to do there are people who bankrupt at least one maybe already two companies the last past 2 and a half years and started new ones what's the probability of people being tokenized and traded I think it's inevitable people in Russia is just like okay you get 5% we get 95% go work because we gave you money I can get so much better deal than what I can get in the Silicon Valley they were trying to be Innovative in forms of how to be fair to the founders and at the same time how to screw them one experiment we are completely sure that statistically it's going to work out all money in the world eventually going to be invested in people's future Y is really good select people not companies investors can be quite greedy egoistic we experienced this idea in 2006 when some of our investors decided to screw us investors they do have this financial rights to participate in financial outcome but they don't have right of control even if you had this type of exit your probability of the very next company to be a unicorn a billion dollar company is 6.5 Times Higher that if you grow 60 % year a year you are success you're success if you're growing 2.4 times you are super human you're super human hey guys welcome to Silicon Valley girl I have amazing guests today they are some of my closest friends they are liberman brothers uh comment down below if you've ever heard of them because whenever I meet amazing people in this world they like oh yeah yeah yeah I know those brothers so you've done quite a job marketing yourself and marketing your accomplishments and you have a lot of those and I'm going to read them out loud for everyone who's watching and who's um seeing you for the first time so you started uh being entrepreneurs right after school start by starting your internet provider in Russia then you started over 12 companies one of which was sold to Snapchat for $6 million uh back in 2016 um one of your episodes in your life includes losing millions of dollars uh due to nationalizations in um banks in cyber that's great CRA oh my God like after that my life would be like okay I'm done with entrepreneurship I'm going to bul I'm going to meditate uh the fact that you're here guys and we're going to talk about that as well and then you started investing in people and I am their first investment as a Creator because you invested in entrepreneurs as well right yes awesome so we're going to talk about that tell me when you started investing when was your first investment so if we're talking about investment in general not just an investment in individuals financial future then I guess the first investment we ever did was 2008 what was it what was it a good question also there were several projects almost uh at the same time there was one we were basically incubating them so uh there was one in the field of medical records uh digitalization record uh one was around social media was just even it was new new media media it's like sap stack is plus medium plus uh uh something else uh but it was like a a an entire idea of how to uh make new type of publishing plus uh ugc uh we invested in lorum which what RIT of Russia okay Russia it's redit of Russia they actually started one year earlier than with similar mechanics when you like have a complicated voting system and and if some parts have more votes Sub Sub sub lorum like all this all this was there do it still exist does it still exist it still exists I mean it it used to be the major probably it is still but I mean the time has passed it used to be the major uh um community of Russian internet and M generator and me generator so were any of those Investments successful were able to exit multiples yeah we uh we exited actually from for example from our investment in cop with with a go Tre toring uh it was EV like short video and the guys who St they actually became your individual Investments later right yes we actually first invested in several companies of the same Founders basically we were following the same trajectory of if if we feel the founder is an incredible entrepreneur and human being just invest in every startup of the individual or or and it's almost like investing in in the individual himself and then just like when when he already started his new company back in 20 2021 was was the 2020 were like okay just next one is not going to be the the company but you yourself how hard was it to structure this cuz for me I feel like it's very clear that you invested in a Creator we're going to have all of the activities associated with my Creator career what about entrepreneurship like what if uh today he starts a company with somebody who had a billion dollar exit it's not really it's so funny that you feel that the the no I mean like that the founder deal is more complicated than the Creator deal like to our opinion it's vice versa like it's the Creator deal is much more complicated because with founder founder basically create companies yeah just I wonder how entrepreneurs think about it right because if you start on your own like I'm on my own it's not like I'm joining someone and they affect my performance it's just me right I can hire people I can fire people when it's an entrepreneur when they start a company with someone who's like a billion dollar founder it's not just him have they had any problems starting companies with other people when they disclos that they have this so far no so far no and people actually uh there are people who bankrupt at least one maybe already two companies throughout the last past two and a half years and started new ones and it's it's no limitations uh so even though you write that uh uh originally it was one of the concerns uh that oh it will prevent those Founders to raise next funds or it would be harder to raise money in the future startups uh we don't see any uh any correlations for investors is it's quite clear deal it's not some shady deal no one understand how it works works it's an investment in C Corp that owns consequent companies that makesense there there there is a concept of SPV so basically it's sort of like an SPV you invest in SPV but this SPV is like Timeless SV of of multitude of companies like people invest in this SPV and this SPV then invest in yeah companies of the enterpreneur but also this idea uh uh was already support um by um one of the brightest thinkers of Silicon Valley uh Sam Altman invested uh Mark andreon invested so oh they invested in so Mark andreon for example invested in us uh some Alman invested in humanism entrepreneurs yes so in in Market grease they they made it together and Sam invest

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