Make $48,000/Month with YouTube Automation (2024)

I only made about $27,000 this month from this faceless YouTube channel but because I'm not recording anything with a camera and not creating these videos myself I run multiple channels allowing me to add even more money with almost no extra work my name is Dave Nick and most beginners do this completely wrong so let me actually walk you through the strategy that this faceless channel is using so this is a movie recap Channel they're posting high quality movie Recaps with a AI voice over and according to Social blade they're making a $100,000 a month just from ad Revenue alone now I really wonder like what would you actually do with an extra $100,000 a month from just one single faceless YouTube automation Channel another one here called mystery recap they're doing pretty much the same thing and according to Social blade these guys are doing only $80,000 a month just for mod Revenue alone but because you watch the Dave Nique Channel you understand that our revenue is just starting point for beginners the way that you make money is in seven different ways of course we have ad Revenue but we also have digital products affiliate marketing CPA marketing print to demand Brin deals and sponsorships and physical products as well and that's how I actually make the majority of my money from these channels we'll get to that in a second but here's another one over here called film Recaps they're also kind of copying what these guys are doing and they're only making $116,000 a month so far just from out Revenue alone if they added more Revenue sources that they could probably crack that $48,000 a month Mark that we are after now first of all in order to actually make any money from your YouTube channels and when it comes to ad Revenue your channel needs to be approved into YouTube Partner program so you need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time and for some people that can be like 12 months of hard work before they earn their first dollar so you can now just get instantly monetized at dfy monetization I'm going to link that in the description box down below and if you go to the monetized YouTube channel over here you can basically get instantly monetized don't have to wait but what I would do then is I would create a medium account around my faceless YouTube channel because you can actually get quite decent amount of traffic for medium which is this platform where you can post blog articles which you don't even have to write yourself but if you want to do what these guys are doing to make $100,000 a month or more you can go to this website called mov relases and then you can see which movies have been released recently or which ones are going to come in years from now and you can see exactly like for example we have this one that has launched on January 5th 2024 so what I can do is I can go to viq to validate my idea this is the tool that I use to kind of get more views and subscribers so what I do is I just find an idea and then I validate it through the keywords section so if I type in night swim that was the name of the movie right night swim movie I can see exactly how many people are searching for this so right now we can see the night swim only has about 50,000 search volume and the competition is very very high so I would kind of avoid that movie and I would just continue doing research until I find some movie and some keyword that shows the search volume is high but then the competition is low or medium so that you can actually stand out as a complete beginner now in terms of stock footage because all of these videos need some visuals I found this new AI tool which is completely free I think it's called hyper AI you can click on create video with text you can create like movie scenes from text so you can create like old film style and let's say I want a guy playing a guit car while watching sunset on the beach and there's a military tank passing by and I'm going to click create now the AI will generate that scene for me while that is going on while that is happening I'll just go to I candy or oops I I misspelled that it should be ik K NN n and then you go here and then you can find these movie scenes that you are actually allowed to use in your videos so you find some nice Clips because you have to combine them to actually create create these faceless videos like go to any of these channels you can see that they have different scenes and they combine different gifts and images to create these videos you need some visuals so you can go to I can and you can download these you basically just click on this button over here and you download it for completely free while we are still waiting for this scene to be generated with AI for free and when it comes to the actual voice over for these videos if you don't want to start off with 11 Labs you can also try play HD for free it's a very high quality text to speech tool so click on generate AI voice for free you sign up then just click on create audio and just select use ultra realistic voices now these are going to be a little bit slower to generate but they are a lot more realistic now at the beginning I said that most beginner make one common mistake and for me I believe that's the entertainment Niche when you start a channel in an entertainment Niche and you're posting these movie Recaps a you stand a really good chance of getting copyright strike if you're only using movie clips and you're not adding any extra value B because it's entertainment you can't attract really high high quality audience so the CPM is low and you struggle to make money with a channel like that and three I always prefer creating more educational videos that provide value because when you create educational videos you attract high quality audience and you can monetize it in multiple ways as we previously talked about you can even go to chat GPT and you can ask it like I want to start a YouTube channel in the movie Recaps Niche but I want this channel to be educational do you have any ideas and it's going to give us some different ideas that we can analyze so what I would do is I would create a one kind of Avatar and I would create videos for them so maybe you want to Target someone that is now in LA and is trying to become an actor so you can now break down these movies and how these people are acting and you can give different tips and lessons to these people and imagine if you just attract 1,000 of them and you sell a $10 a month Community well that's going to be over $10,000 a month business and if you're wondering like Dave how do I even edit these videos where you can just go to cap cut it's a completely free video editing tool and it's very beginner friendly like I'm personally not a professional video editor but I just use this because they have different effects and tools you can use pretty easily you just upload your files from I candy and from hyp your AI and then here you can just start editing so here w

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