it’s time to LET GO of these type of “FRIENDS”

show me your friends and I'll show you your future you're the whatever of the five friends you spent like that's real if you're trying to get your life together and your friends get in the way that's actually real useful for you because you've now identified who your friends aren't success and personal growth two concepts we all aspire to but what shapes do you suspect in our lives it's the company we keep from the great minds like Jim Rohn or provinri and many others we've been told about the importance of choosing our friends wisely as James Clear from the atomic habit says your culture sets your expectation for what's normal like many of you I once had a large circle of friends we would do all kinds of crazy things had fun and simply enjoyed our youth the world seemed to be our playground and there were no real responsibilities but as life would have it everything changed with the Advent of lockdown covet the World As We Knew It came to a standstill and so did our lives but for me it was more than just a pose in a fast-paced existence it was a moment of Awakening the lockdown came as my personal life was undergoing a significant shift my dad lost his job and I was faced with the daunting Prospect of stepping up and taking control it was during this time that I realized I couldn't continue living the way I had I needed to evolve to grow and to be better so I embraced changed I got in shape fixed my sleep and diet reduced alcohol consumption to bare minimum and dedicated each day to learning new skills and improving myself I also made significant strides in my financial life starting to make more than 10K and eventually 20K 30k per month as I joined on this path of self-improvement I noticed a shift in my relationships my friends who were still happily enjoying their Carefree life couldn't relate to my newfound focus on personal growth and development my desire here for deep meaningful conversations was at odds with their inclination for shallow Chit Chat party banter their interests lay in parties and hookups where I found solace in books and self-education as the time passed the Divide widened I found myself increasingly unable to engage with them on a level that was meaningful to me and slowly I found myself withdrawing from my circle of friends they too started to noticing my absence and stopped inviting me the result was a deep sense of loneliness but with loneliness came a deep self-realization I realized that real friends aren't those who would rather see you stagnant so they can feel comfortable real friends are those who motivate you inspire you challenge you to become the best version of yourself they are your teammates in the Journey of life and when life throws curveballs at you they stand by your side not away from it real friends aren't the ones refer you to remain stagnant just so they can reveal in their comfort zones they're not the ones who cheer for your failures or watch silently as you drown in self-doubt no that's not what a real friend is about this understanding shake me to my core it downed me that if I wanted to be surrounded by such passportive inspiring loving friends I needed to become that person myself first this change needed to begin with me in our digital world today where we are more connected yet more isolated than ever before somehow it's common to hear about toxic friendships social media platforms are bombarded with posts and discussions about this issue but Emma's all the noise and blame we sometimes fail to look at ourselves RV ourselves a good friend building authentic genuine friendships is about more than just shared interests or regular Hangouts it's about taking initiative it's about showing genuine interest in the lives of others making an effort to understand their thoughts and emotions ensuring that they feel heard and offering your support even when it's inconvenient it involves a level of selflessness that is sometimes challenging but always rewarding in my journey I decided to be the one to make the first move I took the plunge extended my hand first opened my heart and the results have been astounding today I'm fortunate to be surrounded by friends who not only understand me but also inspire me they're my confidence my motivators my inspiration my Cheerleaders be the friend you wish to have it was always easy but it's an end of our worth embarking on good things are never easy you have the power to inspire to support and to love use it and watch as your life fills with the kind of friendships that nurture your soul and push you to grow now let's delve into something fundamentally essential which is our environment much like the water determines how a fish swims and survives the people we surround ourselves with have a profound influence on our attitudes our behave behaviors and ultimately who we become James clear the author of the book Atomic habits provides some invaluable insights into this he says surround yourself with people who have the habits you want to have yourself you will rise together nothing sustains motivation better than belonging to the tribe it transforms a personal Quest into a shared one previously you were on your own you don't have to be the victim of your environment you can also be the architect of it this thought is simple yet incredibly powerful and it changed how I think the habits and behaviors of the people around us Rob off on us For Better or For Worse there is an immense power in belonging to a group that shares your aspirations and values it's not just about individual quests anymore but a shared Mission this Collective Drive doesn't just sustain motivation it amplifies it take a moment and consider the people you surround yourself with are they people lacking the ambition to strive for more are they people that there are making excuses all the time or are they individuals who are constantly pushing their boundaries exploring new ideas and striving for personal and professional growth the difference between these two environments is Stark and it can significantly impact your mindset and actions if you find yourself surrounded by people who are lazy it's easy to fall into the Trap of settling for Less their lack of ambition can subtly seep into your subconscious encouraging you to remain within your comfort zone to stop striving for more this is not the environment that breeds growth and success contrast this with the circle of friends who are Relentless in their pursuit of self-improvement these are individuals who challenge themselves for continually learning evolving and pushing their boundaries when you surround yourself with such people their drive and ambition are contagious you too will find yourself inspired to push posture limitations to strive for growth and Excellence so take charge of your environment choose to surround yourself people who who inspire you challenge you and help you grow remember you're the architect of your life design it in a way that fuels your growth

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