MAKE $2,939 PER WEEK Using Canva And ChatGPT! (Make Money Online AI 2024)

have you heard about the latest craze in making money online with canva it's pretty mind-blowing people are raking in nearly $3,000 a week just 12 Days After diving into this new method how by leveraging canvas's pre-made templates to create simple yet engaging Tik Tok games the best part is they're monetizing these creations through Tik Tok ads sounds wild right well stick around because I'm about to walk you through the process step by step With a Little Help from chat GPT let's unlock this lucrative opportunity together imagine scrolling through Tik Tok and stumbling upon a bunch of accounts that popped up recently all showing off this cool new game style while these videos are longer than a minute and that's no accident Tik Tok started this thing called The Creator Rewards program on March 18th which pays creators more for longer videos with ads before you get too excited about making money with Tik Tok ads there are a couple of important things you need to know first off you've got to have at least 10,000 followers to even flip the switch on Tik Tok ads but hey if you're turning out viral content hitting that Milestone can happen in a Flash but wait there's a second catch right now Tik tok's ad program is only open to folks living in certain countries all right let's dive into crafting one of these hot Tik Tok games using canvas's pre-made templates it's surprisingly straightforward trust me so what we're essentially doing here is putting a trendy spin on the classic game this or that head over to canva and search for this or that templates most of them are still images but don't worry we'll make it work for video choose one of the templates that's in the mobile video format now on to creating your first game question screen you can brainstorm your own this or that questions or take a leaf out of your book and ask chat GPT for some ideas you just describe the video concept to chat GPT and it will turn out some fantastic suggestions you can stick to the free version of chat GPT and it works like a charm no need to splurge on the paid version for this task so inspired by one of chat gpt's suggestions you got to work first up you Jazz up the title text with a funky new font and tweak it to fit your question then swap out the middle text boxes with let's say summer and winter time for the visuals browse for a picturesque beach scene and a stunning snowy landscape dragging and dropping these images onto the template you can seamlessly replace the original pictures exciting news is that canva recently rolled out a game-changing AI feature that simplifies the animation process with just a few clicks you can bring your design to life effortlessly here's how it works first click on the page select animate then choose magic animate canvas AI will work its magic analyzing your design and selecting the perfect animations and video styles for each element you can opt for the elegant option but there are others to explore all right so here's the deal canva doesn't come with built-in countdown timers which is a bit of a bummer but fear not I've got a Nifty trick up my sleeve to help us create our own here's how it goes first let's duplicate the slide we just animated and turn off all the animations we'll shorten the slide to 1 second and remove all the text bubbles and pictures instead we'll add a circle shape in the center and search for a 3second countdown timer picture to place inside it now this picture isn't animated but don't sweat it we'll make it work next we'll duplicate this slide and find a 2-sec countdown timer picture to replace the original repeat this process one more time this time with a 1-second countdown timer picture adjust the timing of each slide accordingly lastly We'll add an exit animation to the last slide to ensure it flows seamlessly in our video when we play it back thanks to our clever slide duplication and timer Graphics we'll have a countdown timer that looks like it's ticking down now all that's left to do is duplicate these slides swap in different questions and graphics and make sure to include at least eight questions in your video easy peasy to Boost video engagement let's add a captivating hook at the beginning if you've checked out the top performing Tik Tok couple game videos you'll notice they often kick off with a catchy intro they typically include text explaining the game and throw in a Twist like having to buy dinner if you get more than two questions wrong it's an attention grabbing tactic that keeps viewers hooked creating this Hook is easier than you think first we'll create a new slide and place it at the beginning of our video timeline we'll replace the background with our fun background picture and add text in the same style as our titles asking a question like how well do you know your girlfriend/boyfriend we'll animate this text to rise into view over 2 seconds then we'll add our hook about buying dinner animating it to appear only on Entry here's a neat trick to brainstorm more funny consequences for your videos head back to chat GPT try it by describing the scenario prompt chat GPT that you are creating a game for couples to test their knowledge of each other and if they lose there has to be a fun consequence and chat GPT will come up with some great suggestions and get this it was just the free version no need for the paid upgrade so if you're ever stuck on ideas chat gpt's got your back now let's add some AI voiceovers to our text slides head over to the app section and search for AI voiceover click on the voiceover app then type in the text from one of your slides next choose a suitable voiceover if your video is targeting boyfriends testing their girlfriends opt for a male voice for videos aimed at women testing their boyfriends Mia's voice is a popular choice in these Tik Tok games make sure to select the conversation style and click generate once generated drag the voiceover to the corresponding slide in your video timeline online here's the catch only the first 400 characters of the AI voiceover are free to use beyond that you'll need to pay for additional characters $10 gets you 15,000 characters which should cover about 100 videos considering these games typically use around 150 characters per video but stay tuned because I'll show you a trick later in this video to save money on AI voiceovers alternatively if you prefer not to spend anything at all you can use an external AI voiceover app like mcmonster it lets you generate free voice clips of up to 300 characters which you can then upload separately now let's amp up our video with some free sound effects here's the deal when you watch the video with sound on you'll notice a buzz sound for each second of the countdown timer ticking down it adds a sense of excitement and suspense making the video more engaging to add this ticking sound head over to the audio section in canva and search for beep choose one of the sound effects and drag it to the start of each countd

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