I’m Making PERFECT Faceless YouTube Videos in 30 Seconds (New Method)

so a few months ago I was talking to one of the executives at a really big video editing company and I told him what I really wanted and what I really wanted was I wanted a video editor where I could enter one single prompt for a title for a YouTube video and it would spit out the entire video with a voiceover music captions everything now this was all just done in conversation I wasn't actually telling them to go create and build this product but lo and behold they reached out a week ago and let me know that they had actually gone and done what I asked them to do so I'm pretty excited to show you what they've come up with in this video you can literally create hundreds of high quality faceless YouTube videos in a single month with almost no time and no money spent so I'm going to leave a link down below to the software that's doing this it's in video which you might remember from my video a few months ago where we spent about 10 minutes editing and creating this video that's actually the company that came out with this and you can see if you click that link it's actually going to take you to ai.nvideo.io and you're gonna be able to sign up now after signing up you're going to take a little survey you're gonna have to answer a few questions so that they understand the entire point of what they're launching right now is almost just a beta where they want to get your Insight and your opinion on the product that they've come up with now once you get in you're going to see it's a very simple screen because we're not going to do very much here and there's two ways that you can go about this the incredibly quick way and the incredibly incredibly incredibly quick way you can see right here the incredibly quick way is to just give it a topic the other way is to actually select a workflow where you kind of let it know what it is that you're looking for and then it will ask you a few questions so for example I can say I'm looking for a YouTube explainer video it's going to let you put in a lot of detail where you can tell it how long the video is anywhere from 15 seconds all the way up to 15 minutes which is pretty impressive in the AI world where most of the AI typically spits out these little short videos and there's really nothing you can do about it next you're going to give it a topic and you're going to give it some kind of creative direction right this is where you say the tone and do you want it to be funny or professional who's speaking all of that fun stuff so you can see here I can go to the top here and I can give it a link now obviously this will depend on the video I'm typically going anywhere from five to ten minutes listening to AI for more than 10 minutes is just a little tough if you ask me so we're gonna go for five minutes right here this is going to ask for a topic and anything else you should or shouldn't talk about so you can give it a little insight if you want typically I'm just going to throw in the title for example I might make a title that says how to make money with Forex which is a really big YouTube title out there right now now it's optional you can give it tone I always just say professional whenever I'm doing a training most people want the training to be in some kind of professional voice and they want the writing to also reflect some level of professionality it's also going to ask for music I always just say elevator music and it's been perfect every single time with that prompt everything else just depends on you you can pick any gender you can pick any kind of voice that you want right there but I usually just leave those blank and let it run now here's where things get really juicy right so when I click continue all it's really going to do is that's helping you create a prompt so you can see right here it took all the information that I had and it created a prompt right there so now I'm going to copy that prompt and from now on all I'm going to do is I'm going to paste that exact prompt in there but I'm going to change the title right here so I'm going to change that title and then I'm going to change the tone if I want to but a vast majority of the time I'm literally just going to copy and paste this in there and I'm going to change the title and I'm going to run with it see right here I'm going to click generate video and we'll have to wait a minute for it to come up with the script and the video and the voiceover and all that fun stuff now it's worth noting it's going to check in with you after a second and give you a rough overview and say this is what you're looking for right I always just click continue and let it run all right so it's going to take a few minutes to get it all going and once it's done you're going to see something just like this and you're going to see all the images do have an eye stock images picture on them Watermark that's okay that goes away when you export it and obviously when you pay have you ever wondered how to make money with Forex today we'll delve into that very topic to start with what is Forex Forex short for foreign exchange is a global marketplace where individuals businesses and governments so I'm not gonna make you watch the whole video but I've tinkered about five or six times with this and each time I'm getting long videos which is really hard to get chat gbt to even write a long script this is great they figured out how to actually make long videos here also the voice is about as close to a human voice as I've ever seen AI get which is awesome and then the third thing is the b-roll is typically spot on you can see right there it's added text to the screen the b-roll makes sense throughout the video almost all the b-roll makes sense but it's really cool here too you can see typically there will be a few issues right when AI creates something a lot of times there will be one or two things that it gets confused on so I can hop in right here and click edit and you can either just give it a command and it will just go and remake the video based on your command but I like to go in and if there is an issue directly edit either the media or the script so you can see here I can click edit the script right here and just make some quick script adjustments click apply changes and it'll edit it in the video as well I can also click edit media if I say like ah it didn't make sense what you added there right I can click on any of these images that I don't like which honestly I'm totally happy with all these images but I can click on that right here and I can search for a new image so I can type in 4X right here you can see and say I didn't love the image you put right there instead let's add this image and see what else I can come up with like I said this is in beta so you can make those two adjustments but they're going to integrate it with the actual editor so Nvidia has a browser-based editor as well that their their primary product that they sell and it's all going to be integrated eventually so that you

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