How To Start an Amazon FBA Business With No Money (In 2024)

in this video revealing how to start an Amazon FBA business with no money and how complete beginners are making 100 to 700 a day with absolutely zero dollars more than after the intro [Music] hey guys how's it going Michael here welcome to this video before we actually begin to remind you that some responsive open up for this week's free Workshop where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online sign up for it in the link below we literally have a 62 year old woman go from 0 to 160 Grand profit in 90 days so check it out now so in order to understand how to make money with Amazon fa with no money you need to understand what can go wrong when you actually spend money right so for example I got into Amazon fa years ago back when literally like not a lot of people were doing it and I did a lot of long wrong things and I ended up losing a bunch of money many of which actually I didn't even have to spend money on if I had this idea and this brand new opportunity right so this is what you need to understand because if you do not follow what I'm going to go ahead and share with you in this video you can make a lot of painful mistakes in the near future so what did I do well when I first got started I spent a bunch of money on things that I did not need to spend on like I want to go ahead and like sell on Amazon and make money with Amazon fa because of the freedom right like Amazon will literally do the shipping the handling the customer service they'll do all the hard work there's millions and millions and millions of people buying from from Amazon every single month and all I got to do is pick the perfect product right that was literally my entire job and I wanted to go ahead and do that because like I said I wanted freedom I wanted to travel around the world I wanted to pay off my debt I did not want to be stuck doing something for the rest of my life that I did not like and I saw Amazon as an opportunity but when I got into it I got a little too gung-ho happy-go-lucky and I just went straight into the deep end without really doing much research and one of the things that I did wrong was I started with what is like what most people say is oh become a Seller Central on Amazon you know you literally have to go ahead and pay 39 a month and just like that 39 a month was going out of my pocket what else did they tell me to do oh just buy a product from you know Alibaba so I literally bought a bunch of Grill mats and barbecue gloves from Alibaba I bought a used a lot of my money money that like I didn't really have I bought a bunch of products from China shipped over to Amazon and hoped and prayed that I would literally make money but because that because a lot of my profits would always be in the inventory it was very hard for me to actually live off of the money I was making does that make sense and that's what not a lot of people understand and realize with a traditional Amazon FBA business model most of your profit is in the inventory and as you scale because you do not want to lose you know to competition all the money that you're making is essentially just building and building and building your products so it's very hard to actually take money out of the business does that make sense so if you're wondering well then how would I actually make money with Amazon FBA well this is what I would do instead this business works really really well but where the big money comes from is when you sell the business okay like I've interviewed a lot of people here in for example Bali right a lot of people like this 11 year old girl that you're on 30 million dollars this guy that makes a million dollars one profit many of which you know do really really well I've met also a lot of people that do Amazon FBA the people that made the most money in Amazon FBA are the ones that essentially sell their business and they had Capital get started up front but if you have zero dollars and you have no money to begin with where would I actually go ahead and begin with well it's understanding in first principles how people make money on Amazon well what you guys understand is when people have a problem they come up to you know Amazon and they go ahead and type in something like toilet paper right and when they go ahead and do that they see one of these things they barely scroll down a girl they never really go to like the second or third pages and they really just stay on the top and buy one of these things and when someone buys this someone who literally created this product will literally get paid somewhere around the world so essentially your goal then to make money with Amazon FBA if they're going to do the Fulfillment isn't really just you know like buying products from China it's seeing if you could rank for keywords that are undervalued does that make sense like it's the people that developed you know Singapore and crazy Rich Asians were the ones that made the most money it was the people that developed New York before it was New York made the most money it's the people that developed certain keywords in Amazon that makes the most money right now toilet paper is really really uh developed but what aren't well this is where you go ahead and do the testing if I go out and type in the Beagle gifts do you see all these things that pop up these are essentially all ideas that you could go ahead and get started to see if you could go out and rank for those keywords let's do Beagle gifts for Beagle lovers we literally have thousands of reviews and then here we only got eight reviews right and here we got 253 reviews so there's someone out there that literally went up to Alibaba they typed in for example beagle salt pepper holder they went and bought like a bunch of for example these beagle salt shakers from for example Alibaba they shipped them over to for example Amazon and now they rank on the first page of that search term but that costs money right what are other people doing well what if they just rank for a t-shirt well Mike don't I need money on t-shirts don't I need a bunch of inventory don't have to get a bunch of different sizes no because with you could essentially start an Amazon FBA business for free for free they have the inventory they do the shipping they're handling the customer service they will ship the products and they'll still pay you with uh like monthly royalties and there's fast shipping with prime so it's literally the exact same thing with Amazon FBA it's fulfilled by Amazon but the only difference is you get a test to see if you could actually rank for this like thing like if I wanted to go after this product and I want to go ahead and buy a bunch of products from China I need you to first see if I could rank for something like this because it's free it's no risk and it could literally just get started by the end of this video so how how would I go ahead and do this it's very simple I would sign up for Merch at I'd go to Pinterest helping

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