These 35 Websites Can Make ANYONE Money Online (Beginner Friendly)

all right you guys brace yourselves because today we've got a lot of work to do me talking and you hopefully taking notes because today I'm talking about 35 different websites and apps that you can use to make money online from the comfort of your own home for free and I know I know what you're going to say many of you are thinking well nothing in life is for free well I can think of at least two things that are for free first one is my eternal gratitude for you taking a moment and giving this video a like thank you so much consider subscri ring maybe if it's your first time here and the second one that is definitely the reason why you're here is money you can definitely make money without investing anything in most of these websites so I've compiled 35 different apps and websites that you can use to earn money online they have no hidden costs no investment no fees and yes before you ask many of these websites and apps are working in many countries around the world not just in the USA now with all of that out of the way let's get working cuz we've got a lot to cover and no I'm not going to do a full tutorial because that will keep us here until the morning so I will keep it short and sweet and if you want me to talk about any of these websites in more detail let me know in the comments down below and I will gladly do that for you but before we get started I highly recommend that you watch through the entire video because as you will see there is a huge variety that I'm covering today so maybe the first couple of websites or apps are not for you but something towards the end might interest you even more so whether you're a student you're an artist or just somebody who's fed up with the N9 to-5 grind then this video is definitely for you all right first things first let's kick things off with text broker this one basically turns your keyboard into a cash machine because every word you type becomes a coin dropping into your bank account you can write blog posts you can write product descriptions and your writing can turn into a nice little earner next one if you are more of a creative soul and if you want to see your artwork on somebody's t-shirt maybe then merch by Amazon could be something that you want to look into because it makes your dream of Designing a reality you can design upload and let Amazon do all the work for you with this print on demand opportunity all right Next One tech Wizards if you are somebody who is um Keen to pay attention to detail then user litics usability Hub and Loop 11 are calling your name to go and test websites and apps it's basically like being Sherlock Holmes but in a cooler way because you are solving Mysteries and making money by using technology that you probably would use anyway next on our list if we want to dig even deeper user brain and user testing will offer you even more chances to get paid for just poking around websites and apps so you get to be picky and make money with that who doesn't love an opportunity like this next on our list if you are opinionated and you love to share your thoughts and make money with that then respondent prolific testable minds are great platforms that will pay you for just sharing your brain waves and your thoughts on anything related to gadgets all the way to academic theories even quicker Google opinion rews and citizen me are great for making a quick buck in your spare time I don't know maybe you're waiting in a queue somewhere if you are really good at writing and maybe in school essays were your jam then definitely these ones are for you essay service essay shark you can help people Express their thoughts thoughts and Ace their assignments by using your words and let's not stop here there are more writing opportunities bka content offers endless opportunities to let your creativity flow and to fill your pockets and if you are into online tutoring then these ones could be something that could earn you a nice income so if you're the wise owl of the family then and a4a would allow you to use your wisdom and transform lives and also make some nice money as you do that up next on our list we're talking about something that any student can do so if you have gone through your studies and I don't know maybe you've even ASO your classes I don't know congrats to you if you have then check out study soup and Nexus notes because you could profit from that success by selling your study materials and helping a fellow student out I mean it's good karma and good money so why not try it out and by the way if you are tired of your notes just Gathering dust there is another way to cash in on that and and that is through one class because you would get paid to use your homework that you've done anyway and help somebody else out now if you are great at listening then you can turn that skill into some money with go transcript and gmr transcription and offer some transcription services and sure here how much you make depends a lot on how fast you can type so if you want to practice that then you'll be able to make even more money now these next ones are so easy that literally anybody can do and especially if you love shopping then yeah you can instead of just spending money also make some money because apps like gas body get upside iata and Reit hog are going to pay you for submitting receipts and convert that into money or rewards it depends on the platform you chose so basically all you got to do is shop scan upload and cash in yep I know it's that simple next on our list and I need to catch my breath here a little bit so I am talking here to those um Sages and Sant among us because just answer is basically like a magic portal where people throw coins at you for your wisdom yeah well I'm joking but not joking cuz basically you could be just chilling with a cup of tea or coffee or your drink of choice and sharing your knowledge and you could be making some really nice side money next up is Clarity imagine your expertise as a lighthouse guiding those ships to the shore basically and it is your chance to Mentor people that you wish to help and get paid for that and don't put your phone on silent just yet because call me 4 will turn your mobile phone into Cash generating advice machine yeah literally you can make money on your phone and by the way if you want more websites like this check out this video because I talked about even more that you can use just from your phone now to all of my polyglots out there and I know that there are many many of my viewers who speak multiple languages I mean I've got so many smart followers and I'm so grateful and excited for that and very very blessed to have you guys here well you can use all of that knowledge to do some translation work why not and here I'm talking about which basically it's like being the Indiana Jones of languages you know you can explore texts and uncover the treasures of communication for money uh or you can use tethis which is anot

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