10 New Remote Job Websites That Can Get You Hired in 30 Days (Worldwide)

stop wasting time searching for jobs on upwork and Linkedin these websites can get you hired in 30 days or less serving clients like Tesla Apple Disney or Spotify many of these websites are available to anyone no matter where you live the pay is excellent with six figures a year for full-time jobs and $32 to $40 an hour for contractor positions but before we jump into the websites that you can go to look for jobs on let me show you three apps that help you make sure to get the job when you get to it these are great resources and AI tools that automate and accelerate your job search Journey so that you can get hired fast and check all the boxes that experienced job Seekers are using so that you can get the same chances by the way none of these websites knows that I'm making this video today so it is not a sponsored one all right the first website I believe will save you hours and hours and increase your chances of success massively because look looking for job is a numbers game you need volume but searching for all of these jobs and even more applying to each of them in a personalized way can take hours and hours and that is where you can rely on job hunt because job hunt offers a centralized dashboard where you can manage all of your job applications but the way you get those job applications is really really cool because you can save jobs directly on Google manually on any of the websites that I'm going to show you in a moment or on LinkedIn that is up to you and then you can keep track of your application process in one place this feature I think is really really amazing because you can stay organized and focused during your job search and that ensures that you have no opportunities that are going to slip through the cracks also you have very easy application process because you can do that straight from the browser and what I think is really cool is that they will take the job posting that you find and will adjust your resume and your cover letter to match the job requirements I mean that is incredible last but not least they have ATS friendly templates that are curated by HR experts so that ensures that your resume and your application is going to go past the screening number two is a platform that I was mind blown when I found it basically keeps you from making a mistake that so many beginners make when they're starting to look for an online job your head shot look there is no need to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on professional pictures that a professional photographer takes in a studio because this platform revolutionizes the way that we think about professional head shot by using an AI headshot generator Yes you heard me right you can get a professional head shot in seconds or minutes to be realistic by using aragon.svg uploading a few selfies literally all you need to do is connect from your phone upload a few head shot that you have taken yourself or regular selfies and then it is going to create beautiful professional photography for you and it has been used by over 15 million people to generate AI head shot so I think they know what they're doing all right so if at any point in time you realize that you're missing some knowledge or skill that are preventing you from getting hired or even you feel like it's limiting you from applying to certain roles then this next one is an incredible resource because you can learn from industry leaders and academic giants like Yale and Michigan and very well and reputable companies like IBM and Google and you can gain insights that are directly applicable to real world scenarios right you have access to mentorship from the best in class and it ensures obviously not only that you get the latest learning but you have a seat at the table with people who have very well-known certifications from very prestigious institutions and here I'm talking about corsera with their corsera plus you have access to over 7,000 top tier courses practical projects and professional certifications all from over 275 prestigious companies and universities worldwide the subscription gives you access to any type of learning possibilities that you can imagine from various fields from data analytics to computer science from art to business and personal growth and anything in between learning is very flexible also you can do it at your own pace you can do it in your own time and the credentials that you get are widely recognized as I said this is not a sponsored video but we do have an affiliate link so if you would be willing to support the channel and enable us to continue making the type of videos that we are making and allow us to get better and better every time then it'll be highly appreciated if you'd consider using our link which is in the description down below now let's move to the actual websites because I have my computer here and I am going to share my screen and walk you step by step through everything you need to know about the websites where you can go and look for remote jobs so you can start working online right away so the first website that I would like to introduce to you is called wellfound wellfound is the continuation of angelist I don't know how many of you are familiar with angelist but basically it used to be the way to get hired into startups well wellfound is continuing that path so basically on wound. comom you are able to find over 2,648 at this moment jobs that are looking to hire for various types of skill sets and you will be working with different types of startups you have the option to choose whether you want to start working with somebody who's very very early on their Journey or with a larger startup or scaleup that has gone through several rounds of um funding and that has lots of resources and bigger teams let me show you what you want to do is go to wound. comom jobs and you do need to create an account otherwise you won't be able to see all of the jobs that they have available doesn't take you too long and you can skip a bunch of steps so you can have access to the database of jobs quite fast it probably takes you a minute to create the account because they do ask for certain information which you can always go back and change so don't don't worry about that once you're on the website then you will see right now there is 2,648 results as mentioned and you can type the job title that you're searching for um here I chose remote only and I chose worldwide you have the option to go for a specific location if you are looking to work remotely but out of a specific location as well if you go down to filters then you're able to pick the skill set that you have the type of Market that you're interested in so which industry the company you would like to work for would operate in you can choose the type of job details so whether you want a full-time job or a contractor position I and then you can choose more than that like the company size the investment stage which gives you a bit of depth in understanding the

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