I TRIED Selling AI Mugs on Etsy for 90 Days

started my Etsy Shop a few months ago as a part of my I tried it series luckily I have been able to produce a profit from it my personal shop is all mugs I use Etsy obviously and then I use the platform called print fold to fulfill my print on demand products so when a person places an order printful receives that order totally does the whole process for me and sends out the product to the customer in regard to the graphic design that I design and upload to print full for the products I do that and I use a platform called kle also really quickly if you're looking for a specific walkthr of the really basics of how to start at Z or how to open a printful shop go back and watch my first two videos they discuss further in depth a very basic information of how to open an Etsy Shop how to open a print on demand shop those really basic steps are going to be in those first two videos this specific video is going to be more like an update video of my Etsy analytics my Etsy sales how I do my spe specific graphic designs how I upload those designs into printful and then fulfill the orders on Etsy let's talk about all of the different options when it comes to print on demand so if you're doing print on demand you do not just have to do AI mugs or t-shirts you actually have a variety of products that you can choose this will specifically depend on the print on demand platform that you choose so printful printify that type of thing they typically all have generic items that they all offer products like t-shirts pants sweatshirts hats stickers mugs postcard stationer ornament cell phone cases dog bowls glass wear all kinds of things that you can use in your Etsy shop so for me specifically I chose mugs because that was on a specific video that I watched and this is an ongoing part of my I tried it series you can do whatever product you feel would be best for you okay so now let's dive into creating our graphic designs to upload onto our print on Dem man platform so like I mentioned before I use a platform called KD this step can be complicated or really easy depending on the platform that you choose I've personally found that KD's really great specifically for print on demand because it's like a One-Stop shop design software it's really geared towards designing your own Graphics which is especially great for print on demand now if you want to do a complete follow along with me you can do so quickly by clicking my link in the description box down below and it will take you directly to their website you can sign up with a completely free account with KD once I'm on K's platform this is really what the homepage of it will look like as you can see they have tons of design ideas now one of the questions that I got is how do you come up with design ideas I'm not really techsavvy I don't know how to come up with graphic designs that's why K's really great for this because it has tons of different graphic designs already pre-made that if you're not great at graphic design you can go in and choose and just make a couple of changes for yourself but as you can see I'm just kind of scrolling down and you can already see a lot of amazing graphic designs that you can choose from what I typically do if I'm needing some graphic design inspo I will scroll down I'll take a look at kind of what they have here on their platform and kind of choose something I'm going to choose this one right here with the elephant now that I'm into the graphic design that I chose for my mug I'm going to go over here to the Le hand side you can see all of the different ways that you can edit this specific graphic design that's already pre-made so for example if click on the elephant I can change the color of the elephant by going over here to the right under object color and I can choose any color that I want to make them so if I wanted to make him yellow there's yellow green blue purple red for me I think I'm going to kind of make him more of a pastel because for the spring in my specific shop I like to kind of focus on pastel colors now that he's pastel I don't like that it has sort of this grainy background so in order to go in and delete that you just would click on it make sure that it's showing over here background image and I'm going to just hit delete in order to edit the font you would just select whatever font that you want to edit and then you can edit it so I don't think that I'm going to need all three of these lines the one that says established in 2024 I'm just going to select it go down here under layers you can do it two ways you can right here hide it like this and it will hide it for you by clicking that little I button or you can rightclick it on your mouse and hit delete and it'll just completely take it away for this specific mug I think I want it to say dream big now for this in order to edit text there's tons of different options with K the first thing I want to show you is under text settings right here is where you can choose your font they have so many different fonts so I'm going to click on a couple and kind of see that's cute but I'm going to keep looking here and I'm going to try to find the perfect font that I want to use I definitely think I'm going to go with that if I kind of wanted to choose it I like how it is distorted right here but if I wanted to choose it I can do Circle angle flag where it's kind of like waving wave like that and you can actually move the little cursors to be how you want it arched or rise and I kind of like it distorted which is exactly how I'm going to keep it now I do want to definitely change the color of the text so again I'm just clicking on text color and I can choose whichever color I want and then also next to text settings is this a effects go ahead and click on that and you can kind of do effects on your lettering now also I want to make sure that I mentioned that it is important that before you put it onto a mockup you go ahead and and download your image because you're going to need to take this image into your print on demand shop and upload it onto an item in that shop so what I'm going to do is because I have my item here I'm going to select download what I like to do is Select it PNG and just download it right into my computer okay now that I have my design what you can do is go up here on the right if you don't have a mockup photo the great thing about KD is that you do not have to purchase a mockup photo for me I had been purchasing mockup photos off of etsy to actually use in my shop which I do like also but if you're using KD it's sort of like I said a One-Stop shop you can choose once it brings it up over here if you're selling candles tags t-shirts hoodies and sweaters tops Apparel bags and then you can select the one that you want right here from the mockup photos one thing that you want to do is ensure that your mug match matches the mug that's going to be from your shop so people don't get confused about which mug so let's choose this mo

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