Fastest Way To Make $1,000 – This Is Crazy!

all right guys hello and welcome today we are going to show you the quickest way that I think to make a thousand dollars online now I know you watched lots of videos about how to make money online this is something where if you stay for the entire training I'm going to show you exactly how it works I've been doing this business for 23 years and I want to share with you something that I believe is by far the fastest easiest way to make a thousand dollars online humanly possible right so we're going to go through this we're going to talk about how it works I guarantee that throughout this training you are going to learn some things you haven't learned before you're going to learn some stuff that actually really works that you can use to put money in your pocket so if you're excited smash a like button let's go ahead and dive in now you're going to see a couple of links here first of all I have a domain class coming up if you want to join me in the domain class you can check out also if you want notes from this video which let me let you in on a little secret you do we're going to have those available at now I want to show you some interesting things here because this is an industry that very few people know about this is something where I talk to people and they're like Marcus I didn't even know that that existed I didn't even know that there was this kind of money being thrown around out there for this crazy industry however this is an industry that I've been in for many years this is an industry I've made millions of dollars in and I want to share with you exactly how this works I want to share you with you the intricacies because here's the deal right we're going to see here that in 2023 the domain sold for three million dollars now how many of you guys think that if you could buy that for less than three million dollars that'd be a pretty good skill to learn right like if I could buy this for two two million dollars or a million dollars or seven hundred thousand dollars that'd be good now I know a lot of you guys are like okay Marcus you know what buddy we don't got 750 Grand we don't got 2 million all right don't worry this is about the principal because if I can show you the principal I can show you how this works and I can point you in the direction of what's going on I think this is really going to start to change the way that you think about making money online this is something that's going to put you in a different level pay attention I know there's lots of things vying for your attention right now there's some cats on Tick Tock there's some things going on everywhere but this is something that's actually going to work if you're willing to put in the war work and understand what you're about to learn if you're going to understand it if you're going to say Marcus I'm here I'm in It to Win It smash the like button and we're going to dive in now here's some tools you're going to want to write down number one name bio number two semrush number three ahrefs number four estebot five GoDaddy appraisal six spamzilla seven GoDaddy auctions eight similar web and nine site price now there's one other tool that I didn't yet mention which I'm going to mention in just a little bit this tool is going to analyze all the data for you for free and show you exactly what to do imagine if you had a tool where you could go out there and be like hey you know what I want to find out what is selling why it's selling and how to make it work for me how do I do this Marcus show me how to do this and we're going to show you exactly how this works because this is an industry that's going to blow your mind what you are about to see has some controversy it's got some interesting things it's got some black hat stuff we're going to talk about how to stay away from and it's got some stuff that you can use to actually turn a profit that's right what you're going to learn is solid real world stuff I'm going to show you exactly how to do it all you got to do is watch this entire training because if you don't you might miss something and that one thing might be the key that's stopping you from making money so these are the sites that you want to pay attention to now what we're going to do we see here that recently went for three million dollars we also see that down here we have 5K all right the domain 5K two letters long is actually on sale for fifty one thousand dollars interesting so like right now it's on sale for fifty one thousand dollars we can also see that in 2009 this domain was purchased for twenty thousand dollars and we could see that right now this domain currently on the GoDaddy auctions page which I'll bring up for you guys in a minute GoDaddy auctions here we go right here we could see that currently it might have gone up I'm just going to pull this up so we can get live results right now it is at 134 333 dollars right so we're looking at that we're like Mark is okay I'm I'm getting the idea here and again this is about understanding how this works this is about understanding the real world of how this works because this money is being made online whether you like it or not whether you decide to watch this video or whether you decide to go watch cartoons right nothing wrong with cartoons I do like the old cartoons especially the old Looney Tunes but at any rate I know that stuff is out there but this is going to show you stuff that's happening and no matter what you're doing online no matter if you're checking out chat GPT no matter if you're checking out this this is making money day in and day out day in and day out without anything going on right so you could either be a part of it or you cannot and what we're going to do is we're going to take a look here because right now I can see fifty thousand dollars now I checked that out I don't know if that sale um for 50 000 is actually legit um we got to check it out but there are ways to get these and I'm going to show you how this works okay now when we look at 5K we also see something else interesting on this page I see here this c s e b k erala is right now at 70 000 how many of you guys are like Marcus this doesn't make sense how could this domain be worth 70 grand and my domain that sounds good maybe I have like why is not worth 70 grand but this one is all right interesting we're good this I'm telling you this is where the rubber beats the road this is where you're going to learn exactly how this happens okay very important uh Johnny says how are these being sold we're going to talk about that in just a little bit okay so here we have this here where we're getting the overview we're like wait a minute so you're telling me that domain names domain buying domain selling is a multi-million dollar industry there are players in the game making millions of dollars there's some controversy there's some crazy stuff now if we were to take a

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