How to Start a Blog That Makes Money | How I Make $10k+ a Month Blogging

are you thinking about starting a blog this year and wondering if it's still worth the effort I get where you're coming from 5 years back I was right there with you full of doubts fast forward to now and here I am a full-time blogger making an average of $10,000 a month if you're on the fence about blogging here is something to think about what have you got to lose by giving it a shot starting a blog costs peanuts and the return on investment well they Roi can be mindblowing you can start a blog with less than $50 and make a six bigger business out of it in maybe like a couple of years if you know a lot of other businesses that you can start with such a small investment up front and just a laptop then let me know in the comments plus blogging is done from the comfort of your home for me it was a life saver because I've got a toddler to run after it's perfect because I can squeeze in quality time with with my little one while she's still small in this video I'm laying down a simple stepbystep game plan for you to hit your first ,000 a month with your blog and by the way if you're ready to dive into this journey join my free 7day blogging Kickstarter course you will find the link in the description below all right let's jump into the first step which is understanding how you will make money with a Blog it is crucial to get a clear understanding of how you will earn money through your blog and this is probably the biggest question or even concern of everyone who is just thinking of starting a blog just tell me isn't it you on the other side of the screen wondering how on Earth are all of his bloggers getting paid so I'll tell you all about it back when I started my blogging journey I did the usual newbie thing I rushed into signing up for Google AdSense I didn't realize this would flood my blog with ads while paying cents so hold your horses because there is something you might want to consider first sure ads from Google AdSense or are something that seems easy for new bloggers looking to cash in a bit and typically these networks don't ask for much you need about maybe like 20 articles on the blog and by the way a little known requirement you also need to have a privacy policy page before you hit apply but even if you don't get accepted the first time you can try in a month or two and if you add more content they will usually accept you but here is my two cents if your blog's traffic is barely there don't even bother with AdSense just yet why because the pay is peanuts for every thousand of visitors we're talking less than $5 a month when your traffic is under 1,000 visitors so is it worth sending your precious few visitors away from the website for such a small return what I would do differently if I were starting my blog today armed with the 5 years of experience let me tell you I would start with affiliate marketing so here's my top tip for you look for affiliate products that align with your Niche but first let me tell you something about Amazon Associates it's the affiliate marketing equivalent to Google AdSense tiny commissions and a high chance of account suspension also they change the rules very often often forcing bloggers to update every single link or image on their sites I don't think it's worth it especially because there are many Alternatives it's just that no one talks about them in your typical blogging one-on-one videos but I'll tell you where else you can apply to try to join networks like share a sale CG Affiliates and if you have a bit more established following on social media then you can try to join reward style it's also called ltk impact ClickBank or or partner Tech some networks have more brands in a certain Niche so for example reward style is the best for fashion and Home Decor niches while partn teack is a perfect Network for software review sites by the way if you want to get back to this list of this affiliate networks you can always pause and rewatch this part of the video and while you're on it hit the like button if you've enjoyed my video so far then depending on what your blog is about you could find a gold mine in direct Partnerships with product sellers some products especially digital products like ebooks and online courses they can offer huge commissions from 30% to a staggering 85% this is because digital products have almost a 100% profit margins so it allows the sellers to offer such generous commissions you're less likely to find these rates with physical products for digital products I recommend you to join ClickBank and digistore 24 networks now imagine this with a commission of $100 per sale on an online course you just need 10 customers to hit $1,000 a month even with a modest traffic and these are not your customers you don't have to support the students you just get your commissions and all the work is done by the course creator if your content effectively promotes High commission products your first th000 from blogging could be just around the corner I find that people have a hard time understanding what could a blog post even look like whether you are aiming to make money with affiliate marketing or with other monetization methods to learn about the most common types of blog posts I recommend you to download the six free blog post templates resource from hopspot who kindly sponsored this section of the video you will get templates for list based posts how to posts Piller page posts and other common blog article structures from this document you will find out what's the optimal word count for each type of blog post you will get the outlines and checklists that will help you decide what kind of blog posts will work best for your website and you can double check that everything looks good before you hit publish for your content hotspot got you covered with plenty of live examples for each type of article just click on the links and review the blog posts that are already doing great and driving traffic from Google check the first link in the description below to download the six blog templates it's completely free and we are moving to the next blog monetization method so let's Circle back to display ads earli in this video I suggested skipping adson initially and focusing on affiliate products but when is the right time to consider ads for your blog once you hit around 10,000 monthly page views that's when this is your cue to check out ad networks like ISO or Mony you can apply for zoic much earlier than that but again I don't know if it is worth flooding your site with ads before reaching 10,000 monthly page views it's still too small and you'd still be making less than $10 a month with display ads but once you are at around 10,000 monthly pag viw it is a good time to try to apply to Google AdSense since all the other networks always will partner with Google you will first have to be approved to work with Google ads and then any of these networks will be able to work with your website I advise against applying

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