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so you've heard all the crazy etsy success stories and love the idea of selling your own designs online but maybe wonder is etsy really as lucrative as they say right has that seed changed or gone downhill at all in the past few years and that's exactly what we're going to be chatting about today is etsy worth it in 2022. i'm going over what i think are the top pros and cons for selling on etsy this year coming up [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey friends welcome back to the channel if we haven't met yet i'm kate i'm a wife mom to three awesome kiddos etsy seller and business coach and i'm here to help you start and scale your online business so that you can make a full-time income doing what you love i've been a seller on etsy since 2015 and i've witnessed firsthand over the years the changes that etsy has gone through both good and bad some of these changes have really benefited etsy sellers and others not so much so if you're thinking about diving in and opening up an etsy shop i want to help you by giving you my top four pros and my top four cons for selling on etsy this year hopefully it can help you to know if etsy is the right fit for you i'm also excited to show you a bit about an amazing tool for online sellers taylor brands more on them coming up later in the video so let's go ahead and start with the pros these are the top four benefits in my opinion to selling on etsy this year pro number one is etsy's tremendous growth over the past three years in 2019 etsy had 46.3 million shoppers on the platform compare that to 2021 where etsy ended up with 96.3 million shoppers on the platform doubling what it was two years prior the etsy platform pretty much skyrocketed a few years ago when it became more of a household name it's a double down on their marketing efforts so they started advertising a lot more through tv ads through off-site ads on facebook and instagram and other platforms and really expanding their reach so a lot more people came to shop on etsy and it became very well known obviously this is a pro for etsy sellers because more shoppers on the platform equals more opportunities for sales for your shop having access to etsy's large organic built-in audience really gives sellers a jumpstart in the beginning as opposed to owning your own website and running your shop through your own separate website where you would have to really put forth a lot more effort to drive all the traffic to your website there are already shoppers on the etsy platform looking for exactly what you have to offer so this is a huge pro in using a marketplace when you start selling pro number two goes along with this and that is that etsy is well known and trusted by customers etsy has a really loyal following of shoppers who go there for everything they need to purchase whether it be a gift home decor anything there are people who only exclusively shop on etsy and they may not know your shop but they go to etsy because they trust the platform there's a focus on quality of products on etsy that may not be really apparent in other marketplaces now of course every marketplace will have some shops and listings that slip through the cracks that are not great quality but in general etsy is known for really quality products and shops etsy is now considered very established proven and spoken well loved by the majority of shoppers etsy also backs up their shoppers so there is a way for a shopper to make a case against a shop if say their item was never shipped or it wasn't as described and the seller is refusing to work with them they can actually make a case and etsy is really good about backing up their shoppers so this makes shoppers feel safe now as a seller you might be thinking well that's not really a good thing for me i don't want cases open up against me but trust me it's a good thing for your shoppers that are going to the etsy platform to feel confident in purchasing on that platform because of the way etsy handles cases you won't have a case opened up against you if you do everything within your power to do it correctly to be shipping things on time to be responding to customers so you don't really need to worry about that from a seller's perspective if you're doing everything you need to do it's a good thing for shoppers to feel safe purchasing on that platform another thing that helps shoppers to feel really confident in etsy as a platform overall is that there's a lot more professionalism and legitimate businesses coming onto etsy than there may be used to be the increase in the professionalism of shops helps the etsy platform to really be competitive when it comes to the marketplace space when they go up against competitors like amazon and ebay all right moving on to pro number three and that is that there are more tools available than ever before to help etsy sellers when starting a business there's so much to think about from seo to photography to product design to branding to social media marketing the list just goes on and on it can feel really overwhelming as a beginner to think that you're having to build all of this from the ground up thankfully over the years there have been so many tools and online web resources developed for the purpose of helping online sellers so you don't actually have to start from scratch with everything for designing there are things like placeit canva creative market creative fabrica and a lot of others and tools like sales samurai and everbee for etsy product research and keyword research there are also great tools for establishing your business and your branding a really great resource for this is taylor brands taylor brands has everything you need to jump start your business they seriously make it so easy to look like a pro from day one first start with creating logo use your brand colors fonts and make it exactly how you want it next check to see if the domain name you want is available and purchase it to up the professionalism of your website speaking of a website use taylor brands website builder to get your site up and running in no time don't forget to create your digital business card to legitimize your business even more and get this you also have merch options who doesn't love a great t-shirt or some stickers with your logo on them you can even register your business as an llc and you're done you're ready to launch your new business and stand out from the crowd taylor brands has graciously offered 30 off just for our viewers so make sure to click the link in the description box below and use the code kate hayes 30 to try it out so having all these resources available to you makes selling on etsy easier than ever before and takes the guesswork out of building a business from scratch and our last pro is having the opportunity to advertise directly on the platform so here i'm talking about etsy ads i've been asked several times if i would recommend etsy ads or advertising with something like facebook boosting or something on instagram

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