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hey future millionaires my name is Isabella and welcome to today's free course all about YouTube automation with ai ai has never made it easier to start YouTube Automation and this new method will blow your mind if you're new here I'm dedicated to 100% free education and people do charge thousands of dollars for courses just like this all I ask in return for the free education is just hit that like button for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can continue to make free courses just like this so why YouTube automation I love YouTube automation because you do not have to show your face and there's no limit on how much money you can make with the new AI tool that I'm going to show you today it does all the work for you which makes it even easier to get started as a beginner so here's what you're going to learn today in today's free course I will be showing you how to create engaging faceless YouTube videos using AI I'm going to show you how to pick a niche for your YouTube channel how to create clickable thumbnails how to start a YouTube channel from scratch how how to write good titles for your videos how to rank and search on YouTube how to promote your YouTube channel and grow fast and most importantly I'll be showing you how to get monetized and make money with YouTube you may have seen faceless channels on YouTube before these channels are getting millions of views with thousands of followers just by creating simple videos about different topics motivational videos educational videos travel technology just to name a few most of these videos are random stock footage Clips with a voiceover behind them them let's take a look at this faceless YouTube channel this one is called top five and according to Social blade is burning in nearly half a million per year they are doing this without even showing their face there are so many faceless YouTube channels doing the same exact thing and if they can do it why can't you so let's get right into this free course I want you to pick a niche that you somewhat like or you're interested in just like how I would not make a YouTube channel about sports because I know nothing about it even though AI is is making these videos for you I still want you to pick the topic of these videos based on something that you actually enjoy or like in your own life here are the top Niche ideas for YouTube channels so hopefully this list right here will give you some inspiration another thing you can do to get even more faceless YouTube channel ideas is literally just go to chat GPT it is free to use and just type in give me 100 ideas for faceless YouTube channels and look how many actually pop up by doing this and if you want to get even more ideas you can just click on the regenerate button down here and it will just continue to give you a bunch of different ideas to go through first let's start off with how you're going to actually create these videos I'm going to show you how easy it is to actually get started I recently discovered a tool called invid AI that allows you to type in a simple sentence click one button and it turns that into faceless YouTube videos this is invid AI and I put the link down in the description for you guys to use this tool below and you sign up with that link so after you click the link in my description you are going to see this box that asks you to type in a topic and instructions into the box so I'm going to select a random topic for the purpose of this video Let's choose grease travel guide so I'm going to tell the AI make me a video about traveling in Greece now in minutes in video AI will create a custom video for you about this topic literally within minutes it can take a little longer like I remember one video I made did take around 10 minutes to complete but just let it do its thing let it do its work and come back and see what video it may do so let's go ahead and look at the video that it made for us have you ever wondered what it's like to travel in Greece imagine descending from the clouds to be greeted by a landscape where the blue of the sea melds with the white of the Grecian architecture a journey through Greece is a journey through time in Athens the ancient Acropolis Stands Tall Whispering tales of the past it is absolutely insane that just by us giving in video AI this quick topic that they were able to create this entire video about this topic this fast let's try it now with a more specific video idea this time we're going to give the AI a little bit more information about what we want so let's go ahead and type in make me a video about the best Islands to visit in Greece and why so go up to this box here that says select workflow and select YouTube explainer to create a YouTube video you will also notice they have these other options here that you can use for other video types once you click the YouTube explainer option you will be brought to this screen the first thing that you're going to want to do is you need to select how many minutes you want the video to be so I personally make all of my YouTube videos over 8 minutes because that's the requirement for putting multiple ads on your YouTube videos and this has changed over the years so let's think ahead and make it a 10minute video here you can request for the the AI to add any special details creative thoughts and ideas like tone humor and more with the box under this you can even request a certain type of music but it's typically smart enough it'll even pick the right track that you're looking for but let's go ahead and type in fun and inspiring then under settings make sure you select what gender you want your voice over to be here I'm going to choose clear American voice but you can see they have so many other options here you can choose from then just click continue then after you click generate video the AI will give you some more options to customize your video even more so it's going to ask you for things like okay who is your audience who is this video for it's going to ask you about the look and feel what do you want the vibe of this video to be and it may even give you different options from this based on the video that you choose so give it a few minutes and let's see what in video AI comes up with ever wondered what the best islands in Greece are well you're in the right place because we're about to dive into a countown of the top five Greek Islands whether you're a history buff a beach lover or a foodie there's something for everyone on these Greek Islands we're going to be exploring each of these islands in detail looking at what makes them so special and why they deserve a spot on our list there may be some things that you want to switch up and edit quality of your video matters if you want to stand out and get monetized there are always things that you can tweak to make videos unique in your own way I want you to think of AI as a coworker so this coworker just created this video for you but you as the

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