Meet My Baby Boy, 4 Month Postpartum Life Update

say hi to the channel I asked you something [Music] nice whatever welcome back to the channel today we have a special guest don't eat my hair now this man is why you laughing who is laughing with you bro hello guys what's up for the welcome back to the channel so today we have my baby on the channel and I just thought to officially introduce him to you guys okay and thank you to everybody that has reached out via DMS and I'm not going to say what's up because I only have like two people that watches my video from WhatsApp right I don't have a lot of people on my WhatsApp actually so yeah this is going to be like an official welcome video introduction video and it's not like as if I've not wanted to film this video but every time I try to film this man right here is always sleeping and I don't want to wake him up even today I have to keep him beside me so that the minute is up I grab him and we film this video so yeah this is like a meets my baby video like I said so let me show you his face but I think it's camera shine because every time I put his face towards the camera I just goes like his daddy that is pretty camera shy okay so here is my baby tube would you please if you have if you know what I can do so stop this guy right there from trying to put his hand in his mouth let me know I'm tired of even wearing meetings at this point but yeah I hope my microphone is speaking so this is my baby say hi Amir hi hey so everyone this is Amir Evolution it has like a million names but I'm going to try to remember all his names because you guys don't believe that my mom just remembered remember that my name is after like 26 years of my life and I was like woman you can't be telling me this where do I fit that day into but I'm going to remember all this guy's name so yeah this is my baby and it's going to be four months in I mean come now come now come down look into the camera said she's said she's it's not ready so it's going to be four months in and then in five days I'm filming this video on the 6th of April and it's going to be four months on the 11th of April it means we've been in this journey for four months which is amazing guys I can't I can't even explain how the past format has been trust me and but I'm really grateful I'm really thankful and one thing I think I've learned so far is to really do my own thing at my own time because I watch a lot of YouTube videos and sometimes I feel like I'm not even doing enough or I'm not I'm not doing enough that is just it I don't even want to go really deep into the kind of videos I've seen so I've just really decided to do my own thing at my own time my own pace no stress no pressure and trust me I don't copy from the internet although I go online to kind of like um check for Stuff and see okay what am I supposed to do when this is happening and what am I supposed to use all those kind of things but I'm not watching anybody on YouTube I'm trying to follow in their step and how I'm training my baby right my husband doesn't stay in Nigeria so it's practically my baby and I and my sister that stays here in this house so it has not really really been easy although my husband just left I think last month yeah last month like I think two weeks ago March towards the end of March so we've been together for the past three months learning and learning trying several things in fact my brother-in-law would say his brother and his wife are using Google to train their child which is funny right so four months postpartum has been really good I'm really thankful um although my stomach is still really big which is one of the major concerns that I have and trust me as much as I would love to have a flat stomach I just don't want to put pressure on myself I just want to really do my own thing at my own time like I've said that way I'm able to not overthink and not feel like uh everybody's having a flat stomach and I'm not I've seen people that give it after me and they really have they literally have their flat stomach but um a friend of mine I would call her a friend of mine she's not really French it's like a big sister to me um she would say it took me nine months to have this child and I should expect that my stomach would go back in nine months something like that so that is why I'm not trying to put pressure on myself I'm not trying to stress I'm just living 18 filming videos when I can because I can count how many videos I've filmed and there are days where I want to film videos and I would set up to my makeup but I won't be able to film just because my baby is awake and it doesn't want anybody else to carry in so I have to carry in pet aim and by the time I'm done I'll be tired or I just lose interest I feel like okay this is where so it has just been a whole lot but I'm really really glad I'm really thankful that I have this baby I don't know why but every time I look at him I just feel blessed it's not easy to have a child look at him what's up also why are you looking like that it's not easy to have like a old child a whole being like I gave birth to this child if you've not seen my bad story I'm gonna put it somewhere in okay and looking at this baby every time I'm like okay you really did that through God of course and I'm really thankful I'm really glad I don't think I would have added any other way and I always say something and okay um if you watched I posted uh um what is it called a recap of my old pregnancy um Journey okay I I wish I had vlogged but trust me if I had this strength I would have done that which is one of the reasons why I said to just do things at your own time at your own pace I really wish I vlogged but bruh I don't think I don't think I would have survived vlogging as at that time okay so yeah and I'm wondering I'm really thankful for is the fact that as a woman I'm able to go through this phase I'm able to pass through this phase I got pregnant I gave birth and I have a healthy baby like this baby has been so so healthy that I've never had a vision to say oh God why oh God this although there are times that you just feel tired that I just feel tired and I'm like oh you just sends me but most of the times I'm just really thankful and this boy is just super super fine it's so cute I don't know and he talks a lot he started saying all this say hi to the channel yeah say something [Music] I just hope this microphone to pick up his voice I mean you say something yeah so I'm just really really thankful so postpartum has not been easy I would say but I've I'm I'm just thankful because I watch a lot of videos and I see what people are doing some people are talking about it in a positive light some are talking about it in the negative light and I would say I'm just I'm just me everything that has been happened this is my first child I think it's the first time I'm experiencing motherhood I don't know how it feels I don't know there's a lot of things that I still don't know but I'm just learning on the go so whateve

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