I worked out for 365 days and my life will never be the same

[Music] foreign [Music] it's morning already another day I don't want to wake up I'm so sick of this this video is sponsored by copilot I will talk more about them later since I was 15 I struggled with depression for the last seven years the family issues with my dad saw it never ended we got betrayed scammed neglected lied to they took everything my parents worked for their entire life receiving bad news calls from bangs lawsuits became a norm in our home first I had a deep sense of sadness and anger but with time I got tired dealing with my emotions since childhood I've always been bad with my emotions so I started to feel numb and empty I isolated myself from everyone I questioned the meaning of life almost every day and there were many times I thought my depression went away and I was finally fine but whenever I let my guard down it came back and since 2016 I've been trying to become a YouTuber and my dreams finally became true after four failed channels and countless videos my channel grew really fast and we hit 100K Subs in only three months and I was so happy that every single hour I was checking my YouTube Studio to see how many subscribers I got how my videos are doing I'm so excited but it quickly became an addiction and looking back I only understand now that I developed a serious toxic relationship with it because my channel grew so fast and I haven't built a relationship with my audience yet I had this constant fear of waking up one day and nobody watching my videos to make people not forget me I started uploading more and more and more on YouTube and I felt like if I stopped even for a moment everything I worked for will disappear and as you can imagine living like this with constant pressure and anxiety can be detrimental to your mental well-being and my depression relapsed once again and I didn't know how to cope with this dress I started drinking here and there to calm down and it quickly became a regular habit to escape from reality everything I used to enjoy wasn't fun anymore these were passing by and I didn't know what to do until the last summer we got the news that my uncle has been running a Ponzi scheme for years scamming not only our family but also many others and we ended up in a huge debt I don't care how much money we lost okay money can always be made back but I'll never forget the desper in my parents eyes and that day I promised myself to get my family out of the Stockholm I didn't know how but I decided to face with myself and my emotions for the first time for the first time in my life I thought maybe there is a meaning for life I had a mission and I've already decided no matter what we're gonna get through this one day when I was scrolling on YouTube I came across a video from a psychiatrist who specializes in depression and every single word he said literally described me and not a long time after his videos became a part of my routine and almost in every single video he was recommending going for a daily walk and getting sunlight exposure in the beginning even getting out from my house was a big challenge I know it sounds ridiculous but I remember finally achieving to go for a walk and crying from happiness so I started with baby steps and my first goal was to just get out of the house and with the time it turned into a woke some stretches body weight exercises here and there and eventually exercising regularly at the gym I don't know how to explain this but I felt hope for the future every time I finished a workout I felt like I got this you know and this newfound resilience wasn't just limited to the gym or my physical well-being the discipline I found in exercising started spilling over into other areas of my life and also working out helps with ADHD when you exercise your brain releases chemicals called neurotransmitters including dopamine which help with attention and clear thinking people with ADHD often have less dopamine in their frontal lobe than usual in their brain exercising regularly can ease Stress and Anxiety also can be complete cure to ADHD but it will make things much easier for you just like it did to after starting to exercising regularly I became much more productive previously where I would like procrastinate or feel overwhelmed by tasks I now addressed them directly like oftentimes and that discipline sticking to a workout regime allowed me to organize my tasks set daily goals and actually achieve them more but it wasn't just only work but it also improved my relationships I usually get lost in conversations but after starting to regularly exercise I was more able to follow the conversations and I felt like the fog that I had in my brain started to lift a little bit also like I had many passions like watching anime creating the videos reading and you know during that depressive time I didn't enjoy any of those but after a bit of time and after incorporating and exercising more I sort of like rediscovered the joy that I had in the past and exercising also gave me structure craving out moments for self-reflection and personal growth I began to Value time more because let's say I said I'm going to go to the gym at 8pm that means that now I have a deadline every single day I need to get my things done till 8 PM so that I can go to the gym as I started enjoying exercising more and more I was looking forward for going to the gym so I finished my work quickly till 8 pm and after that I went to the gym and I went for sleep so suddenly like my time wasn't just slipping away from my hands and I felt like I had control over it for the first time in my life and perhaps most importantly focusing on my physical health helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself instead of feeling regret I started looking back at past experiences with more understanding and more empathy and I realized that every phase and challenge that we go through shapes us and you get stronger and now you're able to shape your life any movement is good a walk is just good as run and long stretching session is just good as weightlifting it doesn't have to be hard or difficult or filled with hate to be a good workout do something you enjoy and every action you take cake is a world for the type of person you wish to become no single instance will transform your beliefs but as the votes build up so does the evidence of your new identity that's why meaningful change does not require radical change and if you're struggling to make working out a habit and don't know where to start I highly recommend checking out co-pilot co-pilot isn't just another fitness app but it's a personalized guide that understands your pace your limitations and your aspirations pdca method is my go-to method for projects and co-pilot also uses the same method for your workouts so pdca basically stands for plan do check and act it's an iterative Dynamic approach and honestly just like having a fitness coach right in your pocket so let me show what pdca actually in real life needs

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