NEW (Hidden) CANVA Features, Tips and Tricks NOBODY Talks About

here are some amazing canva tips and tricks that I've picked up over the past few months this video is not a beginner canva tutorial I will cover that in another video today I will cover canvas hidden features and tools that you probably haven't seen yet let's dive right into the first feature you probably didn't know about it's called grab text it can be used when you need to edit some text in an image that you created a long time time ago and you cannot find the original editable file for it this happens to me quite a lot because you see I have been getting free traffic from Pinterest for about 8 years now well I bet it's obvious from my Pinterest marketing playlist with over 150 videos in it in some of my older pins on Pinterest I used to add years in the text overlay it was a rookie mistake that I don't make anymore but it makes my pins look outdated even even if I updated the content on the blog itself like here I have a post about Pinterest updates so I add information to it several times per year but the PIN still shows this 2018 when I originally created this post if I upload this pin image to canva all I can do is move it around I cannot change individual parts of it so what do I do now simply select your image then head to edit photo under magic Studio there is an option called grab text when you use this it isolates the text in the image allowing you to edit it you can move the text and change it however you like the tool will try to find a font similar to the original text but if the font wasn't from canvas standard Library like a special one that I had purchased and uploaded in another graphic design tool canva will try to replace it with a slightly different font you can of course choose a better looking font and just like that in a few clicks I updated an image that otherwise would be useless on my Pinterest account the next feature is inside magic media you can find this tool by going to canva apps search for Magic media that can instantly generate images and videos with AI open this app and just give it a short text prompt I will try something like cat with sunglasses on a beach then we can choose one of the St Styles like watercolor dreamy photo and if you click here on see more you will see that the styles are grouped so you have here many photography Styles then digital art styles and a category with fine art styles you can also choose one of these aspect ratios Square landscape or portrait this app itself might be new to you but it's been available for a while now what is more recent though I will show you now so once we have four different images gener generated by AI we now have these three dots for each image and if you click on it you can decide to focus on this one image and get a few extra variations of this specific image this is quite helpful if you liked one image idea but wanted to see if AI can make it even better and the next tip is about creating mockups in canva this canva tip will be helpful for anyone who runs an e-commerce store or needs to regularly make new designs and mockups for your products did you know that canva lets you create professionally looking mockups for free here is how you can do it first head over to the apps section and type mockups into the search bar open the app and you will find a variety of mockup styles to choose from for different categories of products you can find t-shirts marks smartphone mockups and so on some might look like simple frames While others are highly realistic and professional I will pick one of the t-shirt mockups and then all I need to do is find a photo in canvas library or you can get the image in your uploads tab on canva then you simply drag and drop the image into the mockup and I will get this funny cat photo and drop it into the T-shirt mockup you will see the transformation happen instantly and just like that your mockup is ready to go the photo was embedded into the product design in just a second if you learned something new in this video so far give me a like subscribe for more videos like this you know tell YouTube algorithm which videos are helpful for you also if you have any questions the best place to ask me is in the comments below I'm talking in this video about the newest canva tricks and for me personally the most interesting is the part about a high power tools I learned all about the newest AI canva tools from this complete guide for stunning designs videos presentations with canvi on skillshare all these magic tools are great but my favorite lesson is about canva magic video this lesson by the way is part of what's called a learning path on how to become a canva expert for digital asset design following this path you can learn everything about canva platform from the basics to Advanced and everything about the AI power tools as well it includes six classes of about 15 hours in Total Learning paths on skill share are curated lists of classes topic-wise to streamline your course search by offering carefully selected top quality courses on your favorite topics these classes are arranged to progress you from a beginner to advanced level saving you time if this doesn't spark your interest directly and you would like to learn other skills don't worry skillshare has got you covered skillshare is the largest online learning platform with thousands of classes led by industry professionals on skillshare you can delve into subjects like online marketing design photography videography freelancing and many others to get started on your creative Journey the first 500 people to use my link in the description will receive a one month free trial of skillshare thank you skillshare for sponsoring this part of the video start learning today and the next feature I'd like to cover today is instant video generation see here this feature even still has this new label on it so let me show you how canva can instantly generate AI videos using any of your existing photos or video clips so it asked me to choose uh 10 files from my uploads I found these three photos that have a common theme they are all a to dessert recipes with chocolate chips so I will use this as a prompt right here and click to generate the video and this is the result canva automatically figured out that the video should be a short vertical video it added all the texts here it says these uh key to cookies remember in my prompt I didn't even mention that there was anything about cookies so AI just figured out that was based on the image this text explains what's on the images by but in a way that is engaging and it gives people a reason to click on it they also added call to actions like give them a try today it also picked some energetic music from canvas media library so with just a few clicks and a short text prompt just like that canva created for me a short video Perfect for posting it on Pinterest for example because there you only need videos between 6 and 15 seconds long for other platforms like Tik Tok in Instagr

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