I Found a Hot Selling Print on Demand Product that will Explode in the Next 30 days ($13,105/Mo)

I found a print-on-demand product that is going to explode in the next couple of weeks and today I would love to show you the easiest way to get started with a print-on-demand shop step by step so you can take advantage of this opportunity look has it ever happened to you that by the time you jumped on an opportunity it was already too late with high competition and low chances of success well I know it has happened to me more than once so that is why today I'm sharing with you what I believe is going to help you take advantage of this opportunity and I'm gonna explain everything exactly step by step so all you need to know is gonna be here until the end of the video so we're gonna cover how to create the design using AI so even if you don't have any design skills you'll be fine how to create the product itself using printify and how to create the shop on Etsy so you can get started selling and then we're gonna monitor the shop together for the next week to see how my products are doing my goal is to start making sales in the next couple of days so let's see how we do but before we Dive In here's why this is so important for you to jump on as fast as you possibly can look this is a product category that literally explodes every single year from September until the end of October and we all know what happens at the end of October right it's Halloween and what do people frantically look for when it comes time for Halloween costumes but look this is not your usual Halloween costume because looking at Reddit and quora I realized that moms are struggling to find cute Halloween outfits for their babies and when I checked using market research tools for Etsy I realized that the competition for baby Halloween costumes is not as high as it is for adults costumes so let's dive in and let's get started with our shop and in general baby onesies is I believe a great business opportunity when it comes to print on demand this shop for example has made over 92 000 sales since it got started back in 2011 and they made over 2 million dollars and if we look at the last year they've made over 163 000 and on average every month they make over thirteen thousand dollars selling baby onesies and outfits so let's start designing first off I'm going to chat GPT to figure out what kind of designs should we be making so I'm simply going to ask chat GPT to provide me with 50 ideas of what kind of designs should we create for Halloween baby onesies foreign we've got some really cute ideas here so what I'm gonna do next is go to Kittle Ai and this is because I want to use their AI feature to start creating some really beautiful designs but I also want to be able to use some of their templates in case I want to add some extra elements to the designs [Music] foreign [Music] okay so now that we have our first design I'm going to go ahead and export [Music] [Music] you know what trying all of these designs made me realize that these products really help create some magic moments for families I mean that's all that it's about right I know my son is not a baby anymore so he won't fit in these but um I think tonight we're gonna go and look for our family Halloween costumes ourselves so we can get something for him for my husband and for me so now that we have our designs ready let's go ahead and create our products and for this I'm going to use printify and if you're not familiar with printify they are a print on demand marketplace where you can create pretty much any type of print on demand product they have such a diverse variety of products that you can create from Men's Clothing which includes anything from pants to hoodies to t-shirts to long sleeve shirts women's clothing kids clothing all sorts of accessories from face masks and phone cases to bags and socks and hats mouse pads kitchen accessories car accessories they also have stationary and home and living so rugs and mats and blankets and towels and home decor and stickers and journals and notebooks and anything in between so pretty much any type of product that you would like to create as a print-on-demand product then you can absolutely go to printify and you will find good quality products that you can add your design to and if you're not familiar with what print on demand is then I'll explain it really quickly print on demand is a business model where you don't need to hold any inventory you work with a Marketplace like printify and you upload your designs directly to products that they hold and then we will connect our printify shop with our Etsy shop and this way we will be able to sell all the products that we create with printify through our Etsy shop and we won't have any inventory that we need to manage we won't need to pay for any pre-order for or for any minimum order necessary printify will take care of everything they will create the product as soon as we receive an order and they will be able to help ship that using the connection with our Etsy shop so let's go ahead and create our product okay now that I have my account I am going to search for products and I'm literally gonna go and type onesie I want the white one I'm going to pick this one that is eco-friendly because we're designing the product for babies and I want to make sure that we give the best quality we possibly can and we're gonna hit start designing I'm going to pick which sizes I want and I can edit the price okay so I'm gonna go ahead and create products for all the other designs that we've come up with if moments later okay now let's go to Etsy and create our shop so we can connect that to printify [Music] now I'm going back to printify so I can create our integration and all I'm doing is going here to my new store manage my stores and then I'm clicking connect and here under Etsy I'll click connect to Etsy and Grant access and that's it I would love to add more pictures to our listing but I only have a couple that are coming from printify and I wasn't able to find proper mock-ups in Kittle for baby onesies so I'm gonna have to figure out how to best show how our design looks like on a baby okay guys so it is actually three days later I'm sorry for the Hiatus but I needed some time to optimize the shop so I ended up using placeit for me to be able to create better visuals that I wanted to show especially as the main visual for the listing so on places you can pick from hundreds of mock-ups for any type of print on demand product that you want to sell so I picked lots of beautiful baby pictures wearing onesies and you can change the color of the onesie and you can obviously add the design that you've created so it looks exactly like the one that you are selling on Etsy so we've done that I've created multiple listings and it actually took about a day to get the shop validated by Etsy because it was a new shop and they needed to confirm the bank account so keep that in mind and if that's the case for you and you don't have a shop that you can use I would suggest th

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