5 POPULAR TIKTOK TRANSITIONS | Transition Tutorial For Instagram Reels, TikTok & YouTube Shorts

let's break down five simple transitions that you can incorporate into your Instagram reals Tik toks or even YouTube shorts in part one of this video we went over five transitions for beginners and in this video we're going to go over five transitions that are a little bit harder than the first five not only will I be showing you five transitions that you can incorporate into your short form content but I'll also give you examples for how to film and edit them on Instagram Tik Tok YouTube shorts and if you're somebody who prefers to film on your camera we'll also go over that option and editing in half cut let's Jump Right In for our first transition we're going to do the two finger swipe so on Instagram we're going to swipe over to the main camera and select reel on the bottom I like to leave a lot of head space so that you could put your hook text right up top and with this transition what you're doing is you're taking two fingers and you're swiping it kind of in front of the camera like that so boom you see how it gradually covers my face there and then goes down so you're going to do whatever intro you do maybe it's to AIO audio I don't know but you're going to do your intro you're going to take your hand you're going to swipe and then we'll cut to the next clip and let's jump in boom and then outfit change okay now for take two we have the outfit change the makeup change whatever you did and then we're going to go boom few options cool now obviously when you're filming with audio you might not be able to get a few options in but this is for beginners you're practicing you want to see how to do the transitions how the movement goes all the things so now we're going to press next I'm going to select edit clips and with this first clip I'm going to find a version that I really like where it's like covering my face that one's kind of covering my face this one covers my face a bit number three I don't think three is it let's do two we're going to stop it there see how it's covering my face there that's clip one and notice how my movement I never stopped moving like I didn't try to stop my hand in front of the camera I just kept it going I kept my hand doing the full motion we never stopped then we're going to go to clip two we're going to find one that's covering my face the most that one does not fully cover my face you see like this still frame it's halfway covering my face I kind of want it to cover more of my face that one's covering up more that one we love it and then option three o three covers my face the mostest so we're going to start it right there where it's covering my face let's see that all together all Clips boom and that's how we filmed and edited it on Instagram I actually like filming transitions where I maybe can do a few takes I like doing that on Instagram or in my camera roll because being able to trim the clips like this where you can crop either side of the clip that's really helpful now let's open up Tik Tok we have Tik Tok opened up we're going to press the plus sign let's do 60 seconds for this transition we're doing kind of like the owl head turn where your head goes all the way around your body this transition here this one's probably the easiest of the five that we're going over today so basically you're going to record yourself maybe it's music and then you're going to do a head turn like that okay that way you could try a few speeds as you practice so maybe one is quicker and maybe one slower just try a few speeds see what feels natural to you and then for your transition you're going to take your transition item or after you did your makeup or whatever and you're not going to look back this way you're G to put your head over here so it looks like your head went this way and it went all the way around all the way around all the way around all the way around oh my gosh it did a full circle you're an owl okay boom and then you're going to look this way so boom and then we're going to do fast option slower option let's edit it Clips so we have split this we'll delete that we have our head turn cool that's option one let me find so that one was the fast we're going to try the faster version that I did so let's do this one can I drag this to the end perfect and then we're on our second clip right now what I'm doing right now is I'm cleaning up the footage so the takes that I don't think I'm going to use I'm just trimming it up and deleting stuff that I don't need and then I'm going to condense it so the transition smoother so right now I'm not looking for anything in particular I'm just looking for the take that I want to use that I could select split the take that I don't need you can delete or move it over to the side in case you want to use it later and so we're going to work with these two clips here we have clip one and clip two so now I'm going to take two fingers and I'm going to zoom in so that I can really get specific with that motion so restart the clip here I'm going to split delete this beginning and then I'm going to drag until okay we have my head turning you see that there's motion there I don't ever want my head to get to that final position so you see right here my head is turned all the way so it's stopped we don't want to see it stop ever so you just want to get this motion before it hits okay so we're going to cut that off we have turn turn there's motion there's blur maybe we'll try this blur right there split delete and then same thing when you're turning your head back this way you don't want to see the start of it you don't want to see right you want to start it kind of after your head is already starting to turn so here my face is Still Still Still let's get some motion here where is it so there seems to be some motion right that's the first sign of motion you see my hair is kind of blurry I'm going to split it select delete and so we're going to see what this looks like play that's pretty good I do wish I kept my shoulders more in alignment so that the cut didn't look as abrupt if you're having trouble with that sort of alignment issue and you want your transitions to be as seamless as possible I actually would go back to Instagram and I guess I should have shown this in the first one but if you're filming a transition we're on reals right and you need to keep your shoulders here so it's like oh blah blah blah blah blah you do that I love this feature you have this button it's called a line and so now I can see wow that's really cute now I can see where my body was before and I'm going to try to align as much as possible my arm was up and the necklace is come on kind of oh yeah something like that I think I was a little crooked again blah blah blah head turn motion clip two motion wow I love that eye roll still frame all Clips so that's a little bit more of a seamless transition because I used that align tool while transitions are super eye-catchy and a really great way to draw your audience in and hook them 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