I Was Too Ashamed To Share The Pregnancy News- But It Changed My Life For the Better

[Music] hello what's up welcome back to the channel welcome to another video actually happy New Year this is the first official video I'm going to be filming this year and I don't even think I've attempted with you any video these days so this is the first time I'm setting up my camera and my legs putting my microphone together to film a video as you can see my background it's a little bit of and because this is the this is not my typical kind of human cell if that makes sense okay but my studio is currently being what and I'm not setting it up so until then we just have to manage whatever background I bring over to you guys but you know I always always come true for the setup if I make sense at all so yeah welcome to the channel welcome to another video and happy New Year I pray deserved results good diabetes more blessings and I hope that God grant us all our wishes for the year okay amen amen so if you are doing this video for the first time or if you see my face for the first time or if you are joining this Channel or whatever it is for the very first time I don't know I feel like I'm going to ramble a lot of time in this video I feel like I'm going to runway in this video okay but pardon me okay and that's kind of really excited to be finally filming um to be sharing what has been up with my life with you guys okay yeah so my name is but I'm a YouTuber based in Nigeria but I mean it's about this Lagos because and I really cannot wait to show you guys what I'm thinking I really cannot wait to share with you guys what I'm bringing you away this year okay so to the main couple of this video and I'm sure you guys are probably wondering oh not you guys I've gotten a lot of DMs I never knew I had quite a community on YouTube okay but I've gotten quite a lot of GM asking where I've been what is happening and then if you're not subscribed if you are not following me on Instagram I think it's about time you start following on Instagram everywhere Instagram Twitter Facebook my snap which I really even use at your space I'm gonna link everything down in the description box so be sure to check it out if you want to catch up with me outside YouTube okay yeah so the last time I posted the video and here was about 40 days ago I checked yesterday yeah or 49 days ago I just tested today so I've not posted a video for like a month and the long and short story is that I had a baby I had a whole baby bouncing baby okay and I'm hey I probably won't be like okay I'll come you had a baby and we never get to Liberty when you pregnant I will not pregnant okay I became the second mother Mary and I gave it to Jesus right but anyway I like having pregnancy like much and I had my birthday a lot of people that even saw me much during like August they didn't really do that for me what's happening with me okay so it was just me because I'm small I'm obviously very small so it was I think my pregnancy is touching until around July August and you need to look at me properly to know that I was completely pregnant right but if you if you were watching my video you are really watching most of my Vlogs and you're paying attention you must have noticed that has changed and I was looking bigger chubby I know someone else send me things I'm like oh you know this is yeah but I was actually pregnant I've been pregnant and for some reasoning I didn't really want to share my pregnancy I don't know why but I was not comfortable with sharing my pregnancy sometimes I'll be like okay let me just give you a video and talk about it because it was a very Bittersweet experience but it was it was how good the first three months was was crazy if you what if you look back on my videos for the first three months I didn't post anything I didn't post anything I was so weak I was so so tired I couldn't even put my camera and my lens together sometimes I tried and then like I really cannot explain what was happening so the first three months I didn't film anything but I had videos that I built before then um but I still couldn't you know when I have videos when you've edited them you've even uploaded them for you cannot click on publish and put your title a lot of yeah I could not even do that I could not put I told you so it was really really really a very top tank for me that was like the first three months and then I had my birthday even during my birthday I was still feeling very weak and yeah so that was like the old pregnancy story you know like I wanted to keep you guys in the Darkness I just was not feeling so comfortable and that was because it I think it looked I was thinking sometimes you know at that time when I was pregnant my my searches on Instagram were not related to like pregnancy giving birth and all sorts I watched tons of videos about giving birth and bro I was overthinking it I was like okay what if I want to have the baby baby and something happens to me or something after the baby or whatever I have like a miscarriage but if something happened and by then I had already posted my my belly we lie now come back until I lost to the baby just crazy thoughts were coming to me and I couldn't hear it I'll tell my husband and say oh I feel like I think that I didn't this is why I'll just become dog don't stress the same okay yeah so I was just me not not I don't know it was just me not being confident of not being comfortable thinking something could go wrong at any freaking time I've never had a pregnancy before so it was just like a first time The First Time stuff I don't know today it was like it was something new was like a very new thing I've never been pregnant so it just came like boom you're pregnant okay and I said like if you baby obviously because I mean I'm like 26 years there's really nothing there's no reason why I shouldn't kill the baby I don't know but for me I feel like I'm ready or like I just want to have the baby or stuff like that I don't know how to explain to you guys wanted to kill the baby because of like everybody right I wanted to vlog guys you know in the living room where you have your camera set up you have your tripod you have everything but then you can never say please make a video or Vlog that was that was that was that was the point I was as I did I couldn't even take cities a few events below for me so nah I don't know how people that can do it did it but I'm going to be sharing my best story later okay and that's just like out of context okay so I'm still talking about why I've been and myself so I had I was pregnant and then I I had a baby now I have a baby a bouncing baby boy or girl okay but I had a baby shower which I'm going to reporting very good okay and I'm really sorry if you are my friend or you think you're my friend or whatever relationship you have with me and I didn't tell you I'm so so sorry I mean my mom would say my mother will say you really don't tell people that you're pregnant when they see you when you're pregnant yeah you're pregnant even my twins

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