12 Companies Now Hiring High Paying Remote Jobs Remotely ($50,000 – $120,000)

imagine quitting your 9 to5 and doubling your income next month from home I know it probably sounds like a dream but it's not because today I'm revealing 12 companies that could hire you for a remote job that pays more than you think and hurry because there is not that many spots left company number one is Phillips I'm sure you've heard of them they make lots of appliances but lots of other products as well they're a global leader they turn innovative ideas into Health Solutions that truly make a difference and if we talk about them then you will look at lots of opportunities not only to change lives but to make a lot of money in the meantime as well because they pay between 70,000 all the way to 120,000 and you get flexible hours you get a really great package and because they play in the big leagues let's say uh then every single day you get a chance to really outdo yourself and to grow and learn so much more Phillips is an incredible company to work for and right now they're looking for remote roles in customer service in sales in project management and they welcome people with a range of expertise and experience levels from fresh starters all the way to seasoned Pros Company Number two I'm sure you also heard of they are HubSpot they are revolutionizing the marketing space with Incredible and Cutting Edge inbound strategies and lots of software Solutions as well and HubSpot are um looking for lots of talent and lots of resources that they're looking to pay between 60,000 all the way to $130,000 per year and here's the best part is the freedom that you get because you get to work from home or from the beach or from a cafe in Thailand if that's what you want and you also get unlimited time off yep and also the culture within HubSpot is said to be a really really good one and you will be able to find incredible people there and work together and Inspire each other they're currently looking to hire in remote positions related to Marketing sales customer success and they're offering opportunities both at entry level but also for experienced people and as we explore these incredible opportunities for high-paying remote jobs it's really important to think about brushing up on your skills or learning new ones and that is where edex comes into play they're a remarkable platform with over 4,000 online courses and guess what you can register for free so for those of you thinking about a career in project management courses like project management principles and practices from the University of California can be a complete GameChanger or if you're more inclined towards technology then computer science 50s introduction to computer science from Harvard University is another must considerer course that you absolutely have to to look into or for those of you who are more passionate about customer success and um customer engagement roles then customer relationship management by the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore could be one that you want to look into because it offers really deep insights in this space or if you're more of a creative mind and you're targeting design roles then graphic design fundamentals from the University of Colorado can help you sharpen your skills so while you're applying for these fantastic remote roles why not also boost your qualifications with edex so dive into these courses and more to elevate your career check out edex today and start your journey towards professional Excellence your next big career leap is just a course away let's get back to the video number three we have Pearson at Pearson you will be able to reshape the educational landscape and you'll be able to bring lots of innovative learning tools and solutions and resources to the market so you will be able to earn somewhere between 50,000 all the way to $110,000 per year with a flexible time schedule with lots of growth opportunities and lots of perks as well and you will be beyond that leading the change in education which makes such a big impact in the world to begin with okay they are really changing the game when it comes to education so if you're looking to make that difference in the world then Pearson is where it's at and they're currently looking for education Consultants content developers as well as sales Specialists so if you are specialized in any of these areas check them out number four we have Kaplan yep again they are also in the space of learning and they're also looking to hire for remote Talent they are essentially rolling the red carpet with your name on it if you are either an educator or an operational specialist and you will be looking at a salary between 45,000 to 100,000 000 per year and in terms of your career and your schedule you are in the driver's seat so you will be able to not only make your own hours and work flexibly but also build your career and make a bigger impact so if you are somebody with a teaching background or uh experience in curriculum design or customer support uh it doesn't matter if you're a beginner or if you are super experienced you can find something with Kaplan number five we have thermop Fisher Scientific so this is more for people who are interested in research related career this company is helping customers tackle complex problems with innovative solutions so if you haven't heard of them then check them out because they pay really really well so uh no matter whether you are going to work in the lab or you're going to be in their sales team you will be able to make somewhere between 70,000 to $150,000 and you will be able to get stock option plan and a great retirement plan and a career that is very focused on well-being they're currently looking for remote talent to fill roles in customer service sales as well as technical support So if you are someone with background in this area then go check them out company number six is Kelly Services Kelly Services is a company in the world of professional stuffing so if you want to take your career and completely Str stretch it and make it very very flexible yoga style I guess then Kelly Services is what you want to look into they're looking for HR customer service and administrative type support and you could be looking at a salary per year between $40 to $90,000 and you get great benefits as well as a lot of flexibility they are all about empowering their people to choose their own adventure choose their own schedule and they're very very career focused it's a great Dynam dnamic and diverse environment as well so the culture should help you continue uh to develop yourself so if you are in the area of administrative support or technical assistance then definitely go and check them out company number seven for today is zapier I'm sure you have heard of them and they are looking to hire they are really really well known in the area of app integration so I am absolutely certain you have heard of them and if you haven't then go check them out because they do hire for remote jobs and they

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