How to Earn Money Online By Google (2024)

Google is the most popular search engine in the world and it is used by billions of people on a daily basis for different reasons but did you know that you can actually make money on Google well in today's video I'm going to share with you seven free ways you can make money on Google working from home and if you stick with me until the end of this video I'm also going to show you a bonus way you can use Google to make money which I think is very effective right now if you are new here welcome to the channel thank you so much for joining us my name is Queen magomani I share information on how to make money online and that's what you can expect to learn more of in this channel let's get on with today's video all right guys so we're not going to waste any time I want us to talk about the seventh way you can use to make money on Google and this is a worldwide opportunity that anyone with technical skills can actually apply to and make money and that is finding a job within the Google company how you do this is you go to the Google browser and type Google jobs as you can see here there are different options select Google jobs here go to where you can see Google careers select search jobs over here this is their company portal where they hire different people worldwide for different kinds of jobs but let me show you guys the different locations where they are available and the different kinds of jobs that you can expect to do over here when you select on the left here you'll see locations you select the drop down error you simply type your region here but what I want you to do to make sure that you're getting a job you can do worldwide is Select this box over here where it says remember mode eligible it's going to filter through their company and find remote jobs you can also search for things like the job types that you want whether you want a full-time job part-time job temporary job or you want to work as an intern but let's take a look at some of the jobs that you can expect to do within the Google company you'll see here that they have a software engineer job they also have a Senior Solutions architect job here a manager red team security consultant they have data scientist jobs so as you scroll down you'll see they have quite a lot of different jobs technical jobs that people can do so this is one of the ways you can find a job with one of the biggest companies worldwide the second way you can make money on Google is through Google AdSense so Google AdSense is a program that they have where they help you monetize your content let's say you have a blog or website and you apply to be monetized with Google AdSense they're going to place advertising on your your blog or website for your readers so when your readers go and read and they click on Advertising you make money in that way and of course how much you can make will depend on how much traffic you drive into your blog or website but we're not going to talk about that we're going to talk about this awesome opportunity for you to make money online now with AdSense you don't have to pay anything to apply you just need to qualify for it so if you have a blog or website they will let you know how many readers you need to have every month in order to apply and all the conditions that they have you'll see here they say we value your content creating content takes time making it profitable shouldn't click get started over here but more details about Google AdSense is you earn money from your site millions of advertisers compete for your ad space that means more money more relevant ads and more ad spaces filled and this is really simple they are simply going to give you a piece of code that you plug into your website and they just deliver advertising on your website you keep generating income every single day with Google AdSense now let's look at the fifth way you can make money with Google or the company Google and that is the most popular one right now that is through their YouTube Partner program as you guys might know YouTubers make money on YouTube when they reach 1 000 subscribers 4 000 watch hours provided their content is monetizable so when you go to the YouTube Partner program they will let you know the kind of content they monetize the conditions and everything but YouTube is actually part of Google it's a Google company and this is an awesome way a lot of people are making money monetizing their video content or their visual content on the YouTube platform it's an incredible way of making money online that I feel anyone anywhere in the world can do in the comfort of their homes or wherever they choose alright guys so the fourth way you can make money with Google is monetizing your application similar to AdSense they have another platform or program that is strictly for monetizing applications and it's called Google admob it is this platform that I'm looking at here on my screen you can already see here they say and more Revenue with your apps admob makes any Revenue easy with in-app ads actionable insights and Powerful easy to use tools that grow your app business so that's what it is it works similar to Google AdSense except it is for your application so if you've been thinking of creating an app for your business creating an app for your content for whatever reason you can simply apply to be monetized with Google on their admob platform the next way you can earn money from Google is through their Google translate platform so this is a free tool it helps you translate from one language to the other as you come here to Google translate you'll see they have English Spanish French and when you click this drop down arrow you can see all the languages until the Z the Z which is Zulu over here so pretty much every language is here with Google translate you can make money in many different ways but one of the ways that is effective that I'm going to show you is through freelancing come to a platform like upwork which is a freelance platform where you find different kinds of job opportunities you simply need to come here and type translation jobs and you get to see different kinds of translation jobs that you can apply to take for instance this job over here at the top they are looking for someone to translate a two sentence on back of picture and they have all the details here but they have a fixed price that they can pay you and it is 40 dollars over here now this is awesome that you can simply go and let Google translate help you translate to earn 40 US dollars with one a job here's another one they say it is a big project they are looking for an English to wall of translation a person and here they have a fixed price of 300 US Dollars you'll find all these languages on the Google translate platform so you can apply for opportunities like these ones and this is just one platform of many where you can find translation jobs that you can then go and use Google Translate over here to translate and deliver good quality wo

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