10 Digital Product Ideas YOU Can Sell Online & Make MONEY + (HOW TO START)

hey future millionaires my name is Isabella I am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and you're probably here because you're interested in selling digital products online but you don't know what to sell or maybe you just want to get some ideas I got you not only will I be providing you 10 different digital product ideas for you guys today but I will also be providing you with resources of how you can create these digital products with $0 and how you can start selling them right away so make sure you watch all the way till the end of this video because I packed this entire video with tons of knowledge that people will charge thousands of dollars for all I ask in return for the free education is just smash that like button for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can continue to create free courses and educational videos just like this one the goal with this video is that you can really brainstorm ideas as you are watching this so by the end of the video you're going to have in your mind exactly what digital products you want to start selling online now in order for this video to also be productive to your learning I want you to have these things on your mind first you need to think of digital products like this a digital product is a non-physical product even though you're not physically holding it it's still a product that people could use and purchase just like how with a physical product you want to sell something to fill a void in someone's life or solve a problem digital products can do the same especially as our world is becoming more and more digital as we know it keep in mind that your digital product has to have value it has to solve a problem in some way to the buyer and this doesn't have to be strictly educational you can provide value with entertainment although I do believe educational digital products do tend to be more valuable which means you're going to make more money from them the best kinds of digital products are the ones that focus on a specific problem that you can solve it doesn't have to be life-changing but the value needs to be there so definitely have these things on your mind as you're watching these ideas today digital product number one is principal wall art these motivational posters have made over $7,000 without the seller even lifting a finger to ship any products or carry any inventory because these are digital downloads there's no printing or shipping involved you can create a digital download that would be a great fit for a poster on canvas create mockups of how they would look on a poster list them and start bringing in the sales digital product idea number two is planners this digital V girl Planner on Etsy is making an estimate of $2,000 a month you can come up with something similar and with planners and the different types of styles that are available the possibilities are literally endless another popular digital product in this idea is selling a homeschool planner like these based on recent studies more and more parents are wanting to homeschool their kids so with a little bit of research and the help of AI you are able to develop something that parents can use this is another digital product you can develop using just canva so you can see just by recognizing Trends you can capitalize on something very simple and very Niche down and make a lot of money so digital product idea number three is content calendars a new study shows that 3 and 14 are wanting to be content creators for their career so many people are realizing how much money is actually in content creation and it definitely seems like we're in a world now where everybody's trying to get in on it but people don't know how to start or how to stay organized by you creating these content calendars this can help new aspiring entrepreneurs that are trying to get into content creation or even experienced disorganized content creators stay organized digital product idea number four is ebooks and guides whatever your expertise or knowledge is you can create an ebook on this topic and the possibilities are endless and don't worry you don't have to be some author or Pro writer to actually create these types of products you can even get help ready in your ebook with the help of chat GPT which is free to use always think of AI as your co-worker AI is not going to replace anyone but you should be using the power of AI to make you work faster get stuff done faster then you can take the work that the AI makes and put your own personal touches on it this is literally just a hack of how to get things done quicker so you can start developing your digital products faster digital product idea number five is cookbooks and recipes if you are someone that you have traditional recipes that you want to share or you are someone that likes to come up with new types of recipes why not make a digital product about it and sell it maybe you have a grandmother that also knows a bunch of traditional recipes you could literally take her cookbook and remake it into a modern one and sell it to others I think that would be a super awesome thing you could do with your mom or grandma as well I've seen tons of people on social media creating content about this topic and then when people ask about it they just refer them and funnel them to the link in their bio that has the digital product that they can shop there and buy it we'll talk about this a little bit later digital product idea number six is Fitness Guides of course this is for you if you are someone that you are currently on your fitness journey you don't have to be some crazy Fitness influencer to do this there's people on all levels of Fitness selling products just like these you can just share your routine and what's working for you and keeping you motivated on a daily basis idea number seven is travel guides and itineraries what I love about the travel Niche is you don't even have to be a world traveler anymore to actually be in this Niche although obviously if you've traveled to certain places and you want to share your itinerary you can actually sell it to other people even places that you haven't been you can literally research and go on Expedia and read up on certain destinations and develop an itinerary for people and sell it like I know that I've been on multiple different trips and I have all my history of where I stayed where I ate my itineraries that I could sell if I really wanted to so definitely do this if you are someone that travels a lot and wants to start creating content about traveling to get those sales idea number eight is Mom guides kid principles activities coloring pages Etc games there's so many different things that you can do in this momni so if you are a mom and you like to do DIY fun things with your kids you could be selling digital products of these activities you can see here there's tons of people that are already doing this right now and they're making a lot of money n

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