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all right canva templates what are they and what is all the rage about selling them how do you actually create a template on canva and what are the rules for offering them online in today's video i'm gonna be answering all your burning questions about canva templates and walk you through step-by-step how to actually create a canva template and how to sell it online coming up [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back to the channel friends if we haven't met yet i'm kate i'm a wife mom etsy seller and business coach and i'm here to help you start and skill your online business so that you can make a full-time income doing what you love so you may be wondering what a canva template even is well canva is a really easy to use design program that's really great for beginners and you can make templates on there to sell online which is like a digital product that can eventually make you passive income the great thing about using canva to make templates to sell online is that canva will actually generate a unique link for each of your templates that you can deliver to your buyer and it's completely editable by the buyer so you create the template and then the buyer once they purchase from you can go on using the link that you give them and edit it any way they like and make it their own people make all kinds of templates to sell on canva anything from party invitations to business materials like brochures and flyers and media kits to thank you cards to pdf workbooks and ebooks and checklists and cheat sheets there are really so many options for what you can create so today i'm going to walk you through step by step how to create the template and then how to list it for sale and actually deliver it to your customer we're about to hop on the computer and get started but first i want to let you know about our free digital product starter guide it's a pdf guide that you can download for free if you're wanting to offer digital products online but you're a little bit overwhelmed and confused by all the tech that goes into it this is a free starter guide that outlines all of the basic information that you need to know to get started including what programs you can use to start creating digital products what the different file types and extensions for digital products are resolution and a lot more to get you going so make sure after you watch this video to click that link in the description box below and get your free guide now before we start designing i want to make sure you know two really important things about working on canva number one is that you do need canva pro in order to get that editable link that i mentioned to deliver to your buyers so there's a free version of canva and a paid version of canva which is canva pro it's still very affordable in my opinion and really worth what you get working on canva pro but you won't be able to generate that link that i mentioned and that we're going to see in just a minute unless you have the pro version of canva i do have a link for a free 30-day trial of canva pro if you're interested that'll be in the description box below now the second thing to know about working with canva templates is that canvas policy very clearly states that you're not allowed to just edit and resell their pre-made templates that you see on canva you have to actually create your own from scratch so this means when you go on canva and you see that big template section you can use those for personal use and sometimes for business commercial use but you cannot resell the templates that they offer already on the website anything that you're planning on selling you need to be creating from scratch so i'm going to show you in just a minute when we hop on the computer how to look for inspiration and ideas to do it from scratch okay enough talk let's design okay so like i mentioned you can make a lot of different kinds of templates on canva and for the sake of today's video we're going to make a business thank you card template so here we are on canva but before we ever even start designing we're going to look for some inspiration for our thank you card just to get some ideas of what kind of designs and colors and fonts and things are selling well so i like to go over to etsy and search on etsy i'm just going to type in business thank you card and i'm going to look at what some of the top sellers are to get some inspiration of course i'm not going to copy any of these exactly but i'm just looking to get some ideas and something to make my design from scratch so i'm just getting an idea of what people are offering and which styles i like the best so i think i want to look at some of these that are a little more simple i like these ones that have the little brush stroke at the top and it's just some simple color on there they have a spot for the logo they have a social media section where the buyer can input their social media handles and email i also like to look on these listings to see what size of the design people are offering so we see this one is 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches let's go back and look at this other one and we see they're offering the same size so that must be a pretty popular size for this type of product and we see again a place for the buyer to upload their logo we see a little thank you at the top so this is just giving some ideas for us to go ahead and start to make our own from scratch so let's go back over to canva we're going to come up here to create a design we're going to go to custom size go ahead and change this to inches and it's going to be five and a half inches by 4.25 create new design and this is our canvas that we're going to be working off of we can come down here sometimes i like to zoom it out a little bit to make it smaller it's a little easier to see and then if you've never worked on canva before you're going to be working over here on the left these are the different tabs you can click on to access the different elements so the first thing i would suggest that we do is look at our text now when we click on this text button we can see that canva offers these pre-made text pairings these are font pairings that work well together in different styles so you can totally use any of these now i will point out that if you see this little crown symbol that means that is a pro element so you do have to have canva pro to use that and in general when you're making templates to sell online you want to make sure that you're using the free elements because if you use a pro element in your design even if you have a pro account your buyer is going to have to pay to get the watermark removed from that element if it's pro so i would suggest when you're creating a template you just look for the ones without this little crown symbol that means they're a free element and anyone can use them so you can either use these or you can click to add your own text so i'm just going to click to add a heading so this is going to be our main large heading and i

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