Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial for Beginners (In 2024)

here is an Amazon affiliate marketing Tut toour for complete beginners and something you could try today to make your first $100 a day [Music] online I think something that most people don't understand is a lot of ways to go and make money online especially with like Amazon affiliate marketing is based off of your personality like if you are someone that likes showing your face on camera someone that likes putting yourself out there on social media great there's a way to go ahead and make money with Amazon affiliate marketing if you're someone that's introverted and shy and not techsavvy and you don't want to go ahead and make content you don't want to put yourself out there guess what there is a way to go ahead and for example make money with Amazon affiliate marketing the problem with most people they don't understand that your personality will dictate your personal reality if your personality is introverted do something that makes money with introver verions or if you're someone that wants to go and create content put yourself out there you want to go and build a present guess what use that what most people fail to go to understand with Amazon affiliate marketing is they don't do things that aren't aligned with who they are as individuals so I guess the first step before we understand anything is finding out what do you want to do do you want to show your face on camera or do you not want to show your face on camera and that was a question that I asked for me because if you literally go ahead and look around there's people that don't show their face on camera look at this by Sophia Lee this girl just literally created a blog when she was like literally in college and you can see with Amazon affiliate marketing she made three grand in a single month okay if she was able to do this as a college student what's stopping you if you were able to go and make a $100 a day with Amazon affiliate marketing what's stopping you which as you can see with no experience whatsoever I was able to pull in $346,000 in net commissions so how do we actually begin with this well the first step is understanding with what products you actually want to go and sell right so obviously I have Amazon right here and if you're wondering well Mike I have an Amazon account how do I go and make money with this before you do anything you want to go and sign up for what is known as Amazon slpro because it's free to get started and what I do is if I see anything that I want to go and sell like say for example a grill right say this Grill if I want to sell this Grill all I have to do is this thing will pop up if you are are signed in to for example Amazon Associates or if you literally go ahead and click on that it will give you a special link if I send anyone to this special link and someone goes and buys anything in Amazon guess what I get paid here's an example of this I remember I was trying to be an Amazon affiliate for my own book so I wrote a book several years ago right and you can see ooh look at my book on Kindle and on paperback book so as you can see like I literally wrote a book and the thing about this book is I was like oh I can make money from this book but if I Rec recomend people to this book then if they buy anything on Amazon I get paid so I remember so I grabbed this link I recommended to people I was like guys go through this link I remember someone came in didn't buy the book bought a grill like an expensive Grill is like 1,000 bucks I remember getting like a huge commission a huge commission just because I sent some to Amazon right so the beauty about Amazon affiliate marketing is whoever you send to Amazon they don't even have to buy the product that it is that you're recommending they will literally essentially go ahead and give you Comm commissions for anything that it is that you buy this is exactly how this is why I'm broke a simple blog that's just sending everyone to for example Amazon products if you L go ahead and look at any one of these things a lot of these people they literally just go ahead and recommend like for example Amazon like if I click on this bam that's an Amazon affiliate link right if they buy this or anything else that is the reason why these people make $220,000 per month with Amazon affiliate marketing so you can see that it's pretty ridiculous so how do I go ahead and do this well once you actually sign up for Amazon Associates and you actually go ahead and want to go and sell things what do you actually going to do well it's very simple look around your home what can I actually recommend I can recommend this lamp I can recommend this chair I could recommend these lights I could recommend this obnoxiously sized teddy bear maybe this guitar maybe this table thingy Maybe This TV maybe this thing that I don't know what it's called whatever I have already purchased that's already in my house that is like the easiest thing to create content cuz I could go and create my own pictures I could go to make my own videos it doesn't matter and what I would do is I would literally go ahead and do that so it's like if I'm I'm going to go ahead and say like cameras I see this camera right now obviously cuz I'm talking to it if I want to go and make a camera and say I wanted to go and get like for example this exact same camera it's like uh gh5 right and I've literally recommended this to so many people cuz they're like mik what is the camera that you use and I'm like oh you got to get what I got right and I'll literally grab this grab this text thing so now I have a special link so guess what I do with a special link I create content about it you're probably wonder mik what content do I create about this it's very simple what are people already going to search for or they're going to want to buy this are they going to be like how to use the camera no they're probably going to write things like best camera for the reason why I know this is cuz like think about this if me and you went on a date or me and you went and we went somewhere and we were hungry and we went to a new city say we went to like for example I don't know Toronto we went to Canada I don't know why but say we're there okay and I've never been in Toronto you've never been in Toronto and we want to get the best hamburger so what do we what do we do do we Google how to make a h hamburger no we Google what is the best hamburger in Toronto and when we go and do that Our intention is to give someone money not to do a tutorial but to give someone money so if that's the case what are the key wordss that we should create content about well probably the same thing if I go to Pinterest this is a place where I literally get a bunch of views to all of my blog articles so that I can go ahead and make money with my commissions in affiliate marketing I would type in best uh camera you see all these things that pop up I would literally go ahead and use this and turn this into a title I would turn this into a

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