Meet a 31-year old who makes $185K/month at 90% margin – the story of @CharlieChang

I've done pretty much every side hustle or business in my life when I first saw it I was like okay he did like this month i' say the average is per like 60c integration I think every business owner or or um company should have okay I'm going to buy that one I'm the first customer let me know okay I feel that so many businesses in the past wow if you make a good amount of money and you're not I think it's like a big mistake I should have been doing that all the time I think a lot of people they stop way too early per [Music] month hey guys welcome to Silk and Val girl we have an amazing guest today Charlie is a YouTuber and he's one of the most honest YouTubers out here I'm going to show you the screenshots that I've been making the income that you're sharing so are you still doing this I I feel like you you used to do that a lot last year and like 2021 2022 and when I first saw it I was like okay he did like 200k this month huh all right and and I started texting Charlie and asked him what is the main source of income and he said affiliate income for me my affiliate income last month is like $200 cuz I mostly link to Amazon and like you know consumer products and then I started to realize you mostly link to like Financial products right I want to talk about your source of income how you managed to have how many channels do you have now I think four main channels but we also have language channels for some of those channels oh interesting let's talk about that so Charlie Chang is the main channel right over a million subscribers uh how much in terms of like percentage of Revenue does it generate that one is I need to doing math it's a ma majority of majority okay and that's the when you post like okay whatever like 180k uh most of that is affiliate right can you talk about what makes it up yeah so those income reports I think I saw doing them maybe middle of this year mhm just because I have to like calculate everything and then I was also talking to friends my family and I was like do I really want to share that much but when I stopped doing it a lot of people were like we want to see those income reports you can't imagine how motivating that is yeah I I could see it being very motivating but also can see some people being like Oh you know you're showing off that type of stuff everybody gets offended by everything this days but it they been so motivating for me especially because you see you know it's not like you're doing like Mr Beast type of work right it's not like you're getting 100 million it's what's the average amount of views that you're getting every month that I don't even know oh um for the main Channel maybe like over 1 million views over a million and you're able to get that much revenue right that's I think that's amazing yeah so most of it is I want to say right now I I probably should do my numbers better but uh maybe 80% is from the main Channel and then 20% is from uh my other channels okay but it's it's slowly starting to change okay and the the reasoning behind that the reasoning you start at other channels is that because you can introduce other hosts or yeah so I mean I really want to try to view my business as like a real business right I think a lot of YouTubers they they get into it just like I did just making content cuz they loved it um I've been making content since I was like I don't know 10 11 um but to build like a real business um you need to find other ways to leverage um and you can leverage other people's time um you can leverage other channels other means of like putting content out so that's just what I've been doing how they doing so the startup that you the startup Channel startup wise yeah startup Wise It's like like a 100 100 views 1,000 views depending oh it's very all over the place I think some videos probably have like 50 okay one has 1 million wow that's crazy yeah can you even predict that like how do you look at the views is there a kpi I so the whole way that I run is I don't expect to make money on every single video but I know that like 20 10% of videos they'll do really well right most videos I'll probably lose money or break even um but some of them are going to just for by luck by chance whatever it is just do really well those are like the big money makers okay and by Money Maker so the let's let's get back to like what income consists of affiliate you said number one right that's about 50 55% 55 po like top three Affiliates top three Affiliates I don't know if I want to say exactly but I'll say the niche okay um business entity formations I think 80 plus AFF um every type of like like real estate license mortgage license Amazon FBA tools e-commerce tools um it's pretty split evenly after those two when you say real estate license mortgage license do you reach out to companies or how does that work or is there like specific website so I've been lucky because um I've done pretty much every side hustle or business in my life so a lot of these tools almost all of them I like used to use M and then I was like hey I can make videos teaching people what tools I use how to actually get that license or start that type of business um so yeah most of them are just tools that I personally used interesting and they pay good affiliate income yeah yeah uh and um I mean the base rates on them they're not always the best but once you start making content and building like a track record of conversions then I think it's a really good thing to reach out to them and build like a a personal relationship with their team and often times that can result in hire commissions um they might run ads to your videos so you get more traffic uh things like that interesting do you like for beginner YouTubers is there like a list of Affiliates that you can go to and search or it's just so I recommend just going to like share sale impact um those are like the two big ones that I use and just looking at trending and like best Affiliates on there that's a really good way to get a good list of things and then you can just basically go through those lists and think what things do I resonate with what do I have experienced in and then you can start making content that I think that's the most important thing when you do affiliate like use it first cuz otherwise it's going to be just weird like recomend you need to know the actual product otherwise it's just like you're not adding any value to exactly exactly so affiliate number one I guess Google AdSense or brand deals um I think usually it's brand deals after that yeah and then then AdSense um and then those are like the the biggest ones yeah and the channels that you've built that accumulate 20% of income so there startup related startup business yeah so startup wise is like a business tutorials for entrepreneurs um so we do a lot of like how to and reviews and stuff like that um those do well for affiliates um and then we also have my first website which we just started and that one's more geared tow

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