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I'm sure I must have talked about it on this channel but if you're new here I my name is adish shami and teaching people online has to be one of the best ways I've made the most money in my life no cap this is me speaking from personal experience which is why in this video I'm going to be sharing with you four websites where you can teach English online or literally any language and get paid the best part is this websites are available worldwide you don't necessarily need any qualification and they are mobile friendly so what this means is that you can literally get started on your mobile phone before we go right into this video welcome if you're a new subscriber and welcome back if you are a returning subscriber like I said my name is adish shami and more often than not I talk about how to make money how to grow your money and how to invest your money I also talk about how to become financially independent if this are the kind of video you're interested in make sure you subscribe to my Channel please subscribe to my channel also turn on post notification Bell right beside it so you can get notified when I post similar videos related to this one also make sure to give this video a huge thumbs up especially when you find it helpful all right so straight to the point the first website I'm going to be sharing with you is called C and as you can see on my screen right here it says tutor with C get paid to chat with people from around the world so they've tried to simplify it so that you wouldn't have to feel the pressure of teaching is more like you're chatting with people right but you still get paid to do that to get started all you have to do is click on this get started tab right here and trust me when I tell you that the amount of money I have made from teaching people online is a lot especially during my MSC days it was more like a side gig for me and I was literally cashing out I have a friend that still does that and is making quite a lot of money okay as you can see here it says tutoring English with C is fun and rewarding no teaching certificate bachelor's degree or prior teaching experience needed you get paid weekly and you get about 0.17 per minute and which is approximately $10 per hour some of the other website I'm going to be sharing with you later in these videos would give you the option to pick your own rates yeah that is where it get really interesting this one says end for every minute you spend chatting you make 0.17 per minute and approximately $10.2 per hour and that's for regular people like adults and for CED kids you tend to make about $12 per hour they'll pay you via Paypal direct deposit like you receive it in your bank account trust me you can tutor anytime from anywhere in the world okay all you have to do is sign up with your email address make sure to use a verifiable email address and your password create an account select your country and you'll just choose if you want to teach um C students which are 18 plus and above or you want to teach cample kids the most important part about all of this website is that you'll be required to send in like a video where you talk about yourself so that they would be sure that you are actually a real person you can speak fluently in whatever language that you decide to teach okay you have to make like an intro video as you can see it says invite students to call you with a want to to 3 minute introduction video so you need to put a video on your profile that way new student can see it and they'll be sure to reach out to you also other tests that you would need to do on this website but they vary for each website so make sure to check the connection test set up your profile properly you would need an internet connection a build-in external webcam you would need good lighting and you'll need a microphone or headset all of these you have on your phone so when you start to test they'll verify your account and you are literally good to go okay the second website I'm going to be sharing with you is called V okay and this is what it looks like basically it the same thing you want to make sure you you know inut all your necessary details verify your account do the one minute intro video and you will be good trust me this is not me coming from a place of okay I want you to watch my videos or I'm here for views M I'm not that kind of person if it's not working I'll tell you it's not working okay good now all you have to do for this V is click on this apply now it says and money teaching your language online this website are specifically for language for example I speak English to the best of my knowledge but I can literally teach English I speak uba quite all right as well but I cannot speak uba okay but there are some people that can speak yourba fluently and they can teach it so basically on this website you can teach your your language you can teach English your outa EO whatever language you are speaking even from other African countries and from every other part of the world the good thing I also like about most of this online application is that after a while you tend to kind of not use this application and you do with Direct in contact with the student and they can also refer um people to you that way you can even make more money okay because the thing about this website is that it tend to take commission right because they are the one providing you with a platform to get clients if that makes sense so the third website I'm going to be sharing with you which is like my favorite okay because I've personally used this one I know one of my close friends that I used this one and she made quite a lot of money okay but they have specific rules that you need to follow they are very very strict with your roles and you also need to check whenever you are applying to see if there are jobs available but but let's go through it together you need to check the list first of all you need to check the list if the language you want to apply for is available and they tend to update this every week it says get paid to help others learn a language II is the world's largest market place for online language teachers if you want to apply just click on this apply Now button right here and you will have to you know check the guidelines it says is your language open check the list what type of teacher are you prepare a video introduction and your teaching certificate now if we check this list right now and we scroll down a little bit you'll see that some of the languages are closed Chinese is Closed English French German Italian Japanese Korean Portuguese Russian Spanish Africans Arabic cinis all these languages are closed but Catalan kubano chech do Filipino Greek polish Roman and several other languages are still open that you can apply for so all you have to do most of the time is go back to this website and refresh to see if your language is currently open they update this every week okay which is why you can see 25th to Septemb

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