6 HIGH-TICKET Affiliate Programs You Don’t Know About (But Should)

what if there was an affiliate program out there for a completely free product where neither you nor the customer ever has to pay a penny but both of you could make money would you be interested yeah that's just one of the affiliate programs that we're going to talk about in this video i looked very specifically for unique affiliate programs that most people are not promoting these aren't your everyday clickbank share sales jvzoo commission junction affiliate programs these are affiliate programs with unique propositions high payout and really cool affiliate structures now if you stay till the end and watch all seven i can virtually guarantee that at least a few of these you have never heard of i can't hear you and at least one of these can add to your bottom line and help you in your affiliate marketing business let's dive in all right so let's start with these seven programs and guys one of the coolest things about affiliate marketing is that we don't have to make the best product right an affiliate marketer doesn't have to go out there and make the best product on planet earth we just have to go find it and then promote it and that's a lot easier than actually being the one to create the best product out there so that's what we've done here is i spent time searching and searching for the best product that's the easiest to promote and pays massive commissions and in fact one of these i've been told has paid out thirty thousand dollars in one single commission for a sale no it wasn't me so the first one we're gonna talk about is gold co now what goldco is is they specialize in alternative investments specifically gold and silver now the reason i love this right now is the u.s fed is printing dollars faster than most of us can blink and a lot of people are starting to get legitimately worried about inflation now a lot of people with a lot of money are worried about losing that money to inflation and so they're turning to gold now when i say a lot of money we're talking about fifty thousand dollars a hundred thousand dollars a million dollars that they're trying to invest in gold boomers now these gold affiliate programs a lot of them pay two or three percent of the total investment value so you can see right here with the gold co affiliate program the program pays both qualified lead and a percentage meaning you make 100 just for sending them a qualified lead but you also get three to six percent of the total investment payout now from gold coil themselves they say the average order value is 52 000 that means that the average commission payout for someone that signs up is 3 000 and that's on top of the 100 that you get just for sending a qualified lead they also have some sticky cookie action if you're familiar with that word meaning that if you send someone their way and they buy now and they also put in some more investment three four five six months from now you'll be able to make commissions all along the way as they continue to put in these investments now if i were to promote a gold affiliate program i would do it through youtube a blog or even some kind of podcast where i talk about finance and then send people to my special affiliate link the second program is one that i'd be willing to bet most of you have not heard of and that's the marketing boost affiliate program now you can see this is the dashboard for me this is actually one of the products that i do promote and you can see right here about every day every two days i'm making a you know 30 40 14 20 all kinds of different commissions now something i want you to note is on the right side here you can see these are all recurring commissions or their two-tier commissions so one of the cool things about marketing boost is that you actually send someone to this company once that person pays on average you can see here about 37 to 300 a month and then you take a percentage of that every single month for as long as the customer stays and you can see right here i haven't marketed these guys in over a year a lot of customers are staying and then you can see right here it's got two tier sales as well meaning that if someone that you referred signs up they decide they like it and so they refer other people you actually get a small cut of that as well you can see that's kind of these three dollar little tiny commissions all money is good money right but what makes marketing boost unique is actually the product not the affiliate program marketing boost is in the travel slash lead generation space kind of a mix of those two what it does is it allows companies that are trying to generate leads or generate sales to give away unlimited free vacations to their customers or their potential customers unlimited so this works best for anybody that has an audience of some kind of business owner that's trying to drive leads and sales so all they've got to do is sign up for marketing boost which like you as you can see here anywhere from 37 to 300 a month and they can now give their leads unlimited vacations now i know that sounds impossible to do and i thought so as well but the way it works is essentially you get the free vacation which is a hotel voucher and you can see right here on the screen they've got all kinds of places five days in austria brazil canada colombia australia argentina hawaii the usa all these different places that they can give out these hotel vouchers for and the end user okay the person that is being referred just has to pay the taxes now i know what you're thinking right now [Music] i think so i've been part of those as well i know exactly how they work this is not a time share scam where they're going to call you into a room try to sell you for seven hours and not let you out of the room until you at least buy one thing no the way that this works is they actually do try to upsell you on things but it's not using the mafia tactic of dragging you into a room and not letting you out it's very easy to opt out of any of these different upsells and the third one is called legendary marketer it's basically for anyone trying to learn the ropes of building an online business now the reason i like this one is they've got a range of products starting from one dollar all the way up to six thousand dollars and the beauty of legendary marketer is that they've got a sales team on the phone talking to every single lead that you send their way this means that the conversion rates are significantly higher than a lot of other things in the space because talking to someone always results in higher conversion rates and you can see right here just by sending people to some of their cheap low end products and never promoting the top end products i've been able to generate almost 150 000 just in the last 365 days so their flagship product is this challenge right here that helps someone build an online business by following the steps of this challenge you can see it's 15 days each day is on the left it comes with training it

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