Make $27,031 Selling Ai Mugs On Etsy – How It REALLY Works!

all right let's see here make 21 613 per month selling AI mugs on Etsy a million dollars a hundred thousand twenty five thousand in the last 30 days all right I gotta check this out make image sell on Etsy let's try the next one make image sell on Etsy that's it it's like they're deliberately leaving something out no wonder you guys aren't making any money all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show today what we're going to do is talk about the real world method to make AI mugs using Ai and sell them on Etsy and other platforms smash the like button if you're excited about this we have a deep dive to go through because over the last couple days I have been combing through tons of these videos that are promising 300 000 a hundred thousand twenty five thousand a month here's another one forty eight thousand a month and on and on we go promising this money just for making AI mugs posting them and getting rich now a lot of you guys might have tried this method because it is pretty popular there's a lot of videos out there talking about using AI mugs on Etsy now what most of them are going to tell you is just go over to something like mid-journey over here and maybe make a cactus mug or a floral mug or something like that put it on Etsy and you know tomorrow you're going to be rich that is the promise if you've heard that promise smash a like button and if that promise has made you kind of disheartened and disillusioned about the possibility of making money online let me know in the comments below let me know uh in the chat box as well because what I want to do today is give you a real world method that actually works I want to give you something that if you do it you'll actually get results this is super important because you're going to see all kinds of stuff out there when talking about making money with patterns and AI designs and Etsy mugs and different things like that and it looks like it's really easy and for the most part A lot of it is pretty simple but easy maybe not let's take a look at this because I think this is something anyone can do if you're serious about making it work so today we are going to go through how to make money online with AI mugs on Etsy and other platforms this is the truth this is the real deal I guarantee if you watch this to the entire end at least one time through you are going to learn exactly how this works which I think is going to be better than watching you know 50 other videos that only teach you half truths or leave something out intentionally so we can see here here is one that is called amendable mugs this one has an average revenue or the revenue of three hundred and seventy eight thousand dollars now this store was started in 2016 that means it's roughly four seven years old if my math is correct it's a little early to do math but it's about seven years old if you were to divide 300 000 by seven you're gonna get approximately fifty thousand dollars a year and that doesn't even include how much it costs to ship them now keep in mind there are people doing this it can be done in a very simple way here's another one with Bluefish mugs they have 30 31 000 sales again just focusing on mugs we're going to show you how to build these we're going to show you the ins and outs of how this works there's the amendable one again and on and on we go now let's talk about how this works let's go through the real world stuff how do we get started okay very very important now Steve says whenever I see the gurus rush to give their spin on an AI project I know it's a matter of time before you give us the real deal exactly that's why you guys keep coming back here because we're going to give you the real deal actual stuff as you can see I don't even have links anywhere we are just going to give you the real world stuff the real world answers and if you like it smash the like button watch my other videos that's all I ask now first of all what we're going to do is we're going to look at how it works with the niche research if you were to go to a keyword tool like ahrefs here you would see that the word mugs and coffee mugs actually gets a lot of traffic now I went through and looked up also like coffee cup that didn't yield very many results as well at all so looking at Mugs is the key number one now we can see here a couple of outliers like um travel mugs Dugout mugs personalized uh whatever this is I think that's a town in Montana or something like that or Missoula one of those is a town in Montana and so we can see exactly how this is working and like okay we got the lay of the land we see there's about a million people a month going to Google typing in different various mugs all right great wonderful now if we were to go over here and do a search on the Etsy domain name all right so Etsy ranks for tons of stuff I'm not going to pull it up here because sometimes you get some some weird searches but we're going to look at Etsy and we're gonna isolate etsy's keywords this is the keywords that Etsy ranks for in Google right so if we were to type in like Missoula mugs Etsy is ranking number three because of that they're getting lots of traffic also custom coffee mugs cute mugs personalized Etc now what this tells us is that these mugs are actually getting traffic from Google which is off the Etsy site okay interesting keep this in mind make a note of this it's super important and smash that like button we can also see like Valentine's Ceramics and stuff like that now what we want to do is we want to keep in mind the dynamic inventory that's going on online now this is super important because what we're going to do here is we are going to look at Dynamic inventory now Dynamic inventory means that it's always constantly changing okay so it's always changing so what happens is you have people that are searching and during Valentine's Day they searched for Valentine's Day during Father's Day hint that's coming up they're going to search for Father's Day right they're going to search for all different kinds of things and this is going to drive traffic to Etsy and the sales are going to go through the roof now what's happening is everyone's relying on Etsy for their traffic which I think is a mistake in the beginning we're going to get to in just a minute but remember this term which is talking about Dynamic inventory okay I want you to write that down let's put that in a darker color so you can see it here dynamic inventory okay write that down super super important okay let's fix this light here for some reason this light likes to just do whatever it wants to do rather than what I want it to do all right so what we're going to do is we're going to look at this Dynamic uh inventory here now number two for those taking notes we're going to go through and we're going to find ideas for our mugs this isn't very important okay now when we're going to use AI to get ideas obviously we could go over to something like a ahrefs we can look up different mug

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