I TRIED earning money online with faceless Youtube for 2 years

this video is sponsored by story blogs and more on that later I have had so many questions and comments asking me to do a faceless YouTube channel to see whether or not it can actually work now because I've done it for over 2 years I thought I would make this video to give you a rundown of my experience with it along with pointers and tips for you if it's something that you're thinking about getting started with so go ahead and grab a cup of coffee cuz this is one you're going to want to watch until the very end I'm going to be putting in as much behind the- scenes stuff as I possibly can so without further Ado let's get into it okay let's go ahead and get into to my faceless YouTube channel so I started this channel back in 2021 I started uploading at the beginning of 2021 and it is a child focused art YouTube channel this channel is completely faceless and the process took me about 9 to 10 months to get completely monetized now during that time frame I did upload every single day in the year of 2022 I brought in $4,644.00 even recording lighting none of that all I knew is I wanted to start a YouTube channel and I also wanted it to be something my son who was very young at the time could enjoy when he got older because I did utilize my voice that's right I did not use AI at all I did this all on my own I utilized my own voice and I did all of the editing and everything myself now once monetized as you can see I got monetized here one of the main things that I learned is that a child focused YouTube channel faceless or nonf faceless does does make significantly less than those who are not focused on child related things now a good question for this would be why did you make significantly less and that is because children have no money to stop and buy things on ads now let's say you were going to start an adult coloring channel so a coloring Channel or Art Channel focused towards adults that type of channel would probably bring in more because the ads on that type of Channel could be more geared towards adults now what all did I ex actly learn from doing a faceless YouTube channel one of the main things that I learned is that it is an investment okay even if it's faceless which I will give it props faceless YouTube is absolutely amazing you don't have to put your face on the camera you don't have to get ready or anything to that nature you can actually just make your YouTube videos nobody ever can even know that it's you so there is a lot of benefits to doing a faceless YouTube channel however things you still do have to put in include effort and time and this goes for anything in life okay it's not a one-hot deal you are going to have to put in some effort and time so that's the first thing that I learned let's go ahead and dive into different Channel ideas when it comes to doing faceless YouTube so there are a ton of ideas that you could do for faceless YouTube for one example is this type of motivational channels that you see that I have a lot of people asking about because I feel like people think that that will be really easy now while you could use cheap AI that is just newly developed to create this type of of content I do not think that you're going to be very successful with it and I want to take a look at a very successful Channel that's in this motivational Niche and I want to point out some things about the channel that can help you understand the time and effort that you need to actually put into it to make it that successful take a further look into the quality Behind these videos we see a storm we see rain and we think depression we think I can't do anything instead of thinking grass can't grow without rain Roses Don't Bloom Without Rain number one there's one thing I need you to stop saying and that is I should do something that perspective that Viewpoint that ideology that philosophy that mindset it's going to get you bankrupt okay first of all I have Goosebumps that is a very wellp put together video the music fits the clips very nice it reaches your emotion in a very nice manner right there at the beginning the color slash lighting of the video fits the mood of the video very well and the clips that are showing in the video really cause you to feel something right that's a really well-crafted video so from myself from this one channel we just watched here and from tons of other channels we do know that faceless YouTube works okay but I want to dive deeper into some stats on why I know this worked for me why I know it can work for you along with a little information on why you need more than just one AI tool to help you get this accomplished so every week the average person watches 17 hours on YouTube but 5 million hours of video are uploaded onto YouTube every single week so if you want your videos to actually be seen you need to be fast you need to be legally covered which means you're using copyright free stuff copyright free music copyright free overlays copyright free images all of those types of things in your videos and you also need to be able to break through all of the noise that's already on YouTube so I want to talk about what I use and what I recommend for you as well what I've personally found whenever I've been working with this channel is a lot of these providers can't get to these unlimited plans without spiraling out of control with cost what I personally use and recommend is story blocks so story blocks offers unlimited downloads of diverse and high quality media and that is all at one affordable subscription cost one of the main reasons that I like and recommend story blocks is they have a curated stock library that has everything you need to create high quality content in one place so that's including things like music templates over a million 4K HD footage sound effects images all of that that you need is in one place at one subscription cost they also have what I believe to be the best motion library on the market because it's refreshed frequently with commissioned content based on the customer's demand so they focus on filling gaps and cleaning out media that you don't use to ensure that your media library is high quality fresh and diverse if you notice and take a look back at the channel called Mo diversity that we just viewed you can see that they are using those Motion Graphics that's overlay text along with the preset effects along with the music all of that is going to be something that you're going to need in order to create that high quality content you're not going to have to deal with all of that legal stuff because anything you download with story blocks is 100% royaltyfree so to get started with story blocks and that unlimited stock download at one affordable price you can head to story blocks.com Kimberly Mitchell or you can click the link in my description box down below thank you so much to story blocks for sponsoring this video okay now let's talk about some other things that I have found to be really important t

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