This Credit Card Secret Made Me $9,500!

so I log into my credit account and all of a sudden I see ninety five hundred dollars and I have to ask myself is this even real I mean why would these credit card companies pay me for practically doing nothing then I walk in and the next day another five hundred dollars and the next day the same thing kept happening it was unbelievable I was basically getting money even when I wasn't walking or doing anything it was like these credit card companies just wanted to give me money for nothing this continued on for a couple of months and I decided to call my account rep at the credit card company and make sure everything was legit and he said to me yes this is a legitimate way to get money we actually have this in place as a bonus for new customers who specific secret that was back in 2005 and since then I've actually used this same strategy to get hundreds of thousands of dollars it's as if these big companies just wanted to give money to people for these simple little tasks it's like zooming out four or more clicking away or even downloading some tool or checking their credit for free it almost seems too good to be true and that's why for almost 20 years now I kept this method somewhat of rest assured these credit card companies have tons of money and it's actually pretty easy to get your piece of the multi billion dollar industry that is credit cards and the funny thing is this is being done all the time in front of my face but I didn't notice it but once I learned the secret [Music] that's when everything changed thank you all right ladies and gentlemen today I got a lot of stuff to go over with you including this list here which is going to show you a secret strategy that I've been using for years to get money from credit card companies now I got a disclaimer this what we're talking about here is an ethical real business that actually works if you pay attention if you follow along with me over the next 30 minutes or however long this takes to get going you're going to understand something that very few people understand that it's actually driving multi-billion dollar companies that's right we're going to talk about multi-billion dollar companies that are actually using this why because I think that we can use this in a real world way like a lot of people go out there and they try to get advice from Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk about how to become Millionaires and I think that those people are a little bit out of our league but this is something that we can actually do because unless you plan on starting the next PayPal or Tesla or Amazon even it's a little bit out of our league here but what we're going to talk about today is these companies that you can actually break down by segment these are things where even if you just want to make a couple hundred bucks or a couple thousand dollars or even a hundred thousand dollars a year this credit card system is something that'll work super well now I know this isn't my normal type programming but I think you're going to get a lot out of this so smash the like button if you're ready this went into we we have a lot of info that went into this video and this training that we're going to go over now we need to understand a few things here at the get-go number one we are talking about legit ways to get paid from credit card companies credit card companies spend a fortune in advertising literally billions and billions of dollars every single year now this is not about some scheme or trick method or weird stuff this is something that actually works and this is the same strategy that I talked about that is used used by these companies all right these are huge companies and what we're going to do is we're going to break them down we got notes here and I'm going to show you where to get these notes and everything but we're going to break this down and show you exactly how you the little guy can actually use this credit card method to make tons and tons of money now I've been using this method since 2005. I will never forget my first time that I made money with this it was it was unbelievable right there I was I was 25 years old at the time I had made a little bit of money online but all of a sudden I become one of the top guys using this method and the company calls me up and they're like dude this is crazy and that's what we're going to reveal to you today very very important stuff now what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at these separate companies these companies are super important if you're taking notes write them down if not I'll show you where to get notes but yeah take notes this has to do with finances and credit cards and things that can put money in your pocket so I think this is super important some of these companies are Credit Karma Credit Sesame nerd wallet and bank rate now we are going to look at these and we're going to dissect them in a way that you've never seen before and these companies ladies and gentlemen are making billions and billions and billions of dollars each and every year in a super simple way now what we're going to do is we're going to break this down show you how I got the 9 500 show you how I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars using this exact strategy and show you ladies and gentlemen very important pause for effect how you can do this too I believe that anyone can do this business now will everyone do it of course not the disclaimer is that the average person trying to make money online whether you're using a credit card method or whether using websites or YouTube or whatever it is makes nothing so we need to keep that in mind this is a business this is something that is real and legit don't expect to go and get rich tomorrow by doing nothing there's a little work involved and I'm going to show you exactly what you need to do but even after doing that work of course the results are not typical implied or guaranteed so what we're going to do is we are going to check this out and like CJ said see CJ says uh Credit Karma got me on a few cards yes exactly this is this is going to blow your mind right if you've seen this stuff how many of you guys have used Credit Karma or you've used Credit Sesame or nerd wallet or any of these sites smash the like button if you use those sites let me know that you've used them by Smashing the like button so that we know where everyone's at everyone can see it say hey look these people are using this this is why this stuff works now this is very important because not only am I going to show you how it works but I'm also going to show you a little tip about how to use AI to make this work right so even if you don't want to do the big work which isn't that big at all we are actually going to teach you exactly how to use AI to make this work in a simple way and I actually went through and I did this stuff for this webinar so you can see exactly what is going on very very important so I got a question for you why would a company like Capital One that

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