I Spent 4 Hours using Money Making Apps

I'm gonna spend the next four hours on money making apps and everything I make I'm going to donate it's raining outside I don't feel like doing anything better so I thought I should do something nice and for years I have been donating to our operation Underground Railroad and today I thought why not donate everything that I make in my attempt to find good money making apps for you guys so I'm going to give them everything that I make hoping that I will make enough at least to feed one of their dogs ideally I would want to raise enough money so I can pay for aftercare for some of the kids that they would have saved if you don't know operation Underground Railroad is an organization that aims to end children trafficking so without further ado let's get started and let's see how much money can we raise for them so the first thing I'm gonna do I will start the timer and then I'm just gonna go to Google and search for best money making app [Music] we are 12 minutes in and I downloaded 12 different apps very different some are games related some are survey related some pay us to post pictures and some basically just to walk so let's test them out and let's see how much money can we make [Music] [Music] okay it's been one hour 10 minutes and 14 seconds and I was able to make six dollars and 27 cents so far which is not great but it's a start unfortunately out of the 12 apps that I initially installed I had to cancel I think or yeah four of them because they weren't available in Switzerland so unfortunately I'm only left with eight apps so let's see what happens until the end of the challenge I also signed up to sweatcoin and since I started I took 303 steps and I am going to continue taking steps and apparently I am going to get some rewards based on the number of steps that I take as well so let's keep going and see what happens until the end [Music] all right you guys this is not working good we are two hours six minutes and 13 seconds into this challenge and unfortunately I am only left with six out of that 12 apps that I started with originally and that's because some either weren't available for me in Switzerland or others simply didn't work I don't exactly know why that is maybe there was a inconsistency or something related to me being based here versus in the US where probably most of these apps were expecting me to be based on so so far let's take a look we have made three dollars and one cent with zap surveys we have made 33 euros with Paul pay no no not 33 euros 30 30 cents 6.27 with the make money app so that brings us to not very encouraging total unfortunately and um yeah it looks like the art Bit app that I took a lot of surveys in is not paying us anything it seems like it's only for a chance to earn 10 and then sweatcoin I took 328 steps today and I earned 20 cents but I'm not allowed to cash anything for now and then last but not least the I am up I uploaded a lot of pictures but nothing sold so far so this overall is not looking great I'm gonna have to come up with more apps and I don't really know where to get them from because these ones were the ones that everybody recommended so I'm gonna have to go back to the drawing board and come up with more ideas of apps that I could use right now foreign you guys I did not realize that all of the apps that I had in mind that I was going to use that's already with opportunities for People based out of Switzerland so it's already 2 hours and 42 minutes in and unfortunately I was not able to make any other money even though I downloaded a lot of other new apps um which is not great and I really don't know what to do I feel like just talking to someone but I know my husband is in a meeting right now and he's not able to take my calls so I'm just gonna text and see if he has any idea anything that I can do it he says I should never give up for this cause okay that's a good idea I actually didn't think about micro tasks but I think that's a great idea actually even though they're not necessarily on the phone even though I know clickworker has an app on the phone there are several ones that I can try so let's go ahead and do that okay this was definitely the longest four hours I've spent in the last months probably um it's now four hours and 2 minutes and 46 seconds since we started this Challenge and um I am officially done I think I will probably go crazy if I keep doing this so going for the micro tasks was definitely the best choice because not only were they a lot more fun than the surveys but actually um I made more money I believe so let's check this out okay so I signed up on appin.com and I made five dollars or a social media labeling task then I signed up on clickworker and I made a fabulous 1.50 who are uploading three videos of myself helping to test and train an authentication application and this was a pretty quick and easy quite straightforward one and I also had an account on Amazon Mechanical Turk that I created a long time ago for another video and I was able to get nine dollars for a crypto gaming market research so in total if we add up everything that I made in these four hours we get to the impressive amount of 25.31 now is that good or bad for four hours well it's not great let's be honest but I think this is a reality of this kind of money making websites they are not something that I would recommend you do as your main activity but they're definitely great if you want to do something in parallel and you're comfortable multitasking so if you want to be in public transport then you can go ahead and answer some surveys or you can review some books or if you are waiting in a queue for something then that could be a good idea as well you could do some micro tasks as well but I wouldn't recommend doing this as a let's say full-time activity because it can get quite draining after a while and I've only done this for four hours now coming back to the donation I was not able to reach my goal my goal was to make at least fifty dollars my ambition was to make 200 I think that was quite impossible but I think it's important to still keep my commitment so I am going to donate 200 for our and that should help at least with lunch for some of the kids that have managed to be saved and also to support some of the incredible canines that are helping identify these kids if you also want to donate I'm Gonna Leave the link down below and thank you in advance if you'd like to consider that all right you guys that was it for today I hope you enjoyed today's video like this video if you liked it be sure to subscribe if you haven't done so and also until next time go ahead and watch this video over here if you want to get more ideas of how you can make money online I'll see you next time bye

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