** 2024’s TOP 10 Money-Making Apps (EASY & LEGIT!)**

in today's video I'm going to be sharing with you 10 best moneymaking apps of 2024 these are all free apps that you can download to your mobile phone and get paid whenever you do different tasks I've put this list together based on the fact that not all apps are equal so I've selected 10 of the best in terms of the number of opportunities that you find within each app as well as how much they pay per task and yeah guys a lot of these moneymaking apps are not what I commonly share if you're interested in finding out new apps that you might have not heard about some apps that are working well in 2024 do stick with me until the end of this video as I'll be sharing with you if you are new here thank you so much for joining us welcome to the channel my name is Queen magani I share information on how to make money online and that's what you'll find in this Channel and yeah guys if you're finding value in this video remember to give it a thumbs up I would really appreciate that without wasting any more time let's get on with today's video all right guys so the first best app of 2024 is an app that's going to pay you for doing different tasks it's available in many parts of the world but the best way to find out is for you to download this app I leave links for you guys to try out this app so you can click the link try to download and that is the best way to tell whether it's available in your location or not but as far as I know this platform is available worldwide you can download it for both Android and iOS and it's called preise it is this application that I'm looking at here on my screen you will see here they say you earn money make an impact share your knowledge and insights to help business and communities make better decision by downloading prise you'll be helping a lot of companies big companies worldwide to do research to find out more information on how they can improve their products projects their services and so much more to do all different task on premise you will need to be on the application you need to register for an account which you can also do when you have downloaded the app on your phone but this is how this platform works you create an account as you can see here they say you download our app on IOS and Android for absolutely free it's free to join this app explore different type of task you browse our Marketplace and select activities of your choice to complete within minutes and you choose how you get paid you get paid instantly guys and they've got different kinds of payout options choose the option to be paid instantly via Paypal Pioneer or Bitcoin depending on the payment method available in your country which you will find out once you've signed up you've downloaded the application so I just want to show you guys how the app looks like on the phone you simply open it you need to allow for this app to track your location because a lot of the task here are location based and as you can see here there is a task Marketplace I have about 342 different tasks that I can do so you'll see here the first task will take about 3 to 4 minutes and it will pay you 0.04 Cent and there are some unpaid tasks which I advise you do check them out to find out what they all about and maybe they are a way to open up more pay task for you but if you want pay task you can see here they're going to pay you $2 for visiting your local spa store which I think is customized for for the South African audience they have over a hundred of this task where you can be paid for visiting different spasa stores you can also filter here the type of task that you want to do so if you want to do task that requires to travel to record on location to take photos to take a survey take screenshots take all of those boxes over there and it's going to open up all the different task for you to do as you can see over here I have 342 different tasks so this is an incredible money-making app that can make you money in 2024 now let's have a look at the second one and this one has got a potential to pay you really big it's going to pay you for uploading high quality photos and within the platform you can get to make money by participating in different projects big companies like Google Facebook Tik Tok come to this platform to list different kinds of projects you enter these different projects and whenever your work is selected you get to make money in that way another way of making money here is by uploading your own stock photos the name of this app is studio now as you can see I'm on their creative Network page here they are looking for talented photographers videographers producers designers animators editors writers and production companies so you can join here as an individual freelancer or independent you can also join if you have a production company for these different kinds of creative work and yeah guys as I've mentioned here you'll be helping these big companies by signing up here to do different kinds of work this platform is available worldwide and they work with different plans so when I scroll down over here you'll see that you have two membership options as a creative over here you have a basic one where you don't have to pay anything so if you're just starting out you haven't made money here you can simply join this platform and not pay any fee to get started and as you sell as you make money within the platform you can then join their Pro membership which has got a lot more benefit than the basic one where you pay $62.50 a month so this is a legit platform that's paying people worldwide now the next one is more exciting for me the last payout or cash out that I cashed out is library from this app is $65 which I made in just a month and I'm just mentioning I'm just putting it out there to let you know of the potential that there is with this platform now it's going to pay you for doing online surveys but it's also going to pay you for just browsing the internet with the app in the background it's one of my favorite money-making apps currently and it's called pawns app you'll find it on pawns app.com it is this app that I'm looking at here on my screen you will see here they have paid surveys and checking out their surveys you'll discover that they have quite a lot of paid surveys that pay well none lengthy and yeah guys they add more and more surveys on a daily basis you can also be paid for internet sharing which is just downloading the app enabling the internet sharing capability and browsing the internet you get paid for that I also have to mention that it is a good paying app for when you do referrals so when you refer others to use the app you get paid commissions as well so it's something that I recommend you do in this money making app by going into their website you find out more information on how it works the kind of devices that you can connect or download it to and as far as I know it's all the kinds of devices and also here they will show you how much you can expect

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