I Made a Single $42,661 Affiliate Commission 🤯. Here’s How.

I just made the biggest affiliate commission I've ever made in my entire life by a huge margin and so I thought I'd sit down we're gonna make a video I'm going to show you exactly the program I promoted I'm going to show you how I promoted it everything so that you could hopefully do the same thing and just to show that I'm not pulling your leg or anything like that you can see right here this is a commission's dashboard and you can see right here I've got a lot of commissions now many of them are nothing you can see I was not doing great with this company zero zero zero this is the commissions right here right tons of zeros going over to here tons of zeros couple two dollars then you can see right here on the 48th there total commission boom 42 and 661 I'm not playing around here if you're new to affiliate marketing watching this video till the very end might just be the most beneficial thing you do for your affiliate marketing business this year so let's dive in and talk about this so the way I'm going to do this is I'm going to show you and then I'm going to explain why I did everything so this will be a huge breakdown and you'll be able to understand exactly why certain things were done ahead of time and how I've built my business so that something like this can happen because this has has to be done in advance this doesn't just magically happen so the first thing is the affiliate programs that I choose to promote and I've talked about this a few times on the channel there's affiliate programs like Amazon that pay as low as one to two percent for every single purchase that someone makes now you combine that with the fact that Amazon also sells super low ticket products like toilet paper or small things like cups and glasses and houseware and things like that you combine that and you that means that your average commission when you sell something on Amazon is probably going to be something along the lines of 50 cents so choosing the right affiliate program if you want to make big high ticket sales like this that just come in and blow your mind and make you have the greatest day ever right you need to be choosing affiliate programs that actually can do this because 95 96 of the affiliate programs in the world have no potential and no way that you'll ever be able to make a commission like this so here's what you're going to do when you're looking for affiliate programs and don't worry I will show you the program the first thing you're looking for is percentage okay you need an affiliate program that will pay you a percentage of whatever a customer pays them and that means that it can't be some affiliate program that says we'll pay you a dollar for every customer you send we'll pay you the twenty dollars for everyone you send right that's a fixed amount and that's never going to give you these high commissions the second thing is the customer the person that you refer to the company has to be able to spend an unlimited amount of money now what I mean by that is this doesn't work with software companies this doesn't work even with products that are like a thousand dollars right if you're promoting a course that costs a thousand dollars that's great but you're maxed out the customer comes in they buy the thousand dollar course now you've maxed out what you're able to make with this program and then third thing is there cannot be commission caps meaning the company can't say we will pay you you know five percent up to this point it has to be we will pay you this percentage unlimited as long as the customer continues to give us money you'll get your cut and that will last forever so let's talk about some programs that that applies with and then we'll actually show you the program right here that I did this with so the only ones that I've ever seen that can actually do this number one is solar so with solar someone can come and they can spend uh tens of thousands of dollars they could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the size of their home getting solar and so if you're a solar referral company and you're just referring people to solar and you're getting a cut or a percentage of that that means you could get a cut of ten thousand dollars you can get a cut of a hundred thousand dollars that could be a pretty big cut the next one is private jets where people can spend anywhere up to a hundred thousand dollars just renting a private jet but the third one is the one that mine is in and the one that I really think it has the most potential for those big commissions and that's the investment space and when I say investment I'm talking about gold 4X stocks crypto all that stuff where people can put in money and they can put in huge chunks of money right there is no limit to how much I could potentially invest if I have that much money and so the investment space is literally endless someone could have 20 million dollars right and if they happen to be the one that watches your video or reads your blog post or comes across your affiliate link somehow then there's literally an endless amount of commission you could make off of an investment that this person makes so if you want to see commissions like this you want to be promoting affiliate programs that are in this investment space okay where there is literally an endless amount of money you can make on a single commission all right I'm gonna show you on the screen the one that I'm talking about is in crypto crypto's hot right now there's a lot of things happening in crypto and I am interested in crypto so that's why I chose that now you can see right here this is a company called cool coin and kuco is affiliate program you can earn up to 50 Commission on anyone you refer first trading fee so there's no limit and it's a percentage of whatever they trade so if they trade a hundred dollars you're going to get a tiny piece of the commission that kucoy makes right but if somebody trades a lot of money through kucoin you could potentially make 50 of a lot of money I should note you're not getting 50 of whenever someone deposits you're getting 50 of the fees of what kucoin right this exchange how much they make you're getting half of that all right so I'm promoting the kucoin affiliate program for this door and now let's dive in and talk about how I'm promoting it now if you're new to affiliate marketing there's probably 20 30 40 different ways that Affiliates out there promote different kinds of product now you can split those ways into two different directions there's the free methods and there's the paid methods now the paid methods sometimes potentially could work here right what they do is they run ads and they try to get people to sign up for their affiliate link now here's the problem with this they wouldn't know if someone does this they're not going to know if it's actually profitable until they've spent forty thousand dollars so this doesn't make a ton of sense when you're trying to go for these high ticket c

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