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what's going on everyone recently I made a video discussing three companies that are remote work from home and are always hiring and in that video I specifically discussed a company called Working Solutions now working Solutions was one company that allows you to be an independent contractor set your own hours and work as a side hustle part-time or full-time job and so I personally took the opportunity to apply to see how difficult or easy the entire process was to actually get accepted as an independent contractor so for me the entire process was very easy I want to take you through it step by step to give you guys an inside look of what it's like so that you can also get hired and begin work and start bringing in that extra income so let's go ahead and Dive Right In what you're seeing here is the home page what I've clicked is Early Access customer service representative remote it's their basic remote work from home position go up here on the right and click apply now on this part you're going to just enter in your email address your personal email address and then click next this is the candidate profile page basic information about yourself what you're going to do here up on the left is upload your resume now this is specifically what I've uploaded is my CV it's for those who have any type of education you can upload a CV or resume really doesn't matter I'm just showing you here this is what I've personally uploaded it gave my education certifications academic and professional experience here but in this portion you're just going to upload your resume from your computer and then it's going to bring you into the next portion now the next portion is the create your login you're going to go in create your own personal login information you're going to go ahead and go in and insert some type of password that you'd like you're going to go ahead and then go down to enter in all of your personal information such as full name address phone number and then you're gonna select whether or not you want to opt in for texting down here at the bottom how to hear about us what I did is I just put Working Solutions from the company website and submit my profile now here we are on the candidate questions so they're going to ask you some questions working solution agents are independent contractors do you understand just go through here read these it's going to say do you understand Zero Tolerance on background noise while you're working you know agents need to handle things with confidential information do you understand yes this work requires reliable broadband internet services to your home office it does not include mobile or public internet do you understand yes now you're going to hit submit and this is the next step the next step of the application process is to complete an online assessment by clicking on the button above so this is giving you the assessment should take you between 20 to 25 minutes to complete we recommend completing the assessment in an environment free from distractions and in one setting if you begin the assessment in our unable to complete it in one setting please finish the section you are working on okay let's get started thank you for your interest in Working Solutions the estimated completion time is 30 minutes good luck you're gonna consent and hit start okay here it says before we get started ensure that your volume is working here you can see I'm turning up my volume and we're going to select next this is a short brief one minute video I actually have cut it off because I don't have the volume here it's pointless for me to show you you will see it when you apply it's just one of their top employees describing the process here it's giving you the additional questions what is your level of Education you're going to select that there write your English language proficiency enlist any relevant certifications or coursework to this type of customer service role what I did here was I just went ahead and went into my educational profile and I went ahead and added in any type of education that would be beneficial for this type of role and then the next question is how many years of customer experience do you have so it's going to give you the option if you have less than one year of experience please round up to one year and then the next question is how many years of sales experience ice personally selected one and then list all languages you are fluent in and the language is not above if you have any and then hit next all right next it says you'll learn more about a day in the life of our agents like next to begin now this is the situational judgment test and the instructions are to analyze the situation identify the best and worst way to respond in each situation so I'm going to walk you guys through this my thought process on why I selected what I selected now you cannot hear this so I'll read it for you you are finishing up some things at home and notice the hours you scheduled start in 15 minutes and you know you need some time to log into all of the systems before starting to take customer support requests what do you do alright so what it's going to give you is three options and you're going to have to select best neutral or worst the first option is you leave what you were doing to immediately log into the systems to ensure you will be ready to take calls on time so a rule like this is going to want you to take calls on time they're going to want you to be logged into the system and focus on the customer so I have selected the first one is best the second one as worst because it involves you know you only need five minutes to log into this system so you use the next 10 minutes to finish up what you were doing no that's the worst and then this bottom one I left neutral this situation is you are asked to read a required statement at the end of each call and you notice that customers seem to misunderstand one of the words again and again what are you going to do so what I selected here is you let your program team know that customers are misunderstanding this part of the statement and provide a suggested Improvement I selected that is the best because you're working along with your management and you're also providing a solution which they like to look for and then the second one you let your program team know that customers are misunderstanding this part of the statement that's going to be the neutral because that is the first portion of the first best solution but doesn't give the suggested Improvement and then the bottom one is the worst which is you are just improving it on your own and you continue with your own Improvement and you know continue on about your day which they don't want you to do they want you to probably you know consult with the management first and then you're going to hit submit all right the next one says you are on a call with a customer who tells you they are extremely disappointed in the product they purchased they continu

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