The Number One Investment To Make As A Woman

thanks betterhelp for sponsoring this video if you're in your 20s or 30s or any age at all and you're finally ready to begin your wealth building Journey then this video is definitely for you it is the second video in the wealthy women series and today we're going to be talking about what you need to be investing in with the money you have right now for you to go from where you are to where you envision yourself being and of course we all have different wealth Visions for our lives some of us want to make six figures a year some of us want to make seven figures a year some of us want to have enough extra money to invest after paying bills and the rest of us want to be completely financially free to a point where money is something we don't even worry about anymore so if you fall into any of those groups but your life looks nothing like that right now I got you girl don't worry about it I'm gonna share seven Investments to make right now where you are with what you have so make sure you watch this video all the way to the very and pay close attention the very first thing you need to invest in if you want to become wealthy is your mindset how you think about yourself how you think about money and how you think about your relationship with money that's why we need resources in order to upgrade your mindset you need to be putting positive things into your gateways and what are your gateways your eyes and your ears what are you reading what are you watching what are you listening to what podcasts are you subscribed to every single month I read a book that helps me Elevate the way I think and the book I'm currently reading about money is this one we should all be millionaires I know it's a bold statement and obviously not all of us will be millionaires but those of us that would be millionaires are first people who think that we can be millionaires so we make decisions in line with the things we think number two is to invest in your natural talents let me put you on girl your talents are like raw material and nobody really pays for raw material like if you saw raw gold you probably wouldn't even know it was gold if you saw a raw diamond in the rough you will probably walk past it we pay money for things that are refined that are polished that are valuable to us directly now you have gifts you have talent what you need to do is invest in those talents through spending time practicing or by paying for courses or coaches to help you get better get really good at things that you're already naturally good at why because nothing feels better than functioning how God actually created you to function and making money off of it that's what I call walking in purpose what is purpose what something was made for when a pen is doing what a pen is supposed to do and being valuable that's a purposeful pen when a Vanessa is doing what God created her to do and being valuable that's a purposeful Vanessa when you're doing what God made you to do and you're creating value Financial value doing it that's you walking in your purpose and you can only walk in your purpose if you refine the gifts that have already been placed inside of you so what I want you to do is document your natural talents and find out how you can get really good at them good to the point that somebody will pay money for the third thing you need to invest in is what could make or break every other thing on this list you need to invest in your mental health our emotions Drive our behaviors like I know you like to think that you're in control you know what you're doing but have you ever heard of self-sabotage no no have you ever heard of imposter Syndrome have you ever heard of fear and how it stops you from starting that business from applying to that job the way you feel really matters here's the thing I'm not just going to tell you that this matters and then leave you hanging I've taken it a step further to bring you a resource so thanks betterhelp for sponsoring this video I know you've probably already heard about betterhelp but just in case you haven't let me put you on betterhelp is the world's largest therapy platform and it is 100 online with better help you can get access to thirty thousand licensed and experienced therapists who can help with a wide range of issues and why does that matter because it's important for you to click with your therapist so after signing up if you don't like the therapist that you have you can literally change therapists without paying anything extra to get started all you have to do is answer a few questions about your needs and preferences in therapy that way better help can match you with a therapist who meets the specific need you have and the thing that I like about betterhelp is that you can message your therapist anytime and then you can go ahead and schedule a live session for a time that works best for you if you meet up with a therapist and find out that you don't like them you can switch and no additional cost with better help you get the same professionalism you would get in an in-office visit with a therapist but the difference is that this therapist will be hand-picked for you you get more scheduling Flex ability and it's at a more affordable price and to make it even more affordable for you if you visit www.betterhelp and that's help not Health h-e-l-p if you visit forward slash wealth you get 10 off so that's forward slash wealth number four is to invest in cash flowing assets who doesn't like passive income who doesn't like money that just flows into your bank account without you doing anything here's the game you want to get a side hustle along with your full-time job if your income is not high enough not just so you can pay everybody else but so you can have extra money to invest in assets that will bring you even more money passively you're not hustling just to hustle you're hustling to be free that's the goal don't let the game fly over your head like the whole point of hustling is so that you can stop hustling and of course the different kinds of cash flow following assets we have financial instruments like stocks bonds these are not things we can touch physically you have to go through a brokerage and put some money away and then you get money in the form of passive income through dividends and through capital gains or you can invest in real estate and before you click out because you think I don't have enough money to buy an investment property hold on there's another way to invest in real estate if you don't have a lot of money saved up and that's through REITs Real Estate Investment Trust and they are required by law to pay investors 90 of their earnings in the form of dividends and if you'd like me to make a whole video about REITs let me know down in the comment section the fifth investment you have to make is to invest in your ideas what is that thing you've been saying you're gonna do why are you depriving us of your greatnes

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