200 Social Media Posts In 10 Minutes Using ChatGPT & Canva

[Music] this is the ultimate content creation hack if you're looking to create a bajillion posts in a small amount of time I specifically want to show you how to create 200 social media posts in 10 minutes in this video I'm going to show you how you can create 50 infeed posts for Instagram and 50 short form videos that you can then repurpose onto Instagram reals YouTube shorts and Tik Tok ultimately giving you 200 pieces of content to post as always time Stamps will be in the description below because I value your time and your already know why you're here so let's jump to the computer and get into it jumping straight into chat GPT if you don't already have an account you can create a free account go to open.com and just set that up we're going to submit our prompt so obviously we're bulk creating and we want to make 100 pieces of content I've seen a bunch of videos where it's like create a list of 100 Instagram tips right and I feel like that might not be very accurate because 100 is quite a bit of tip and maybe there might be repeat tips so I want to add as much variety to my content as possible so we're going to actually do a little trick and we're going to do a list of 25 I'm going to show you how not only we're going to do okay we're going to do this and we're going to do it four times that's not what we're doing we're actually only going to do this two times and then I'm going to show you how you could repurpose and recycle our content to fit multiple formats so let's start off with create a list of 25 encouraging quotes or inspirational quotes for Content creators and YouTubers I'm going to copy that and submit perfect so we have our encouraging quotes I wanted to have something that's inspirational and now we're going to make something that's like tactical practical so we're going to do create a list of 25 tips for Content creators and YouTubers okay perfect so obviously each of these line items are going to be their own post and we're going to generate that right now so what we're going to do we're going to copy all 25 of these and upload it to Google Sheets so I just have a blank sheet here starting with our inspirational quotes going to paste that there and then in a new spreadsheet I just pressed this add button created a second spreadsheet I'm going to do the YouTube tips for creators copy paste perfect and then we need to export each of these as a CSV file if you don't know what that is don't worry you don't need to know what it is because we're just going to do it anyway so file we're going to download export as CSV number one is done let's do our second one file download export as CSV okay let's jump into canva and start making our 100 posts real quick if you're interested in AI trends for marketers in 2023 then you're going to love this video's free resource created by HubSpot when you follow the link below you'll get access to 33 pages of AI marketing tips HubSpot gathered survey data from over 1,300 Global Marketing sales service and SEO professionals to put together this bundle of like everything you need to know about AI marketing you'll get practical tips for integrating AI into your Tech stack and key insights into the future of marketing with AI again and this 33 page bundle of goodness is completely free and I will link it down below let's continue to make our content in canva we're going to create 100 pieces of content what we're going to do is we're turning these 25 tips into 25 graphic posts and then we're also going to turn them into 25 reals which could be repurposed onto Tik Tok or YouTube shorts and then these inspirational quotes that is going to be turned into also 25 graphic posts and 25 reels giving us our 100 pieces of content but of course when you repurpose these to three platforms that's actually going to give you 75 pieces of content time 2 150 look at us we're actually making like 200 200 freaking posts right now anywh who just wanted to explain that before we dive in let's start with our Instagram graphic we're going to just keep it simple select this blank Dock and we're going to do our inspirational quotes for this one so there's plenty of templates on canva that you could use so under this template section I'm would just look up quotes there's obviously some here already so I'm going to select this one easy peasy lemon squeezy after you've added your brand colors fonts and you've gotten it ready to add the quotes once you're ready to like okay I'm ready to put in all 25 of these things then what you're going to do is go to apps over here scroll down to bulk create and we're going to upload our CSV we're going to upload our inspiration CSV and here it's telling us okay perfect your data has been connected this is the field that we've identified let's plug it in where are we going to plug it in so we need to tell canva where to plug it in so we would select this text that you want replaced select connect data and choose the one that it's identified so here we're going to press continue and we're going to generate the rest of our pages and there you have it this is 25 Graphics to post to Instagram you could of course modify like if you wanted the author to be or the person who said the quote you can move that down so there might be a little bit of tweaking that you do depending on the prompt that you put into chat GPT and the template that you selected from canva other than that pretty simple we got our first $25 done now let's create our reals going back to our canva home selecting social media we're going to select Instagram real and I'm going to find a template that I feel could give some good tips so I actually like let's say we like this one we're going to select this template I'm going to have this text say tip of the day for my fellow content creators and that way um when we insert our tip of the day I don't have to keep changing this if I was like tip one tip two tip three so I think tip of the day is perfect and then this is the one that we're going to change I think I'm going to do a more simple font so so I feel like that one's kind of hard to read so we'll do this one okay again once you have your branding all set don't worry about the video we can do that next but if you have one video that you want to use for all 25 obviously you could make sure that video is uploaded now I'm actually going to do different videos for different piece of content and I'll show you how to do that right after so we're going to do the same thing we're going to go to apps bulk create upload CSV tips open it's identified the main field which is great so we just need to tell it where to connect this text to so I'm going to select here three dots connect data select looks almost good I'm going to bring it out a little bit more something like that and then we'll continue to make the rest of our 24 pages and now we can change the video if that's something that you wanted to do so for me I don't think I would keep the videos all the same I a

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