HOW TO ORGANICALLY GROW ON INSTAGRAM IN 2024 | Tips and Tricks to be favored by the algorithm!

this is how you can actually grow on instagram because you are not too late we already know the basics define your niche be consistent blah blah blah but what steps can you take today to grow on instagram and stand out among the saturation what's up everyone it's millie welcome back to my channel where i post videos every wednesday teaching you the latest strategies and trends on social media to help you grow your brand so give a little love tap on that subscribe button to stay up to date on all the latest tips and tricks i have for you first and foremost i want to say a huge thank you to this video shout outs i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all of you if you want a shout out in one of my future videos be sure to screenshot yourself watching this and tag me over on instagram stories or leave a comment below and subscribe to my channel as always timestamps will be in the comments down below because i value your time and you already know why you're here so let's get into it step number one yes these are steps to do in this exact order or it will not work for you okay step number one know what you want to be known for if you want to grow on instagram you need to know why you want to grow on instagram when you grow what do you want to be known for answer this question right now in your dream world three to five years from now where do you see yourself what are you doing what's the dream you have your answer great that's what you should be doing right now just just do that right now let me explain i wasted three years of my life niche hopping because i wasn't putting in the work for my future self i saw oh fashion bloggers are blowing up right now i'm gonna be a fashion blogger or ooh travel content is going viral i'm gonna make travel content wrong like nope i didn't even want to be known for those things i was just doing them because it was like going where the wind was taking me if you want to be a full-time personal trainer start posting like it now start giving tips on form workouts that people could do nutrition myths that people should stop believing in start posting the stuff that you want to be known for now and communicate it the reason i wasn't becoming a youtuber was because i was following all these other trends that were pointless for me to be following you know like why was i trying to post fashion content when i should be posting on youtube so three to five years from now where do you want to be and start doing that thing step number two clearly communicate your niche when i say communicate it i mean make your page clear on what you do don't overlook this y'all i literally had a student this month posted on our facebook group saying she didn't do anything other than change her bio based off of what i trained her to do and all of a sudden she started getting more followers like literally she just changed her bio and boom started getting more followers there are three places you want to focus on when communicating what you want to be known for your name plate your bio and your feed if your goal is growth you better have your nameplate filled with gold the nameplate is the bold part of the bio where most people have their name placed something you want to understand about this spot is that it's searchable on instagram so if i go to instagram search right now and i look up personal trainer anybody who has those words in their name plate will first appear on my search so start thinking what words can you put in your nameplate to attract your ideal followers is it instagram coach vintage fashion use words or key phrases that people will actually look up on instagram so you can get in those search results start driving traffic to your profile we talked about nameplate let's talk about your bio then in your bio you want to tell people why they should be following you what do you have to offer to them because after all your bio is not about you surprise surprise your bio is about what you offer so my bio says how to actually grow on instagram and get paid as an influencer if an influencer lands on my page they're more likely to follow me because they know exactly what i'm teaching and it's exactly what they need how to grow and how to make money i communicate that clearly in my bio and then finally your feed which also brings me to step three focus on your content before going into step 3 i want to let you know i do have a free one-hour training called the influencer blueprint six steps to becoming a full-time influencer in this training i teach you how i was able to grow 10 000 followers in one month organically four steps to start posting consistently and how to start landing four-figure partnerships with under 10 000 followers and so much more so if you're watching this and you're an aspiring influencer looking to grow your social media presence i created this training specifically for you yes it's free i'll leave a link below for you to watch it okay back to step number three focus on your content if one million people came to your page right now you'd want them all to follow you right well what's going to persuade them to press that follow button you got your name plate you have your bio all figured out the next thing is your content if they look in your feed and what you post is all over the place but your bio says you're a certified personal trainer and then your feed is like pictures of your dog halloween costumes the makeup look that you just did like your conversion rate of followers are going to be low you want the content you post to always be consistent with your niche or what you want to be known for if you have a hard time coming up with content that is within your niche you can use websites like where they basically generate topic ideas and titles for you based off of the keywords that you put in the search once you're confident that you're delivering quality content that your ideal follower would actually want only then can you start doing all those other little tips and tricks that everyone tells you because honestly without following steps one through three steps four through six won't matter you won't get the followers by doing all the other little hacks step number four is to create growth content there are so many pieces of content that you can make on instagram you have photos graphics carousels stories reels instagram videos live live rooms and so on you know there's a lot of different types of content so what should you actually be focusing on if you want to grow i get people coming up to me all the time saying millie i'm posting to my stories i'm posting to my feed every day and i'm not growing what is going on well they aren't posting content that instagram created intentionally for you to grow if you want to grow you want to focus on the content that is more likely to get you in front of new eyes so that would mean creating a posting schedule around reels collaborations feature live rooms and shareable infeed posts reel

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