8 Microbusinesses You Can Run In ONE HOUR A Week In Your Pajamas Worldwide: Make US$1,000 A Week

there's just something about making money in our pajamas from the comfort of our home that is alluring wouldn't you agree rock stars and listen if you can make this money in just one hour per week then what more can you ask for the concept of micro businesses which are actually small scale Ventures that require minimal time or effort and also minimal investment or zero investment in most cases it has emerged as a Beacon of Hope for aspiring entrepreneurs who are seeking to achieve a work life balance while generating an income that you can consider respectable and that's why in this video I will unveil nine Innovative micr businesses that promise not only the flexibility of managing them in a near one hour per week but also the potential to earn ,000 a week doing exactly that so whether you are a stay-at-home parent a student or simply looking to supplement your income these ideas that I'm about to share are designed to inspire and guide you towards Financial independence without sacrificing your comfort and lifestyle that that said let's get ready to explore the realm of possibilities that blend convenience with profitability from the Cozy confines of your pajamas and yeah I'm not wearing a pajama top but I'm definitely wearing a pajama bottom and some house [Music] slippers welcome back Rockstars it's so great to have you and if you are a club member or a subscriber on patreon or a YouTube member I'm grateful for your support while all of these micro businesses can actually be managed in just a few hours per month of course you do realize that if you invest more time and effort all that will happen when done right is an increase in your earnings because you will be able to grow your micro businesses much faster that said let's jump into the first one which is something that I have done something that required very minimal effort but paid a ton of money and it is flipping websites and before you say oh daa I'm not a website developer I don't know how to build a website there's a way to do it that I'll share in four steps using Ai and by the time you're done you'll be able to create three websites maybe five when you become more proficient over time in a mere 1our time frame now building and selling or flipping websites that's really what flipping means selling the websites after you have built them is something that can be done with the hosting or website builder as I shared in this video here where you can actually create a modern professional website in about four clicks and a few minutes and what's amazing is it's beginner friendly you don't need to be technically Savvy and you don't need to be creative in any way shape or form and I'm going to link this video here that will teach you how to create these websites in very little time with very little knowledge now you can flip a website in five simple steps the first step is you need to start by choosing a specific Niche that aligns with market demand it's not always about what you think people are going to want to buy in terms of a website but more where the market is going and this includes niches like Beauty so as an example one of the websites I created was for a hairdresser cooking because people are always talking about recipes and creating cookbooks and they want a page where they can showcase that Fitness is trending I don't have to explain that and of course websites that are in the fashion Niche also Al tend to do very well you can also identify small business owners in your community where you live that is that do not have a website like your Barber your hair stylist as I mentioned or even the takeout stand where you buy your sandwiches or food they typically want to have an online presence but they think a website cost is overwhelming for them so they don't even pursue it you'll be able to give it to them for little or nothing based on the method that I'm going to show you how to employ now the second step is to build the content for your website I also share in the video how to get the description of the website that you'll be able to pop up so that they have an about us as I'm showing you here on screen they also have images that are appropriate and you're not going to have to find those images by going somewhere else the AI that I shared in the video will actually publish images and lay out the website and if you want to tweak them and make them more business specific for that particular company individual side hustle whatever it is that you're creating the website for or that particular Niche you can do all of that right there in the hosting or platform as I shared in the video now the third step in the process is to monetize your website so when you give this person or when you flip or sell the website if you have Google AdSense as an example activated there that person that you sold your website to can start earning immediately as long as they're getting views with the ads that are popping up you can also use affiliate marketing and join networks like share a sale or even Amazon Associates to start promoting products through affiliate links on the websites that you're building that you're planning to flip it's much easier to flip a website that is already designed with money making capabilities for obvious reasons right now you can also create websites using hostinger as I shared in the video to sell products which is going to provide another way that whoever you sell these websites to can monetize it from day one and whatever their Niche is you can recommend matching products and enable the functionality or the feature in hostinger that allows you to set up a store and have 20 different methods to collect money from buyers across the globe and now the website that you are creating to flip it has multiple streams of income for whoever is buying it to earn from and these income sources can all be activated from day one so your website is going to cost more when you flip it now that you know how how to build a website where in the world are you going to flip it for profit now if it's a website that you're creating for someone in your community I don't recommend that you go to them and say hey Don you're a hair stylist you don't have a website I'd like to create one for you absolutely not most people will hesitate fearing the cost or the fact that you won't do a good job and they'll say no it only takes minutes using the strategy I shared in this video to build a website and to integrate these functionalities it will take a little bit longer maybe that hour go to this person and say hey Dawn I have created this website for you it will give you more visibility people will be able to book their appointments you'll get more traffic you can sell products here without buying them by leveraging affiliate links or drop shipping and you're going to make money from just people coming and viewing your website and if you want to make more money you can create a blog to drive more views and I can help you with t

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